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Big Brother, Aug. 5 & 8 – “Nasty Southern Belles in Hell”

If you don't have the Big Brother live feeds, and if you don't follow spoilers, you were of course dying to know who won the Head of Household competition last Thursday. Emotions were definitely running high from everyone after the non-unanimous decision to let the coaches back into the game. But that's not the only big news. The other side of that is how the new HoH will decide who to nominate, and what was decided after the power of veto competition.

Boogie remarks that after the twist that allowed him back into the game, it was almost like starting a brand new season. In his three seasons on the show, he's never been more unsure on what outcome he would like for the HoH competition. Ian calls this the biggest twist in Big Brother history. Numbers-wise, he went from a 1-in-7 shot to a 1-in-12 shot. His stomach feels sick, and it's not the listing of the fake boat he's standing on that's doing it.

The coaches start to discuss amongst themselves who pressed the button. Britney explains her choice of hitting the button. She only had one player left and a small chance of making it to the end, so she had to go for it. Dan remarks if he's tempted to reenter the game, he will be there any time, any place, anywhere. Janelle wanted to hit the button because “Duh, I wanted to win Big Brother!” Boogie knew he was running this game and about to win $100,000.

While they're walking outside to start the competition, Dan whispers to Boogie that the plan in the house was to boot out Frank, which is news to Boogie. What screwed him more was that Dan was in on it and didn't tell him. Dan figured it was eventually going to come out anyway, so he told Boogie to start to build a little trust. He thinks he'll get further playing with Boogie than against him.

Janelle lies about setting the reset button, because she wants the image that she just wanted to be a coach, when in fact she's going to use everything she has to win Big Brother this year.

Shane had HoH last week, and it put lots of blood on his hands, yet no one was evicted. He figures Janelle and Boogie are both mad at him for nominating their players. His only silver lining is that he gets to compete because of the reset. Jenn (who? yeah, that's right. She IS on the show.) knows this is starting over for her. She felt expendable because Frank and Boogie are so tight.

The worst part of the competition for Ashley is the cold water that was blasting them while they were on the planks. Boogie isn't enjoying it either and yells out, “I hate you, Dan!” He asks why he thinks he hit the reset button, and Boogie tells him he knows he hit it. Danielle's arms, back, and shoulders are starting to hurt her and it's just a matter of hanging on. She knows she can last, but wonders when the others will start to fall. Britney calls it brutal, horrible, and a living nightmare.

When it's not raining on them, they get fake sea gull poop splashed on them. Boogie remarks that fifteen minutes before, he was sitting with three players and on cruise control to $100,000, and the next thing you know he's hanging on for dear life having sea gulls defecate on him on the side of a pirate ship. He's not a happy camper. Everything is bothering him, and he wants to send the message that he's not as big of a threat as they think he is. He jumps, and that makes Shane very happy. Jenn's muscles are starting to give out, as she's Puerto Rican and not used to being so cold. She follows Boogie, and Joe follows her.

Joe admits to Boogie that he knew 100% that he was staying if the vote would have gone through. Meanwhile, Frank tells Shane that if he gets HoH, Shane is safe, as he plans to nominate two coaches. Ashley falls off while looking around, and Dan followws her. It's just under two hours. Dan admits not much has changed for for his strategy between coach and player. He's still going to try and build a weak persona in the game, much like he did the last time when he ended up winning. Frank isn't fooled, though, saying it's the same thing Dan did last time.

Frank is the last person Shane wants to win HoH since he blindsided him. As tall as Frank is, he's having to haul a lot of his body weight up in his arms and his biceps and forearms are giving way quick. Frank eventually falls at two hours and thirteen minutes. Boogie wants to let him know there may be some people there they thought they could trust that they can't. Frank can't believe it and feels Boogie is the only person he can trust 100%. Oh boy. That says a lot.

Shane is grunting and screaming while he's on the plank, and Wil sees this, thinking he can still go another fifteen minutes. Then he looks over and sees Danielle hanging on with her hands in her pockets, getting ready to whistle or pull out a cigarette and a martinini and sing a song about how happy life is. He asks her if he's safe, and she promises he is. He and Shane make a deal to jump together and both hold up their end.

It's Danielle, Janelle, Britney, and Ian still hanging on. Janelle doesn't know how much more her body can take, and Britney looks solid. She's back in an alliance with Britney, so thinks if she can pull it off, she's good. She jumps. Danielle is fighting for Shane, Dan, and Britney.

Boogie remarks that two weeks ago, he was teaching Ian how to Mack on chicks, set up a date with Ashley, and dressed him up in one of his bowties, but suddenly he's another player in the game, and he's a huge target right out of the gate. He's hoping he wins HoH to keep him safe. Britney knows it's life or death for her, and she has to secure a place for herself.

Shane does not want Ian to win and says Danielle is impressing him. He promises her another kiss if she wins. Britney feels like she is hanging in midair above the water. She didn't expect to make it this far, but now she can almost taste it. She's not going anywhere. Ian isn't feeling good and notices Britney struggling, but Danielle looks like a rock. If he can arrange a deal with them, he hopes they feel safe enough to jump off. He tells them they won't go up.

Coach Dan tells Danielle he picked her for a reason, because he knows she has it in her. She doesn't take a deal, she sets the deal. Whatever happens from this point forward, this is her shot. If she wants to win the game, it starts right now. His life is on the line with the country girl from Alabama, so he's coaching his tail off like he never has before. He tells her if she wants to give up seeing her family and the Alabama flag, she should jump. She knows now he's still there for her. Joe wants him to stop coaching already.