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Big Brother, Aug. 5 & 8 – “Nasty Southern Belles in Hell”

Wil is feeling a little shaky about the nominations. Danielle had given him her word, but in the Storage Room, she acted like she totally forgot. Dan knows he's safe and is just hoping Danielle listens to his advice. Boogie knows that now that he's a coach, of course he'll be nominated. He's Mike Boogie and the All-Star Champion. If he's not nominated, he'll be shocked and thoroughly offended. Frank doesn't feel that great because he knows Danielle was telling him tall tales last week. He doesn't think she wants to see him around the house too much. She knows she has the power to piss a lot of people off.

At the nomination ceremony, the first key she pulls is Britney's. Hers is followed by the keys of Ian, Dan, Janelle, Jenn, Shane, Ashley, Joe, and Boogie. He's definitely shocked. Danielle explains it's nothing personal to Frank and Wil and says she loves them both. Wil says Danielle's word doesn't mean jack [bleep]. “All good Southern girls go to Heaven, but nasty Southern Belles go to Hell.” She mentions to the DR Wil is just a pawn. She would love nothing more to wave goodbye to Frank's happy butt walking out the door.

Boogie asks if these people even know who he is. He is thoroughly insulted that he would get his key. Dan was able to get Danielle to follow his plan, and now he just needs to make sure the nominations stay the same and all the former coaches stay safe. Frank says he's been dodging bullets left and right in this house, so Dan and Danielle better watch out for him to come out guns a blazing next week.

Danielle pulls Wil up into the HoH, and she's crying, telling him she's sorry. She just wants Frank gone, and she knows he can win and pull himself off. He's the only other person she trusts. He says being a pawn can be kind of unnerving, as sometimes they go home. He feels a little like he's on his own right now. She understands if he hates her, but he tells her it's kind of a relief, as he's not sure if he's cut out for the game. He has the same crocodile tears going that she does.

Frank mentions to Boogie he's the nomination king. He's had to play in every single power of veto competition so far and only won one of them, yet is still there. Boogie thinks they're afraid of Frank, and figures it's his hair. Frank calls this week the Battle of the Hair, between him and Wil. He's disgusted and disappointed, and it's nice to have Boogie to vent with, as he's even madder than he is at this point. They can't stand Danielle, Dan, and Janelle. Boogie is worried about being backdoored, meaning he gets sent home without even a chance to play for veto.

Janelle comes into the HOH and asks if she can use the bathroom. Dan lets her in and says he's just listening to a CD, yet she lays down with him on the bed instead of heading to the bathroom. She asks if he's talked to Boogie yet, and he says he won't even look him in the face. Janelle points out that Boogie didn't get nominated, but ran over to Frank, and the two of them are sitting there talking game in the nomination chairs. Boogie is probably willing to save Frank if he wins PoV.

Janelle tells Dan Boogie is a Bros Before Hoes type of a guy and doesn't like to play the game with girls. She thinks they should work together as ex-coaches. Dan tells her to spearhead it, because Boogie is “Salty, salty, salty.” He knows he's still pissed that they were going to blindside Frank. Janelle offers to bring Boogie up there so that they can just talk to him.

Dan pulls Boogie into the Storage Room, and he has no idea what he wants to talk about, as they haven't even spoken in 24 hours. Dan says he knows he's pissed, and Boogie asks if he's surprised. Dan wonders if he's just playing it up for appearance sake, and Boogie assures him he's really mad. He wants to go back and talk about Dan asking Boogie if he and Danielle were okay. Boogie said yeah, but when the situation was reversed this week, Dan didn't do the same, and knew Frank was going to be voted out the night before. In a sense, he was voting out Boogie as well. Dan tells him in hindsight he should have told him what was going on.

Dan approaches working together between all four coaches, but Boogie has no interest in working with people who lied to him. Dan doesn't think any of them have a chance at the game unless they stick together. Boogie tells him the only person who hasn't stabbed him in the back is Frank. In the DR, he's questioning why Dan would expect him to cut Frank and work with him. Boogie is honest and explains if he wins veto, he's pulling Frank off. He asks if he wants Frank hunting him down after all this.

Ever since the coaches joined the game, Ian has been feeling rather alone, so he wants to reach out and see what his options are. He heads up to the HOH to discuss it with Britney and Danielle. He explains there's obvious closeness between people. He wants to be in an alliance instead of just in “no man's land.” He's tight with Boogie, but it seems the game has completely changed.

Britney asks if Ian would vote against “them” if he needed to. He thinks it's inevitable at some point. Britney believes he's ready to jump ship and knows he's a smart kid, coming right to the people in power this week. She tells him he has to be absolutely tried and true to an alliance. He wishes there were a way to bring Frank into the alliance. She wants him to be sure before he, Shane, Dan, and Danielle will work with him.

Dan enters the HoH, and Britney tells him Ian is talking to them about not wanting to be a free agent. Dan tells him he really likes him and he proved himself at the HoH competition. He wants to know if he's truly reset and away from Team Boogie. Ian admits that he likes Frank a lot, and that's what makes it hard for him to sever ties.

Everyone gathers to pick players for the veto competition. Danielle wants the nominations to stay the same, so doesn't want Boogie to play. He, of course, wants to be picked so that he can pull Frank off the block leaving them both safe, and with him unavailable for a backdoor. She picks first and chooses Shane. Frank chooses Jenn, and Wil chooses Ian. Boogie knows this is horrible, as even though his former players Jenn and Ian are playing, he doesn't think they have shown any “competition prowess” so far. As a host, Danielle chooses Dan.

Frank approaches Janelle in the bathroom and asks her if everyone else is asleep. She affirms this and and tells him she doesn't know what the others' problems are. He asks if she still thinks he wants all the coaches out. She doesn't know as she just never talks to him. She asks who he wants to work with, and he says it all depends. She claims she has no one, and that no one will want to work with her in the house.

Britney comes down the stairs and sees Janelle in the bathroom whispering to Frank just after she was talking about how desperate she was to get rid of him. She calls it “Classic Janelle.” She goes upstairs and talks to Danielle and Dan, making Danielle really mad and saying it infuriates her. Danielle thinks it's just a lot of petty talk between the girls. He thinks Britney is always paranoid about Janelle, and that gets Danielle fired up. He can't have that with his plan to keep all the coaches united. Dan doesn't think one talk is going to bury Janelle's personal vendetta against Frank.