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More Fun Than Barbaritos – The Bachelorette 3, Episode 5

On the fifth episode of The Bachelorette, Jen goes on four hometown dates. Also in this episode we find out that spoilers can be, and usually are, wrong.

Jen’s first hometown date is with John Paul. He greets her with a pair of cowboy boots, which Jen loves, and then they’re off to his parent’s house. Once at the family home, Jen meets everyone and they sit around and chat (this is a common theme with the hometown dates). John Paul’s family likes sports, as does Jen and her family, so they think that everyone will get along smashingly. Jen tells John Paul’s mom that she was a cheerleader.

After meeting the family, Jen goes with John Paul to his house. Jen is very impressed at how established and mature John Paul is, especially at age 25. John Paul tells us that he is hoping to kiss Jen on this date, and on his couch by the fire, he gets his wish. The two sit and talk while he strokes her hair. They look very infatuated with each other.

The next home date was with Ryan. He and Jen met up at an ice rink, where the two skated and then sipped hot chocolate. They then head over to Ryan’s family home. Ryan’s parents have just returned from Thailand, and that’s about all they talk about. We find out about their every waking moment in Thailand, and everything in every day life gets compared to Thailand. Jen is a little put out by this because she had wanted to talk about Ryan and find out what his family thought about the situation. Jen and Ryan later chalked it all up to nerves. It was a rather boring date, with the exception of Ryan’s mom’s creation, Barbaritos, which are a strange concoction of Mexican foods that mom Barbara invented. You don’t see or eat that everyday.

Jen goes next to meet Wendell’s family. They live in Chicago as does Jen. Before meeting the crew, Jen and Wendell take some alone time in his apartment. He asks her what she does and doesn’t like about him. She says that she likes how comfortable he makes her feel and skirts around what she doesn’t like. Wendell says that he feels very comfortable with her, too. Then they are off to see the family. Jen thinks that everyone was nice, and seemed amused that they had a bit to drink. Could it perhaps have been wine they were drinking from Firestone Vineyards? No, most likely not, because Wendell’s mom pulls Jen into the kitchen to help cook dinner and there tells her that she didn’t like Andrew Firestone, that he seemed too stuffy on The Bachelor. Jen doesn’t really say much to that. Later, after Jen leaves, Wendell’s family expresses concern over the premise of the show. His mom says that she thinks Wendell is more into Jen than Jen is into Wendell.

The final hometown date is with Jerry. They met in his high school and hung out in a classroom, because that was part of his growing up. And you thought Thailand and Barbaritos were weird. He’s lucky he’s hot. While at the school, Jerry tells Jen that his Mom is deaf. Jen asks Jerry how to sign hello, and he teaches her to say, “My name is Jen.” On the way to meet the family, the city experiences a blackout that lasts through the night. Jen is caught off guard by having to meet Jerry’s family by the light of candles and lanterns. Jen and Jerry’s mom hit it off, and both Mom and Jerry are touched that Jen put forth such effort to communicate with Jerry’s mother. Jerry’s brother tells Jen in front of everyone that his biggest concern is that Jen is honest with Jerry, so Jen asks him to come with her in another room to talk privately. Once alone, Jen asks Brother if he thinks Jerry is in this because he genuinely likes her, or if he just is in it to win it. Brother says he doesn’t really know.

It’s finally time for the rose ceremony. Jen must send one gentleman home. Jen gives a rose to John Paul, Jerry, and Ryan. Sorry Wendell, there’s no parting gift. Jen says that feelings and attraction just didn’t develop with Wendell like she had hoped. Wendell said he had kind of felt the same thing. Sure you did. We have to wonder, though, who will the spoilers say the winner is now?

Next week it’s time for the overnight dates. We’ll see what doesn’t happen.

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