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Big Brother 14, Aug. 2 – As Willie Says ‘I Told You So’

Janelle finds Wil and tells him she's been wanting to talk to him all day as she thinks he's mad at her. She doesn't ever want him to feel like that at all, and it makes her feel so sad. She grabs a Kleenex and start dabbing tears that have to be pretend after what she said to Britney. She admits to the DR that she will do or say anything to get Wil on board, even if it means being fake. She tells him he doesn't know how much he means to her and that for 24 hours they didn't even talk. Wil tells the DR that he's not buying it and not trusting her for another second, but will pretend to get along with her.

Frank tells Dan he doesn't want to bug Danielle, but he also doens't want to stay too far away. He tells him if he wins, Danielle wouldn't be up on the block, not even as a replacement. He plans to go after Janelle's team, and Ashley and Joe would just be casualties in the game. He knows Danielle is rolling with him and Boogie. Boogie is in there as well and says this week Danielle is 100% protected, because if one of Jaelle's players wins HoH, Danielle wouldn't be a target.

Frank asks Dan how much he trusts him and Boogie. He never gives a number, and more or less rambles on. Boogie says if Frank goes out the door, he'll be heated. Dan admits to the DR he's on “Team Get Rid of Frank,” but also thinks Boogie and Frank pitched a good sell on getting Janelle's players out of the house. Frank also says if there were a way to get a coach out of the game without knocking out a player, he'd like to get Janelle out.

Danielle asks Dan what he thinks she should do, and he tells her he would rather work with Frank and Boogie, because they're good, and she would be protected. He tells her Boogie is going to be livid if it doesn't go down his way, but she thinks Frank will put her up. Dan doesn't think so.

Danielle likes having the power this week, but isn't sure what she's going to do with it. She tells Dan she runs with Shane, but he wants to command her to stop liking him, promising they won't date when they get out of the house. She claims she wasn't thinking that, but he brings up a Rachel comment of the past, “Nothing gets between me and my Shane.” He wants Danielle to be more cutthroat, except when it comes to him.

Going live, Julie Chen tells Ian he seemed genuinely moved when Boogie gave him the $3,000 at the coaches competition. He was and thinks he'll use the money for rent and food, basic necessities. Boogie is asked how hard it was to take the biggest share of the cash for himself, and he explains his uncle always told him to take the biggest share if it was available.

Danielle is asked about her spin the bottle kiss with Shane and is asked to rate it. She gives it a 10. Shane ups it to 10.5. Janelle won her second coaches competition and we take a look at it again, as Julie says she made it look effortless. Janelle says it was really hard, and she had bruises all over her legs.

Shane talks to Julie alone in the HoH. He is asked why he put more blood on his hands by putting Frank up. He says it's more difficult this year to have the coach's help. He has his own game plan, but also has Britney telling him what to do. As a coach and player together, they thought this was the best for his position. Regarding Frank, Shane can't trust him and trusts Boogie less and less. He tells her Danielle is sweet, but a showmance isn't what he wants right now, as he's afraid it will make him a bigger target in the game.

Frank told Boogie last week who his dad is, Sid Viscious, the wrestler. They really do look alike. Sid knows Frank gets his competitive nature from him. Joe saw Frank working out earlier and knew it was exercises only wrestlers do. Sid knows this is making him a huge target. Frank mentions to Boogie, though, that he and his dad arent on the best of terms.

Once Frank was out of college, he was tired of playing sports like his dad wanted him to. His dad regrets not being there more for him. His mom chips in and says they argue all the time, but Frank would be surprised to know how involved Sid is in the show. He thinks he handled the argument with Willie really well. Frank just wants to make a name for himself and not be the wrestler's son. He thinks he's finally doing something he's good at.

Julie tells the houseguests about the vote this week regarding letting the coaches enter the game. The results, after utter silence, are that America has decided they want to offer the coaches the chance to come back in the game. If they choose to give up coaching, they will reset the game right now, meaning they will all be competing as individuals, there will be no eviction tonight, and they'll all vie for the title of HoH this week, including Shane and the coaches. But if they remain as coaches, there will an eviction, and some of the evicted players will have an opportunity to come back in the game.

The coaches now enter the diary room one by one to express their desires. If just one person says yes to entering the game as players, all of them will. Britney is up first. She tries to find out from the others what they want to do, but there is no time. Britney stares at the huge red reset button, then hits it. Boogie says no thanks. Dan and Boogie do hand signals in the hallway, but Dan knows he and America have a relationship. He knows they know what he wants to do. He hits it. Janelle thanks America and hits the button.

The reset button hs been activated, and neither Joe or Frank will be evicted. They now all go into the backyard for the HoH competition. And, of course, it's endurance. They all must hang on to a small plank over water. The last one standing will be HoH. The wall they're on shifts forwar to make it a little tougher. There's rough seas ahead of course, and the wall continues to shift forward and backward. Frank announces he's going to take a nap. There's also of course some bad weather by way of water jets over their heads.

This makes it really interesting. We dont know how this game is going to go now. The players ought to be very nervous, becuse now they're competing against some of the best to ever play the game. They're now competing for a million dollars and the chance to say they beat Boogie, Janelle, Dan, and Britney.

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