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Nice Guys Finish Last – The Amazing Race 6, Finale

by LauraBelle

Just what does it take to win The Amazing Race? Guts? Stamina? Physical Ability? Cunning? Pure Luck? It seems tonight it takes all of the above. Yet, as we also saw, nice guys do finish last, or second to last.

Hayden and Aaron leave the second to last pit stop, Shanghai China at 11:20 PM. They are excited, and think their cohesiveness and ability to work as a team is going to win them the whole shebang. They are headed to Xi’an; eight-hundred miles by train.

Freddy and Kendra leave next, with Freddy noting he has seen Kendra grow a lot during the race. Kris and Jon follow right behind, noting they didn’t have a great day the day before between cabdrivers and translation problems. Adam and Rebecca are last to leave, barely surviving after a non-elimination leg, and are stripped of all cash. They think Freddy and Kendra made a mistake in yielding them, as it will only make them stronger.

Freddy and Kendra are arguing at the train station with Freddy saying to Kendra, “No, E-X-I-T, Honey!” Once on the train, Kendra is pleased to have beds. Adam can’t figure out how to climb up to his bed, and Rebecca says, “Look! A ladder!” In the same area with Kris and Jon, Kris says Jon’s biggest fear was her turning into a raging bitch, and Adam says, “Raging bitch? That’s Rebecca on a good day!” Aaron is keeping himself occupied looking out the window, noting he expected to see rice paddies, but instead it looks like Michigan.

The teams race to the Drum Tower, only to have to sit and wait for it to open at 8:00 AM. One inside they are met with a Detour – Spray or Scroll. In Spray, they need to travel thirty-four miles to a car factory where they will need to don appropriate clothing and spray paint a car completely. In Scroll, they will need to travel thirty-one miles to a textile factory, and look through ten bolts of fabric to find two printed Chinese characters, which they need to then cut out. All the teams choose Spray, and I wonder if for the second to last leg of the race they could find something a little less thrilling.

Adam and Rebecca are the first to arrive and Adam says he feels like Michael Keaton in Gung Ho. Good call, Adam; you’re right. Finishing first, they receive a clue telling them to go to the Museum of Qin Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses. Freddy and Kendra and Kris and Jon get through quickly as well, but Hayden and Aaron are having cab problems. I think they must have Kris and Jon’s bad driver from the day before. Hayden says she feels like she’s on a “goose chase,” which just sounds weird without “wild” attached to it.

In the lead, Rebecca tells Adam he did well and that she’s proud of him. Fate hits and they lose their lead in a government motorcade, as Kris and John catch up and pass them. Hayden and Aaron are still having cabdriver problems. Hayden pleads, “Honey, make him go! Buses are passing us.” They eventually make it to the car factory after asking for directions.

Kris and John and Adam and Rebecca arrive at the Museum at the same time. Adam and Rebecca are thinking ahead for a change and purchase tickets to enter before they reach the gate. Uncharacteristically, Kris and Jon fail to do this, and need to go back for the tickets, placing them slightly behind the lead. Adam and Rebecca search through the terra cotta statues and find the next clue, sending them to North Peak, Mount Hua. Adam strategizes and they leave from the other side of the museum so that when Kris and Jon see them exiting, they will start on the wrong side.

Freddy calls their cabdriver a buffoon as he doesn’t think the driver knows where he is going. They eventually arrive at the Museum just as Kris and Jon are leaving. Just leaving the Spray Detour, Hayden thinks they should take a different taxi, but Aaron resists and they end up taking the same one. They eventually reach the Museum still behind everyone else.

All four teams are now headed to Mount Hua. Adam starts talking of how they might win, and Rebecca shushes him quicklly, fearing his over-confidence will jinx them, substituting his head for wood to knock on immediately after. Adam and Rebecca arrive at Mount Hua first, buy entrance tickets, then bus tickets to travel to the mountain. They hope to be the only ones on this bus, keeping their lead, but Kris and John step in at the last minute with Kris and Jon kissing and Rebecca fanning herself.

Upset with their cabdriver once again, Hayden says, “Aaron we need a new cab.” When he agrees and tells her to get out, she becomes incredulous, and points out they’ll have a hard time getting another cab out there. She does as told anyway, and as their previous driver departs, there are no others in sight. Wondering if they’ll have to walk to Mount Hua, another cabbie comes up and saves them. Hayden can’t believe Aaron’s not upset, and he tells her there are more important things than money.

Once at the base of North Peak, Kris and Jon and Adam and Rebecca need to take things that look like ski lifts, but are called gondolas, to the top. I thought gondolas were only found on the water. Shows what I know. Adam just wonders if the gondolas are safe. Adam and Rebecca had taken flak earlier for always being followers, and now as the leaders, they have led themselves and Kris and Jon up the wrong peak. They need to ride back down and then back up the correct peak.

