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Big Brother Live Feeds, Aug. 3 – Endurance Comp Spoiler

It was time for an endurance comp this season on Big Brother. We needed to see what these people were made of. We know what Boogie, Dan, Janelle, and Britney are made out of now that they're officially in the game as players, but we aren't too sure about the rest of them when it comes to endurance. Although to me, this type of endurance, similar to the surfboard challenge and others, always benefits the same players.

Everyone stays on the planks originally for quite a long time. Boogie is initially saying he will stay up there for awhile, but would eventually drop. Yet, he seems reluctant to let go. Initially they're all having fun up there. Someone is doing Blues Clues quotes, and they are also singing Rock the Boat. Everyone finds it amusing when someone farts.

True to his word, Boogie does drop off intentionally after just one hour. Jenn follows almost immediately after. It seems like everyone just waits for someone to be the first. She walks around for awhile with her arms in that position as if she is still holding onto the bar. Joe drops out shortly after her. They're locked out of the house. Boogie has an energy bar he pulls out of his pocket that he offers to the others. It's a little waterlogged. He also spends this time telling anyone who will listen that he thinks Dan is the only coach to hit the Reset Button.

Just under two hours into the competition, Ashley drops, followed by Dan. He lounges around in the water for awhile, then crawls up to “shore,” and lays by himself before joining the others sitting on the sidelines. Frank is the next to take an energy bar break. It's obvious who was working together here. Despite the energy burst, he falls out shortly after two hours in.

The only houseguests left on their planks are Shane, Wil, Danielle, Janelle, Britney, and Ian. Boogie starts complaining loudly about the rules, and Frank picks it up as well. Janelle is wrapping her arms, and Wil is standing sideways. They thought that wasn't allowed. They keep harping on it, and eventually the voice of Big Brother clarifies that it's not against the rules, but is just a safety precaution. Eventually everyone left is hanging on by wrapping their arms.

Shane keeps yelling out in pain, but still hangs on. It's clear he is only hanging on by pure will and determination. Wil is struggling as well, yet starts mouthing something to Shane. Eventually the two of them drop off together at the same time. Shane seems barely alive, and Wil and Joe come over with towels for him. Three minutes later, Janelle drops out, and Wil drapes a towel around her.

Britney and Ian start talking. Are they working on a deal? It's just them and Danielle left. Everyone knew Britney was good at this type of thing, but we didn't know about Ian and Danielle. However, this comp always seems to favor the smaller people, so it does stand to reason.

The house is opened up and everyone goes in to use the bathroom, take showers, and find food. Joe starts gathering food to cook … something. The other three continue to hang on. Ian even manages to do a 360 out there, turning around to face the wall, then turning back around the other way. Britney works on trying to get him to drop, but he says he wants to see pictures of his family too.

Just after three hours in, Danielle and Britney promise that Ian is safe. He wants a promise that he also won't be a replacement or be backdoored. They promise, and he jumps off. Seconds later, Britney jumps as well. Dan grabs Danielle and helps her off, then falls on top of her in the water. Shane comes over and congratulates her as well, perhaps a little more so than a guy should who is saying he doesn't want a showmance. Things change when she's holding his fate in her hands, huh?

A final three group shower commences later when Britney is showering and Ian needs help getting his unitard off. Danielle then walks into the same shower with them. Is this the type of action he gets at Tulane? Will Danielle shake up the house? Probably not. She'll do exactly what Shane and Dan tell her to do, but I'd love for her to prove me wrong.

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