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School Spirits August 1 The Ouija Board introduces the Massacre

On tonight’s season finale,  School Spirits, takes us to Slippery Rock University as fraternity brothers share their story about a local Native American who was hanged after several murders that were committed over a century ago.  School Spirits is based on actual events and the reenactments are told by those who survived.

Daniel Hooven (Class of 2006) says that Slip Rock “is the epitome of a small town.” The thing that drew him to join Sigma Alpha Phi was the fact that it was not the average fraternity house. They had their Friday night parties but there was no judgment towards members and who could join! Justin Plummer (Class of 2006) was one of the senior brothers so he was in charge of throwing the parties and the pledge process.

Daniel, being the oldest brother was in charge of the pledge process. Adam Kimmell (Class of 2008) was almost thrown out of the fraternity party because he was not adhering to their strict bathroom rule which is basically used the actual bathroom and not the bushes outside! Makes sense! Adam notices a rope in the tree he is using and then he is interrupted by Justin and the rope disappeared.

Daniel and Adam would become good friends. Shane Taylor (Class of 2010) was the beefy good looking security guard for the frat house and the guys had a police radio to monitor what was going on around them. David Funkhouser (Class of 2010) was stationed upstairs; he monitored the police radio from the quiet dark room upstairs all by himself! He noticed the police radio had gone out and he heard several strange noises and “the room shifted.”

The hair on the back of his neck was standing up and he felt someone or something in the room with him. He knew he wasn’t alone. He is panicking and scared as he drops his own radio. The party is done and these dudes are all partied out and tired so they crashed at the frat house. The pledges David and Adam had to sleep on the floor, they were the only ones awake and they hear noises. It sounds like little girls giggling so right away the guys assumed that it was their fellow frat brothers playing a prank on them.

Adam and David get up and decide they are going to catch their fellow brothers in prank action but it turns out everyone was indeed sleeping! Daniel wakes up the next day and he overhears the conversation about some “weird experiences they had in the house!”  Justin does not believe in ghosts so he tells them to “man up and I’m going to show them whose boss!” He leads the way upstairs to where the ghosts are and they start screaming for the ghost to say something or show himself!

Justin decides to add an extra effect so he smashes a bottle. The guys are yelling with excitement when all of the sudden they are silenced by a loud pound that echoed through the room. The lights go out and as usual all hell breaks loose. This is why people should carry flashlights around and Holy water, lots of it! Stock up if you must!

The “telephone tough guy” fraternity brothers are scared out of their wits and I would say there are no toga parties in their immediate future because whatever was in their house was pissed off.  I never understand why people scream and yell at ghost to find proof. You can always calmly call for a ghost, but I suppose Justin was trying to prove a point and he got his reaction he wanted!

The fraternity brothers felt the room get cold and it was pitch black and they were afraid of what would happened next. They saw something form in a human shape and it appeared in front of them. Justin and the guys see this person and Justin’s a skeptic so he made a run for it along with his fraternity brothers. Justin tried to be logical and he heads to the basement to check the circuit breaker and he discovers it is fine, nothing had blown out so how did the lights go out??? Oooohhh Scary!!!!

One night Daniel was alone working on a paper for one of classes and out of nowhere he heard a “loud boom!” There was a campus activity that the fraternity members and pledges had gone to. The sounds were coming from “the chapter room.”  Daniel did not want to investigate but he couldn’t help himself. They never can!

One of the fraternity paddles was missing from the wall and it was lying on the ground. Daniel was scared and he did not want to touch it but he had to pick it up. Daniel watched as the paddle went flying across the room after it flew off the wall. Daniel freaked out after watching the “solid oak paddle” fly across the room. He was freaked out and nothing has ever shaken him the way this did.

Daniel’s fellow frat member Adam comes home and Daniel begin telling him what he had witnessed. Adam could tell from his reaction that he was scared to death. The fraternity guys decided it was time to communicate with it so they bought a Ouija board. The guys gathered around the Ouija board and began asking questions.

They all took turns asking the average questions, “Who are you?” “Make your presence known” etcetera. They began to think it was a waste of time after they received no response and they wanted to give up. They decided to try again after making jokes and laughing. Shane said they all felt it was stupid but they would try again.

Daniel decided to ask a more precise question and he said “how many people are in this house?” While Oijia boards are not always accurate and can be considered “tricksters” of the paranormal world and even considered a devil’s toy. The Ouija board answered the number nine. They all swore that they were not moving the pointer. Dan asked another question, “What did you do here?”

The answer was “K I L L” and now they realized that they were barely touching the pointer and it began moving on its own. Ouija boards should not be considered toys just so folks know!  They should have tried to do some research first before picking up an Ouija board.  The guys of Slippery Rock University were witnessing paranormal activity as the pointer continued to move.