Freddy and Kendra, not picking the wrong peak, are the first to arrive on North Peak. Kendra says she feels like Charlie in the Chocolate Factory up there. At the top of the peak they find a Road Block. One member from each team needs to search through thousands of locks with a key. Once their key opens up a lock, they may proceed. Kris and Jon and Adam and Rebecca arrive in the meantime. All three women are doing this task.

Woefully behind, Hayden and Aaron are just arriving at Mount Hua. Already frustrated with the cab ride, Hayden finds it was just the beginning. They buy entrance tickets, but can’t find bus tickets. A language barrier prevents them from finding out how to proceed. They get on the bus at one point, only to be told to go back and get tickets. As they get off the bus, Aaron throws his backpack in frustration.

The women aren’t having any luck with the locks, and Kendra thinks some of the locks are from the year of 2. Adam barks orders and is termed the “Key Nazi.” Kris is the first one done, and gets a clue sending them to the pit stop at the South Gate of Xi’an City Wall. As they depart the gondolas, Hayden and Aaron see them as they’re gong up, and have hope that they’re not that far behind.

Rebecca and Kendra have reached the end of all the locks, and neither has found a lock that fit their key, leaving them very frustrated. Kendra gets it shortly after this, leaving Rebecca to apologize to Adam. Hayden and Aaron arrive at the top and decide Hayden is the one that has the patience for this. Not only is she impatient, she is slightly illogical at times. I do believe, though, that since Aaron had perhaps done his maximum of allowed Road Blocks, Hayden more or less had to do this one.

Hayden gets her key stuck, and says she is ready to use her teeth. Shortly after, the impossible happens, and she breaks her key off in the lock. She and Aaron need to run down to the receptionist desk to get a replacement key. This seems just as frustrating of a task as counting the items at IKEA. Meanwhile, Kris and Jon arrive first at the South Gate and win a trip to Caribbean and a guarantee of being in the final three for this race. Jon says he just wanted to be in the top three, so he has met his goal.

Freddy and Kendra arrive at South Gate in second place, and Freddy says that was his only promise to Kendra, that they were in the top three. Back at the locks, Rebecca is wondering what the definition of insanity is. She thinks it may be doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results, and notes she’s been doing this for over three hours. The two remaining teams begin to panic once they realize the park closes at 7:00pm, and it’s 6:33.

Rebecca mentions that she is destroying her fingers and will never be a hand model. When she starts to complain, Adam tells her to stop being a baby. Funny words coming out of the man that still has his mother clip his toenails and says things like choo choo. Hayden thinks of quitting and taking the four hour penalty, and Aaron tells her he is happy with whatever decision she makes. Adam tells Rebecca he will not be happy if she quits.

Hayden can’t take anymore and quits, taking the four hour penalty, noting that her fingers are bleeding. Just after she quits, Rebecca gets a lock to open. With both teams arriving at South Gate at the same time, Rebecca and Adam let Hayden and Aaron go in first knowing the four hour penalty will be given. Now eliminated, Hayden says Aaron has been the anchor. Aaron drops to one knee and asks Hayden to marry him. She says yes, and even Phil has tears in his eyes. Aaron notes Hayden is speechless for once, then says, he doesn’t want to cry, he’s a tough guy. They celebrate and say, “Screw everything else!”

Kris and Jon are the first to leave the final pit stop of the race, Xi’an, China, at 5:27 AM. They are headed to Honolulu, Hawaii, where they will need to drive to Puu Ualakaa State Park for their next clue. By law they are not allowed to book international flights at the airport, so they must do so somewhere else before arriving at the airport. They try to arrange their flight in the hotel, only to be told it can’t be done yet, as they don’t have the key for the business center. Kris and Jon may not have had trouble with the key yesterday, but they do today. They leave to find a ticket office.

Freddy and Kendra leave next, saying they are not going to be the sweet people they were before. They get into the business center and arrange for a flight that will arrive in Honolulu at 9:30. Kris and Jon have trouble at the ticket office, and go back to the hotel, hoping the business center is now open. They get a flight that will arrive in Honolulu at 9:45.

Adam and Rebecca leave last, noting the key to winning is to stop fighting. Their flight will arrive in Honolulu at 11:00 AM. In their taxi, they note that their driver doesn’t understand a word of English. While extremely frustrating a few days earlier, now it has become funny. Rebecca tells him Adam has three testicles, just to test if he really doesn’t understand a word, and it’s clear he doesn’t.

All three teams are on different flights, and all 3 have stopovers in Japan. Freddy and Kendra and Adam and Rebecca in Osaka and Kris and Jon in Tokyo. Arriving in Osaka, Freddy and Kendra notice an earlier flight will be taking off soon for Honolulu, and ask if they can be switched. They are told no, as there are seats, but no meals. Freddy and Kendra quickly say they don’t need a meal, but this doesn’t matter. Company policy states everyone must have a meal and a seat. Kendra lies and says she has a sick kid in Honolulu she has to get to. They are still refused.

Kris and Jon try to trade up in Tokyo, but aren’t allowed. Adam and Rebecca, arriving in Osaka, see Freddy and Kendra leaving, and try to get on their flight. They are told the same thing. No meals. Big boy Adam winds up the conversation telling the airline employee, “You’re really mean.”

