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Big Brother, Aug. 5 & 8 – “Nasty Southern Belles in Hell”

The veto competition is baseball themed, and Danielle claims all women love baseball players because of how good the pants look on them. She just hopes she can concentrate on her game while looking at Shane. It's like a large square version of skeetball. This is the BB game where they eliminate one person in each round and they take a prize that can be traded.

Frank is first up and worries about how many lives he has in this game. He knows winning this is crucial. He gets a 20. Ian is going to throw it, because he's not sure who he's rolling with, and winning it would put him in a tough spot. He gets a 3. Shane gets a 2. Jenn wants to knock this out of the park, because it's a great way to start making alliances and setting up deals. She gets a 9. Danielle wants to be able to control who goes home and gets a 4. Wil gets a 6. Shane is out and picks his prize. It's the veto, which of course isn't going to stay in his hands very long.

In round 2, Ian is up first and gets a 20, with Mike congratulating him. It's very awkward as Ian thanks him. Jenn gets a 6, Danielle a 6, Wil a 5, and Frank a 9. Wil is out and chooses a veto ticket. He's guaranteed to play in next week's veto competition, but trades for Shane's veto, as what good is the ticket if he's not around to use it.

Jen is up first next with a 2, Danielle a 10, Frank a 4, and Ian a 5. Jenn is out and chooses a Maui vacation. Britney notes that Jenn's life in the BB house is so rough, that she's just glad that of all the hard workers and busy bees, she gets the vacation. She is absolutely going to keep her trip.

In round 4, Danielle gets a 9, Frank a 9, Ian a 4. His prize is “a dog's life.” He gets to live a dog's life for 24 hours. He has to sleep in the BB doghouse and stay inside the pen. He may only leave if someone agrees to take him for a walk on a leash. And no pets are allowed on the furniture. He's asked if he wants to trade it, but he, the guy who chooses to be a Have Not, will be keeping it. Boogie is incredulous. He says that while Ian is here for the experience and to try new things, “Here's something to try … Maui!”

In the final round, Frank gets an 8, and Danielle gets a 10. Danielle wins, and Frank is out. He claims a prize of $5000. He trades for the power of veto and is praying that Danielle wants the cash or Maui. Probably only if Shane goes with her. She wins a Spiritard, but decides to trade it for the veto. Frank says it's a hard week to lose the veto and will just be hustling all week for votes. Boogie has never relied on competitions and knows they'll just have to go to work. He won't be turning on Frank, but might be turning on a few other people instead.

After the comp, Frank laments to Boogie that he just got beat by a sorority girl. He wants to talk her into using the PoV on him, but knows he has to talk Dan into it as well. He notes she's acting as if she's acting alone, but he knows that's not true. Boogie wants to talk them into putting Janelle up. She's been a huge rival of his over two seasons, and he wants her out early instead of worrying about her all summer. They have to put on their hard hats, pack a lunch, and go to work.

Frank comes out wearing his purple spiritard with pom pons. Britney tells him his ass looks good. Ian goes into the DR and finds his dog suit. Dan gets to walk him on the leash. They rush out to see his doghouse, and he thinks it's better than the Have Not bed. He thinks this will curry favor for him. Joe has to take him to the bathroom. Later Boogie goes out to the doghouse, calling the whole thing bizarre, but asks if Ian needs to go to the bathroom. Later Boogie sits in the DR with Frank and Ian saying he drafted the Brains and the Brawn for his team, and now has this.

Ian goes into the HoH with Jenn walking him, and Dan takes over the leash. He wants to solidify his new alliance now. Britney, Shane, and Danielle are there as well. Ian promises to do whatever they want. They try to come up with a name. Ian likes the name Quack Pack. He reminds Dan of himself and he wouldn't mind running to the end with him.

Boogie sits down with Danielle in the HoH, and notes to her how she has Dan, Frank has him, and Shane has Britney. He asks about taking the opportunity and getting a really dangerous player out of the game, Janelle. If she puts her up, all of them would vote her out, and they don't have to worry about anyone else. He compares them to the Avengers battling evil. Next week then, there are five warriors fighting for HoH.

