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Big Brother, Aug. 5 & 8 – “Nasty Southern Belles in Hell”

Jenn sees Ian out there killing it, but notices that the two people who aren't outside anymore are the other two from her old team, Frank and Boogie. It tells her a lot. Boogie is inside telling Frank that the plan was for him to be voted out tonight. While he's no mathematician, he figures it was Wil and Danielle going back on their word, making them liars. They just need Ian to hold on.

Britney mentions to Ian that they're all shaking and Danielle is solid. They promise they won't backdoor him, and he jumps. Britney is assured she's safe, and she jumps as well, giving Danielle the HoH win. Dan jumps up and hugs her and pulls her down, and Shane is right there after to lay on top of her and kiss her, looking a little like From Here to Eternity.

Boogie hates that Danielle is the HoH this week. He will also feel a little insulted if Danielle doesn't nominate him. Yet, he's not going to suck up to this girl whose name he just learned like three days a go.

Boogie starts grilling Dan asking him when he knew that Frank was supposed to go home. Dan told him he knew the night before. Suddenly, Dan is realizing that his plan to create a false safety with Boogie is already backfiring on him, as Boogie already told Frank he was supposed to go home.

Shane tells Danielle that his HoH last week was pointless and it put blood on his hands. Danielle tells him it's okay, as she's got him. He doesn't know how she did it, but he owes her and promises to win next week. She mentions that it's crazy, as she's the first girl to win HoH this season. Shane adds that she beat out Janelle. This brings up Danielle's feelings about Janelle, who never cheered for Danielle on the ship, only Britney. She gets a bad vibe from Janelle, and she thinks she's threatened by her. She jokes she might float her ass to the block.

Britney breezes through the bedrooms, and Boogie tells her he's trying to figure out who knew what, as apparently it wasn't going to go down the way it was supposed to, meaning the vote that didn't take place. Apparently Frank was leaving, and he didn't know. She brings up Boogie is the one that had the deal with Danielle, and that was the last she heard. She explains to the DR that they were all onboard to get rid of Frank, but by this horrible twist of fate, he's still here, and he knows, so someone has a big mouth and has some explaining to do. She walks out, and Frank says he can't trust her as far as he can throw her.

Shane and Britney meet up in the Billiards room, and she brings up about Boogie asking about the plan to vote out Frank. They plan to meet up with Danielle and jive their stories that they know nothing and were planning on keeping Frank. She goes in and talks to Boogie and tells him Shane had no idea. Boogie and Frank tell her they don't know who to believe.

Britney meets with Danielle and Dan in the Storage Room about this whole thing, and Dan admits he got so excited that he screwed up and spilled the beans that Frank was suppoed to go home. He always admits his mistakes to people he trusts. Danielle can't be mad at him, as it was an honest mistake. At least she's HoH, so has a week to figure this mess out.

Danielle gets her HoH room, and Boogie has had a bad day, doesn't feel like faking it, and isn't in the mood to see her dole out Candy Bars. There are pictures of her family all over, and Shane loves seeing her in her HoH room, as it's making her smile from ear to ear. It's cool to have pictures to go with the stories he's heard from her. There's also a necklace from her niece Meghan, and a letter from her mom, who didn't know she was doing this at all, as Danielle didn't want to hear their nagging. Jenn likes that her mom wrote her a letter that was so encouraging and nice.

Dan asks Shane, Britney and Danielle who the biggest two threats are. Shane picks Boogie and Frank, followed by Janelle, and Danielle picks Frank and Janelle. Britney thinks Janelle is definitely dangerous, as is Wil, as you never have an idea where he is, as he's so good at playing the two-faced card. She thinks Frank, Janelle, and Boogie are huge threats too. Dan doesn't want a former coach nominated, as if they get evicted, it makes the target on his back even bigger. He mentions putting Wil and Frank up with Wil as the pawn, and they know the majority of the house will vote out Frank. He points out if you get him out, then Boogie is by himself. Danielle just knows that Frank has to get out of the house.

Danielle and Britney move the discussion to the Storage Room along with Wil, and Britney admits she never would have thought they wouldn't have evicted anyone this week, or that all four coaches would enter the game. Danielle talks about the game starting over. Wil tells her it's a perfect opportunity for them to work together. Of course, start working with them when they're HoH. He knows they have to get a big threat out this week. Britney says Danielle promised her she was safe since they were the final three on the pirate ship. He points out she said he was safe too. Now she has to rethink her nominations.

Ian goes outside and sits with Ashley, mentioning what a long day it was. Shane walks out and starts lifting weights in front of them, prompting Ian to mention in the DR later how difficult it was to flirt with Ashley when Shane is shirtless and doing pushups and situps and whatever else. If that gets the ladies, that's fine, but that's just not how Ian does things, trying to use his personality and brains.

The next morning, Boogie tells Frank his attitude is even worse that morning. He has no desire to discuss game strategy, alliances, and Frank agrees. Boogie doesn't give a [bleep]. He's not going to go up there on his own, but Frank can do what he wants. He's also not going to joke around with Wil, as it was totally disrespectful to not tell them he changed his mind. He thinks Wil tried to “punk us out like bitches.”

A number of things didn't go their way – Frank almost getting blindsided, someone he can't stand won the HoH, and Boogie is probably going to get nominated. “So not really too cheery this morning.” Frank plans to tell Dan and Danielle he doesn't trust them anymore, as two weeks ago they kept her when they didn't have to. If they want to do something to try and earn their trust that's fine.

Dan's coach's advice to Danielle is if she wants Frank out, she needs to be put him up with Wil. She asks what happens if Boogie wins veto, as then both he and Frank would be safe, and she and Dan are in trouble. She's terrified of leaving Boogie not on the block. Up until this point she was going to nominate Wil as a pawn, but she's not sure if she should break a deal and nominate him. Dan is still trying to keep all the other former coaches there to ensure his safety. He is afraid with Boogie and Frank both up that Boogie would go home.