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Big Brother 14, Aug. 2 – As Willie Says ‘I Told You So’

We have two exciting things to be decided tonight on Big Brother. Of course the first is who will be eliminated, Frank or Joe. The second is if the coaches will be let into the game or not. I'd love to see it to shake things up a bit, but I just hope it wouldn't become too predictable. And if it happens, Willie is going to be sitting there at home saying, “I told you so.”

After Shane took Ashley off the block and replaced her with Frank, Boogie talks about his concrete deal with Shane to put two of Janelle's players on the block. He felt they were good to go until tonight, but not only did he remove Ashley from the block, he put up Frank. Boogie is a little perturbed that they're going to make him go back to work this week. Ashley is happy and doesn't think it could have worked out any better.

Frank isn't happy, and is pretty sure he has two votes against him, Wil and Ashley, but knows he'll have two votes, Jenn and Ian, and he figures Danielle is a swing vote. Shane tells him he's good, but it's not true, as he's his number one target this week. Danielle thinks this is the best move to date in the game, and promises to work close with Shane. Shane apologizes to Joe, who then says being on the block is not for kids, but he's feeling a little bit better being on the block with Frank. I'm pretty sure he doesn't mean because they're such good buddies.

Frank finds Boogie and tells him “they” don't want him out. Boogie asks if he knew he was going to be nominated, and he didn't, but he did have a feeling that if it changed, it would be him. Shane promised him he's safe, but it worries Frank only because it's just going to make the others think about taking him out. Boogie wishes Frank would have told him, saying he kind of needs to be on the inside.

Boogie has a DR session, saying “Big Brother Coaches Frustration 101. If one of my players knows there's going to be a big shakeup in the game, you may want to tell me!” Boogie tells Frank he doesn't like the lack of trust thing and wonders what he has to do to show them they're down.

Britney enters to talk to Boogie telling him she's knows he's pissed. He tells her he doesn't know what's going on, but Frank just told him to relax. Britney explains when she asked Ian if he was going to put up Shane next week, his words were, “It's not in the foreseeable plans.” Boogie just thinks Ian needs to be more careful with his words, but Britney doesn't like finicky word choices.

Britney knows Boogie is freaking out thinking Frank is a target, which he is, but she doesn't think he needs to know that. Boggie isn't mad, but is worried others will try to get him out. Britney says they have Danielle, so he's safe. She loves Ian, so she doesn't want him to be in trouble with Boogie, who just wants to shake that kid.

Wil, Britney, Shane, Ashley, and Janelle are in the HoH, and Shane tells them how hard it was, saying his heart was pounding. Ashley believes it takes balls. Britney mentions it's a big move in the game that so rarely happens, as people always take the safe route. Ashley mentions the spiritual road you're taught to go through an awkward feeling to get good results. She furthers this explanation, but the others are trying to hold in their laughter. Shane feels it will either be the biggest or the stupidest move and thinks it will dictate everything from now on. Britney tells him if he doesn't want him to win the half million dolars, it's the only thing.

Ian paces around the Have Not room, talking to himself saying he doesn't know what just happened. Frank is probably his strongest ally there, so it's bad news. Boogie tells Frank they just need to chill for four days, because you never know in this game. Ian enters, and Boogie and Frank ask him about what was said to Britney. His words are a little different than what she said happened, as he uses the words “definitely not,” instead of “not in the foreseeable plans.”

Frank tells Ian he needs to be direct, yes or no, and Ian explains he didn't want to write a check he couldn't cash. Boogie explains that in the BB house, you can bounce checks! Calming down, he says that Shane and Britney have a lot of power over Danielle, and she is all they need, and it's done.

Britney talks about her menstrual cramps, and says if labor is more painful than this, she can't deal with it. Janelle explains labor is the worst pain ever. Britney asks if she cried, but Janelle answers, “I don't cry.” Britney doubts this, asking if she really didn't cry when she got evicted in third place twice. Janelle says she didn't. Britney asks if she were at a stranger's funeral would she cry, and Janelle doesn't think she would. Britney just thinks she doesn't have a lot of emotions, and sees it as a definite advantage in the game. If Janelle starts to get said, she just changes her emotion. Okay.

Janelle, Joe, and Wil talk outside, and she says she is excited for Thursday to come. Despite being on the block, Joe feels it's been a good day. Janelle tells them Frank is a liar and that she doesn't believe anything he says. Wil doesn't think Frank is vindictive, but Janelle sees him as pure evil. She tells Wil that Frank leaving is the best case scenario and a huge move for him.

Janelle talks about her Operation Kickass this week to save him Wil weeks in a row. He doesn't believe this. He doesn't think he's safe only because of her. She asks if it's an endurance comp and is down to him and Ian if he would offer him a deal. She tells him it's not just physical and is concnetration as well. He's starting to get fed up with her, as he thinks she's being condescending. He gets up and goes to bed, and Joe wonders what his deal is. Janelle thinks he's just a bitchy guy.

The next morning, Wil asks Joe what he thinks about Janelle right now. Joe doesn't understand what went down between the two of them the night before, but does say that Janelle was nervous about Wil. Wil mentions that she had said the only reason he was still in the game is because she was keeping him there. Joe is now worried because one of his sure votes this week is in a fight with their coach. Wil says they didn't come there to win her $100,000. Joe doesn't think she meant it that way at all.

Joe talks to Ashley and tells her what is going down between Janelle and Wil. She is astonished. He's worried that Wil has already joined the other side. They bring Janelle into the conversation. She doesn't understand why Wil is mad at her and doesn't understand how Wil took it that way. Joe tells her they're in serious jeopardy. Ashley just doesn't get it. Janelle knows it means the end for her if Wil votes out Joe, as she'd be losing two players. And, well, that leaves her with just Ashley.