Danielle would be afraid Boogie would turn. He asks where he would turn. He would have the two smartest girls and the three most competitive guys. Boogie promises she will go far if they let her hang around. She knows he's right. She has all the power this week, so why shouldn't she take out one of the biggest players of all time?

Boogie next takes this plan to Dan after planting the seed with Danielle. Convincing Dan would be watering the seed and getting it to grow into a beautiful tree. He asks Dan if it's not incredibly appealing to get Janelle out. Right on cue, Janelle walks in looking for Britney. Dan comments that she knew Britney wasn't up there. He asks what will happen if Janelle wins HoH next week. She would probably put up Shane, Boogie, and Dan. He feels like he's trying to sell water to people in the Mojave Dessert. He set the reset button, so he wants to reset it.

Britney and Janelle come up. Boogie tries to dismiss them, but Janelle explains they wanted to talk to him. Britney wants to know what the coaches are doing. Are they protecting each other in the game or not? Boogie notes it's interesting, as they can't really work together if Janelle wants his guy out this week, and he wants her guy out. Janelle doesn't care who leaves and just wants to work with him. She wants to get rid of their guys and work together. He suggests they get rid of Wil this week. She wants to do that next week.

Boogie flat out tells Janelle he doesn't trust her. He's not going to do anything that requires sending his number one guy home to trust a bunch of people who haven't done anythng for him. He's not willing to send Frank home. Britney feels it's a respectful answer. Dan asks if there's anything to take Frank off the table. Boogie says her guy Joe is the biggest trouble maker, but Janelle argues they're already done working together, and that's why she's trying to work with the other coaches. If she wants to build trust, then Joe should go up.

For the first time ever, Dan is seeing Janelle quiet as a mouse. This tells him she's lying. No coach is willing to sacrifice one of their players. Britney and Janelle leave, as Britney doesn't want the anti-cocach thing getting out there. This leaves Dan and Boogie alone, and they decide to try and go to the end together and to start it all by sending Janelle home. Dan still wants to keep all the coaches, but if Mike Boogie is playing the honest card, he's going to play it with him. Frank walks in, and Dan tells him he's about to roll with the two best winners in the game, so he better not [bleep] it up.

Danielle walks in and Dan tells her about the coaches' meeting and how Boogie called out Janelle. Shane, Ian, and Britney enter as well. Britney knows it's strange to see Boogie coming off as trustworthy, and it makes her rethink her ability to work with him in the game. Ian doesn't think Boogie or Frank would nominate any of them, but he knows Janelle would nominate most of them. He thinks it's safer to get rid of Janelle. Shane is 50/50 with it, as is Britney, and Dan wants Janelle out, as does Danielle. Majority rules. She's out.

Boogie and Frank come up there so that they can get it all straight and put down certain terms. Britney is worried someone else will win HoH, and Frank and Boogie will convince them to put the new group up. Danielle wants a confirmation of Final 6. This is because poor Ian isn't included in this faction of the alliance. They want a name and Frank suggests the Silent 6. They rally on that one, all shushing each other. Janelle comes up the stairs, as Boogie is feeling like this is Christmas, his birthday, and 4th of July all rolled into one. Janelle comes up the stairs and they hide and pretend they're not there.

At the veto meeting, Danielle decides to use the power of veto and save Wil. It's nothing personal and completely strategic. She replaces him with Janelle. And the meeting is adjourned. Britney does a Golden Globe Award effort looking completing shocked. Danielle tells the DR, “Janelle, you just got a first class ticket besides your boyfriend on the block.” She has the votes secured against her, so Danielle tells her to have a good summer. Janelle was so shocked by this she didn't even have on makeup. She promises to not go own without a fight.

The new Chill Town has a DR gathering, as Boogie notes it's another rough week. Frank says things aren't always as bad as they seem, as they formed a new alliance and talked Danielle into putting up Janelle. This erupts into laughter.

Talk about a shake up! This is the last outcome anyone would have suspected this week. And certainly no one would have thought sweet Danielle would have pulled out the biggest blindside in the game so far.

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