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So You Think You Can Dance, July 25 – Watching Great Dancers Leave

Lindsay Arnold thinks America doesn't know that Cole Haribe takes not just his dancing very seriously, but his acting as well. I think we saw that with the nerdy character last week, and she agrees. What we don't know about her is that she has a foot phobia. She doesn't want contact with feet whatsoever. It's his goal to get a foot massage from her by the end of the season.

Lindsay and Cole are dancing a contemporary routine this week, choreographed by Mandy Moore. The piece is about love and hate, with Cole being hate and negative energy, and Lindsay being a light, positive spirit that he's trying to pull down. Mandy thinks if you try to be as free and pure as you can, you'll win over the doubters in the end. With Wild Horses by Charlotte Martin in the background, they put their energies into this routine. He's very strong and rooted, which comes from his martial arts training. Not surprisingly, they dance this beautifully.

Nigel tells Mandy it was an absolutely beautiful routine. To add to that, the lighting was absolutely fantastic with giant shadows on the back of the stage, making him understand why lighting has an Emmy nomination. While he told LIndsay a few weeks ago her dancing was a little juvenile, “by golly your spirit was in the right place tonight.” When she remembered to point her toes and straighten her legs it was so fantastic for a ballroom dancer. Cole is meticulously neat and tidy, perhaps from his martial arts training, and that could become boring, unless he has got personality and production that he adds to it. And there's no way he's boring, as he's a genius.

Mary tells LIndsay a few weeks ago during the green mile she was supposed to fake her out, saying maybe Witney had a little more magic than her, but she has all the magic in the world. She was mesmerizing tonight and Mary just wanted to throw her off before. She wants to know what Cole cannot do, as he's so versatile and nails it every single week. It's a privilege to watch him.

Christina agrees that Cole is an enigma, the fact that he's a martial artist doing these dance moves and sticking it and nearly levitating. It was beautiful to watch. She didn't know Lindsay could do that so beautifully. At one point she wanted to see her face as her hair was covering it up, but she was speaking so much through her body, she really didn't need to see her face.

Amelia Lowe doesn't think we know that Will Thomas wishes he was in a boy band. Every car ride together he is belting his heart out. He knows everyone wonders how she stays so pale, and it's by applying SPF100 every time she's out in the sun. They're doing jazz with Mandy Moore this week, with the idea of opposites attract. But she's having a better time dancing with Will hersrelf. Will promises they'll all get to dance together. They dance toYou! by The Creatures and are clad in all black and white. This is obvously up her alley, so the focus goes onto him. He does well with it, especially for such a tall guy.

Christina tells Will and Amelia they're the dream team for him. Their chemistry is so spot on, and it's obvious they really like each other. They have embraced each different style each week, so much so that she can't even recognize their own styles. “So good on you both.”

Nigel is going in the oposite direction and didn't feel it at all this week. He felt it was black and white and didn't really connect, and like they didn't connect with each other. He loves the fact that he's trying to caress her while they get a bad critique, as being supportive is what the show is all about. There isn't anyone with a better personality on the show than Will, and he loves where Amelia's head is at, but he just didn't feel it.

Mary is somewhere in the middle, and felt everything they did was very good. It wasn't as strong as other routines they've done so far, but they're still at a really high level for what they do. Will is probably the best partner in the competition with a strong lift and build. Amelia is just pehenomenal to watch and so much fun.

Audrey Case explains that one thing no one nows about Matt Kazmierczak is that he didn't start dancing until he was 16 and before that he was a golfer. For him, there's the Audrey that we know, his dance partner, and the Night Audrey is a completely different character, although he finds it really cute.

Liz Lira is choreographing Audrey and Matthew in a hot salsa. They were doing great, until they got to the tricks, when they were much more challenged. Audrey calls the whole dance a tornado. They dance tonight clad in red to Cinco Salsa by Sverre Indris Joner/HSC/Kork. It's well-danced, but I'm not getting the hot salsa flavor from it. At times I felt I was watching the Dirty Dancing movie. The ending lift is fabulous.

Mary tells Audrey and Matthew they are one of their favorite couples, but she doesn't think this will be one of the biggest highlights on their journey. It was really uncomfortable between the connections and chemistry. It wasn't on fire and is going to take that for the salsa.

Christina concurs and knows they're brilliant and amazing, but she was a bit distracted by the music and felt they looked a little lost, which was how she felt. Yet, she thinks they were both wonderful and did a great job.

Nigel felt much the same that the salsa should be a cocktail mixer of sex and energy and fun, but this felt like a margerita mix on quarter speed. The pot stirrer was up too quickly and too slow. He also agrees that they're one of his favorite couples, and the choreography was great.

Witney Carson has discovered that Wespi-Tschopp puts orange juice in his cereal and also plays the violin really well. He found out Witney speaks a little German, which he does too. They are taking on a Stacy Tookey contemporary piece. It's an impossible love story about two people that have to be together, but circumstances won't let them. He can connect to it with circumstances going on in his own life. She's trying to invest the emotion. They dance to I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston, and Witney wants to make sure she's good on it, as this is who she was named after. I think the two do the late singer proud. Saving them last week was the right thing to do.

After a judges' standing O, Christina says she's out of breath, because she thinks she's going to cry. After uttering Stacey's name several times, she tells Witney and Chehon, they weren't just the muses, but the painters. It was one of the most beautiful things she's seen in her life. Chehon is a stunning dancer, and she didn't see ballroom from Witney but a concert dancer. Everyone's hearts just skipped when they stopped at the end.

Mary tells Stacey she got her. It certainly brings her great sadness and joy to hear Whitney Houston's beautiful voice, and they just brought it to life. Their lift was the most memorable moment on the show to date. Lindsay's arabesque and soft collapse was like levitating downward. They have been talking about Chehon's passion and performance, but this is both of their most defining moment in the competition.

Nigel mentions Stacey was nominated for an Oscar this year, and you can see why. He knows it hit Witney and Chehon hard to be in the bottom three, but he is proud of the format that saved them, otherwise we wouldn't' have seen them in this routine. They were absolutely flawless with the routine.