The guys were freaked out and Dan asked another question, “if this is real, what is your real name?” It started to spell “S A M” and the door slammed shut and Shane tried to open the door but it would not budge. If the big dude can’t open the door you know something is wrong. Shane was panicking. The guys began to hear screaming and they were all knocked backwards. Shane compared it to being hit by a fellow football player. They feel as if they had taken it too far.

Several of the fraternity members wanted to leave now. Several of the guys packed up and left. The guys felt helpless, they were once devoted to the fraternity and now they wanted nothing to do with the house. Most of them left and Adam had nowhere to go he stayed. Adam was downstairs by himself working on a paper and he heard the sounds of little girls giggling again.

The light suddenly came on and Adam goes to check out the sounds he is hearing. He was completely alone in the house! He continued to hear laughing. Adam could not comprehend what was happening so he left it go. The next day he went to his classes and came home and went to his room because he needed a nap. Just as Adam began to close his eyes, he felt cold. The windows were closed and he felt like a “sheet of ice” had come over him.

The next moment he is being choked. Okay now it is time to leave! Why is it that people are always choked in bed? (By ghost’s folks) He was being strangled and in a sheer panic. Adam said he knew something was “trying to kill him.” It happened fast and ended fast; Adam was lifted into the air and then dropped on the floor. He was completely terrified and scared to death.

He went to class and he was not sleeping, he was being yelled at by professors. He should have explained what happened, hey a ghost tried to kill me in my sleep!? Sounds logical right! Finally Adam had enough and decided to go to Daniel for help. Adam showed Daniel his neck which was bruised and red from being nearly hung.

Justin told Adam to come and stay with him but Adam didn’t want to leave. He wanted answers and he became slightly obsessive. They finally decided to do research and find out what could be causing this.  Daniel and Adam discovered the house was built on a coal mine. The fraternity house is right across the street from the main generator and they came up with an idea that the energy could be causing the electricity problems and it also opens up portals for spirits.

Adam said it didn’t make sense.  They had to dig deeper, what kind of history is there to find in the small town? Adam needed answers, he was strangled and something specific tried to hurt him. Daniel went back to the Oijua board letters “S A M” and “K I L L” and he discovered that in their small quiet town had an extremely violent history including “The Wigton Massacre.”

This is what they should have done from the beginning, instead of making the spirits angry they should have looked up the information.  Daniel and Adam needed answers and they found them. Daniel discovered that there was an incident involving a Native American known locally, named Sam Mohawk.

Dr. Aaron Cowan said in 1843 Slippery Rock township experienced a violent and brutal multiple murder. Sam Mohawk stopped at a stage coach tavern and Sam Mohawk’s Seneca people had dealt with a lot of mistreatment. Sam Mohawk (part of the Seneca Native Americans) was chased out of the stage coach tavern and he traveled to the farm of James and Peggy Wigton.

James Wigton had gone to his father-in-laws and Sam Mohawk approached the Wigton farm and Peggy spots him and runs in the house. Sam Mohawk and Peggy Wigton have a confrontation and Sam murdered Peggy as her five children screamed. Sam Mohawk had killed Peggy Wigton and her five children. James Wigton came home to find his entire family massacred.

Sam Mohawk was hunted down by the townspeople and they gathered a “posse” to capture the murdered because there are no police and Sam Mohawk was apprehended and he was covered in blood. The townsman asked him if he would rather be “shot or hung?” Sam Mohawk pointed to his forehead and said “shoot me here” so they decided to hang him.

He was hung a stone throw away from the fraternity house and Daniel and Adam had to know if Sam Mohawk’s spirit had returned to Slippery Rock and they needed to know what they had done to set him off or bring him back or even to upset him. Justin questioned himself and blamed himself. Adam could not shake the feeling of being choked.

The fraternity guys decided to do something, they were desperate and Daniel called his friend Hannah who was familiar with the paranormal. They opened a portal by bringing the Ouija board into the house and Hannah offered to help. They had to burn the Ouija board and cleanse the house. Adam said “we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into.”

They had done a terrible thing by bringing the Ouija board into the house and irritating am angry spirit. They went upstairs and Hannah took the board and walked it outside. Hannah lit it on fire and Daniel stayed inside and watched from his room. Hannah said a prayer and burned the Ouija board as Adam watched. The Ouija board went up in flames and it was giving off a really loud whistling sound.

The brothers had moved back into their fraternity house and things had calmed down. They had no more strange experiences and no one was hearing noises. Justin felt the experience put a new perspective on things and Daniel felt that the turning point of what brought Sam Mohawk back was all the yelling and the Ouija board.

Daniel feels he is a rational person but he always wonders, “what if Sam Mohawk is still here?”  He may be? But wherever Sam Mohawk is and the Wigton family, may they rest in peace and be left alone. May your nightmares inspire you folks and remember Ouija boards are not toys.


My name is Janel, I have been writing and published for many years. I wrote two poetry books. I was the Associate Editor of my college newspaper. I hope to write my life story one day and finish it.