In Honolulu first, Freddy and Kendra find their marked car, and take off for Puu Ualakaa State Park. Kris and Jon are behind them only a short distance. At the state park they are met with a Detour – Outfit or Outrigger. In Outfit, the teams will need go to a tropical clothing distributor and match the clothing on the mannequins to the clothing hanging up in the warehouse. In Outrigger the teams will go to a canoe club and paddle an outrigger two and a half miles along with a steersman. Freddy and Kendra choose Outrigger and he gets mad at her for waving at people watching. She tells him, “God forbid I have a little bit of fun.” Kris and Jon choose Outfit and do it easily, walking away in their new Hawaiian outfits. Adam and Rebecca choose Outrigger.

The next clue sends the three remaining teams to Kamaka Air. Kris and Jon are the first to arrive and find a Road Block. One member from each team will need to sky drive along with an instructor onto a sand bar. Jon jumps at this chance, as does Freddy who gets there slightly late due to getting lost. This time it can’t be blamed on a cab driver. Freddy and Jon end up going up in the plane together, although Jon is allowed to jump first. Surprisingly, Adam also chooses to do the Road Block, and does so willingly. He’s afraid to ride a gondola, but this he can’t wait to do.

After their jump, the men find clues to fly back to their final destination of Chicago, Illinois, the start of this whole journey, 40,000 miles ago. There they will take a train to the Watch Tower. Kris and Jon are the first to the airport, and are told they are getting the earliest flight arriving at 5:43 AM. Freddy and Kendra arrive second, and really get the earliest flight arriving at 5:25. Adam and Rebecca get an even later flight, and the interesting thing is no one knows what and when each other’s flights are. Boarding his flight, Adam says, “Hey, I just jumped out of one of these.”

In Chicago, Freddy and Kendra arrive first, and ask for directions to the train. Kris and Jon arrive shortly after, and ask the same person for directions, and are told the other two just passed by, and that train hasn’t left yet. They know Freddy and Kendra are on the same train somewhere. Off the train, the teams now need to take a taxi to Gino’s East and each person needs to eat half of a deep dish pizza. Freddy decides he doesn’t care if it has bugs on it, he’s eatin’ it.

Freddy and Kendra arrive first, and let me just say, if you can’t eat that much pizza, you’re a wimp. Every single person complained it was so much. Living in the Chicago area all my life, and having Gino’s on a number of occasions, I don’t get why they complained about it being so much. We ate a stuffed pizza this weekend, and the pieces were double the size of the ones they were asked to eat. Kendra even says it’s disgusting. Freddy encourages her, telling her it’s million dollar pizza if they win. Kendra finishes, belches, and they leave, after getting a clue to go to Ping Tom Memorial Park. Their cab driver doesn’t know where it is, and seeing Kris and Jon enter Gino’s, Freddy panics and tells a police officer it’s an emergency, life and death, that he find Ping Tom Memorial Park. That’s just plain wrong, and Kendra tells him he can’t do that.

Kris and Jon eat their pizza seemingly with no problems and are on their way to Ping Tom, their cabdriver knowing where it is. Freddy and Kendra’s cabdriver is calling his dispatcher, and even the dispatcher doesn’t know. Adam and Rebecca arrive at Gino’s and both complain about the pizza. Adam doesn’t want to eat the tomatoes and Rebecca doesn’t want to eat the cheese, but they both do eventually. Kris and Jon offer their cabdriver an extra ten dollars to go through a light. Freddy and Kendra are offering their cabdriver fifty dollars to get them there quickly.

Kris and Jon seem to arrive seconds after Freddy and Kendra, but are stopped in their foot race by a train. Freddy and Kendra run in, to the cheers of all the other teams that had since been eliminated, and are the first place winners of The Amazing Race 6. They both hug Phil. Kendra says she has never been so proud of a human being before in all her life, and Freddy says he is honored to be among the other racers. Kendra says Freddy is definitely worthy of having her children.

Kris and Jon wait for the train to pass, kiss and say it doesn’t matter, they have each other. Running in, Jon says Kris is absolutely unbelievable, and Kris calls him the most incredible person ever. Adam and Rebecca make their way in for third place, and Adam says the race has taught him he could leave home, while Rebecca says her and Adam will always have love for each other.

I do believe that Freddy and Kendra ran a good race. I think they had the guts, stamina, physical ability, cunning and pure luck. I just wish they hadn’t turned nasty a few times. In Senegal, Kendra couldn’t have been any more rude with her comments of the locals. And tonight, she used a sick child excuse to try and get an earlier flight, while Freddy tried to tell a police officer it was an emergency that they find the memorial park. At least they didn’t get the desired effect with those excuses tonight. But had Kris and Jon who never had a disparaging word for each other, locals (other than the cabdrivers last week), or their fellow racers, and ran a clean honest race won, it would have been truly amazing.

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