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Real Housewives of New Jersey; Ep. 14 “Pack Your Baggage”

Hurricane Irene, RVs, and camping.

Everyone packs their bags for the RV camping getaway in Napa, California.

Hurricane Irene is vastly approaching in New Jersey and no that isn’t a metaphor for all the Jersey drama. Or is it?

Teresa is still upset about Kathy’s little comment on a recipe in her new cookbook.

Teresa feels like Kathy made a jab at her for stealing a recipe from her mom—which she totally didn’t.

Their mothers cooked together quite often and Teresa’s father is Kathy’s mother’s brother.

A lot of recipes have been shared throughout the family no doubt. Who cares? Teresa does, that’s who.


Albie asks his “girlfriend” Lindsay to move in. How are Caroline and Lauren going to take that news, if it comes up?

The bad weather of Hurricane Irene affects the traveling plans for the Jersey bunch.

The governor has shut down all airports.

That means instead of taking a straight flight as planned, they’ll have to long-haul it—drive—to Pittsburg, Pennsylvania and board a plane there.

Then fly to Houston, Texas. Then take another flight to San Francisco, California.

The Jersey bunch make it to California and still have to get camping stuff.

Luckily, there’s a store specifically for all things camping. The group racks up over $4000 in supposed necessities for camping.

When the three Jersey-filled RVs arrive to their destination, everyone’s put off that it’s not exactly a traditional camp site, nor is it a beach.

Instead, it’s a camping ground for RVs in nothing more than a gigantic parking lot.

What. A. Bummer. Oh well, make the best of a situation.


Melissa and Teresa reluctantly meet the other neighbors.

The guys try to pitch tents. No pun intended. Portable grills are set up.

The sausage and provolone cheese is claimed by mostly the Manzos. Cheese and sausage is like contraband.

The next morning, Kathy tries to make muffins in a microwave or toaster oven and only a couple are deemed edible.

Eggs, bacon, and I’m sure sausage is cooked. Can’t you smell it?

Richie scares everyone off with his morning wood.

Melissa takes Teresa aside to calmly discuss the issues everyone has with her.

Obviously it’s Teresa if every relationship she has with others is failing.

Melissa feels like a breakthrough is made with her sister-in-law.


On the next episode: Fun times on the Napa Valley RV trip with the Jersey bunch. Teresa and Jacqueline get together for another talk. Was there ever any closure?


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