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So You Think You Can Dance, July 25 – Watching Great Dancers Leave

Cyrus “Glitch” Spencer tells us a secret about Eliana Girard, that she's been raising birds since she was little. She accidentally killed one of her birds when she slept on it. What we don't know about him is that he really is a robot, as his belly button looks like a power symbol. She demonstrates its use.

This week they are doing hip hop with Nappytab. Eliana is a ballerina on a jewelry box, and Cyrus is the robot that turns her and brings her to life. Eliana has to learn some animation and be more sharp, rather than smooth like a ballerina. They dance to Toxic by District 78 feat. Cheesa. Napoleon and Tabitha were pretty clever with this chreography, working with both of their strengths.

After another standing O, Mary calls it insantiy going on and found it to be fabulous. Cyrus and Eliana were faulous too. When he started the number it was so sick, crazy, buck, whatever. It's a privilege to watch him, and Eliana was getting down out there. It was phemoenal. They're both on the damn train.

Christina thought it was so fantastic, so entertaining, and so perfectly fit for both of them. Eliana is one of the best dancers she's ever seen She was worried about her doing this, but pushing her head forward, Christina knew she was so in. Cyrus is so good and one lucky dude to not pick contemprary yet. She suggests Eliana start some barre warmups with him.

Nigel knew this was always a chance they were taking with Cyrus. He is so pleased he pulled this routine. At the same time, he asks Eliana when ballerinas got swag. He asks how tough it was for her, as she was even better than Cyrus in some of the hip hop moves. She says Cyrus taught her everything. He has faith in Cyrus that he's going to be able to do it.

All of the dancers take the stage, meaning this is when they find out who were the bottom six from last week. They are Amber, Lindsay, Eliana, George, Brandon, and Dareian. Wow. This is going to be a tough cut. The judges have known the results since early this morning, and have discussed it with the judges and choreographers from this week and last. Nigel is asked if he needs to see more of the dancers, and he would like to. They would like to see Amber, Eliana, Brandon, and Dariean dance again.

Amber is up with her solo first, and she comes out and attacks it. She looks good. Brandon is up next and attacks it even more. He's totally on fire. Eliana hits the stage sans pointe shoes doing some barefoot flat work. Amber was great, but I think they have to stay with Eliana. Dareian is the last out, and does a beautiful and poweful routine. I think the decision might go to him.

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater is onstage to perform “The Hunt.” It's great, but I really can't concentrate on it too much, just wanting to see who goes home.

Eliana, Lindsay, and Amber are brought back out onstage. Nigel wants them to realize that no one gets adverse votes, that people vote for dancers, and they all have thousands of votes, just not as much as others. It's a terrible situation that they have to lose someone. They have decided to save Lindsay as she has more room to go and potential and is doing that. They are shocked these girls are in the bottom three, and are deciding to also save Eliana, meaning Amber is going home. Tonight she showed her potential of how brilliant she is, and if America voted tonight, Nigel believes she would not be in the bottom three.

George, Brandon, and Dareian take the stage next for their results. Again, it's tough. They know how much they care about them. He doesn't know why George is there as he did a fantastic fox trot last week. They're saving him. This is so tough, but one of the other two has tricks coming out of his sleeve like a magician, and Dareian did an incredible routine. Brandon had an opportunity to do top 20, and they allowed him on tow show his different style. He is being let go tonight, and that leaves Nigel heartbroken.

There is just no way around it. There will be amazing dancers going home every week. And I think that's what Nigel is trying to show them by discussing the votes that were still in the thousands. They have fun, but just not as many as the other dancers. It's bound to be even more next week.

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