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So You Think You Can Dance, July 25 – Watching Great Dancers Leave

The eliminations last week just seemed cruel. All the people that landed in the bottom from the previous week's voting had done so well. It was just so hard to watch four of them leave. It has to get even harder tonight, although only two dancers will be leaving at the end of the night. .

The group dance tonight features the dancers dressed like Charlie Chaplin, both guys and girls. They dance to The Here and After by Jun Miyake. It's filmed all in black and white, with the only color being a red umbrella being passed throughout the dancers. I'm not sure who to credit for this one, but I'm going to guess Travis Wahl or Tyce Diorio. It turns out that Tyce was the correct guess.

Joining Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy at the judging table tonight is Christina Applegate, back again for her second turn as judge. There's no chit chat tonight with them. It must be a busy night. They have asked the dancers to tell us something they believe we don't know about their partner.

What Tiffany Maher knows we all know about George Lawrence II is that he runs track, but what she doesn't think we know is that he peed his pants at his first track meet at the sound of the starting pistol. While everyone knows Tiffany is pretty, George doesn't think we know she's smart. She had a 5.2 GPA and is her class Salutatorian.

They're working with Napoleon and a very pregnant Tabitha D'Umo on a hip hop routine that is inspired by Adventures in Babysitting. The dancers are their babysitters in the scenario, and they are going insane when the baby cries. Tiffany thinks the dance is harder than babysitting. They dance to Out of My Mind by B.O.B. feat. Nicki Minaj. Tiffany may be smart and beautiful, but she can also get down. She's much better in this than you'd expect her to be.

Nigel thought it was a great NappyTab routine. Their routines are always fun with a bit of a story to them to keep us interested, even the people not interested in dance. He would like to see them getting a little grungier with the hip hop, but it was perfect to open the show. George looked to be a little tired at the end, surprising for a track star. He, too, tells Tiffany she “got down.”

Mary is out of her mind over this couple. They were fabulous and she thought it was so cute with the Dr. Seuss set. She thinks Tabitha and Napoleon played it just right. For the two of them it was right, as well as with Tiffany and George. George is growing up every week and hasn't disappointed her at all. She thought he was really rocking it out, and Tiffany was really getting down. At first it was so soft and sweet, then the music started, and she came out like Princess Dynamo. Mary thinks they're fabulous partners together.

Christina did not expect that dance from either of them. Tiffany is so tough and scary, but she had such a great balance of her goofy sweetness, and that “I never look good in a dress doing this.” On the parts that were slow, she'd like to see it soupier. Other than that, “X marks the spot.” I'm not quite sure what that means.

Brandon Mitchell tells us what we don't know about Amber Jackson is that she's a hair stylist, which makes sense with the different hairstyles she's sporting every time we see her. What we don't know about Brandon is that he's in the main crew of Step Up: Revolution. Does he even need this show if he's already working with Adam Shankman?

The two of them are taking on a Ray Leeper jazz routine. Ray explains it's about a couple who lives in the south who work very, very hard. Brandon explains he comes home, sees this woman who he's happy to see, and it goes from there. She calls it sexy. Since they're a couple put together after the eliminations last week, Ray knows it will be important for them to work on their chemistry. They dance tonight to Dr. Feelgood (Love is Serious Business) by Aretha Franklin. Sexy it is. They definitely have chemistry.

Christina says she's not religious, and while they bleep out what she says, I think she thanks Jesus Christ for that. She asks how excited they were to dance to that song, and also felt it was so private that we houldn't have been there watching them. From the first minute watching Amber sigh, she knew we were going to go on a journey with her. It is the best she has ever seen her dance. What differentiates her from the others is she has some gut and passion that is so sexy and beautiful. She completely forgot Brandon was a stepper because he was so strong and there for her and sexy as well.

Mary, fanning herself, doesn't know what kind of cereal Brandon and Amber had that morning, but there was definitely some soul in that bowl. They've been after Amber to show performance, and tonight it's a sultry snd soulful performance. Brandon is a stepper, sure, but he did fabulous. He had an unforced masculinity and just keeps stepping it up.

Nigel agrees with Cat Deeley that it was reminiscent of the Breakfast Table routine with Sasha and Twitch. Nigel calls it babymaking choreography and wonders if he choreographed Napoleon and Tabitha. He agrees with Mary that they've been trying to get Amber to show what she was feeling, and it was the first time she let it out. Brandon is so strong, and was throwing her around, yet at the same time he was so careful when he put her down on the chair. Yet, he needs to lower his shoulders.

Janelle explains what we don't know about Dareian is that he's a daredevil on and off the stage. He skateboards and is crazy. He thinks it's strange, but cute at the same time that she likes to write rap. It's just kind of weird.

Janelle Isis and Dareian Kujawa worked with Pasha Kovalev on a cha cha. She calls it sexy, fun, and so incredibly hard. Pasha wants Dareian to be really cool and incredibly strong and not fall into Janelle's charm. He thinks at the end of the day, they'll be perfect for this cha cha, despite Dareian saying his hips don't move like that. They dance tonight to Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen. I never thought of cha cha when I've listened to this song. She definitely has the hips for this, and while he doesn't, he's a strong dancer in all other ways.

Mary tells Janelle and Dareian they had a phenomenal couple of tricks in the dance, but the dancing was going in and out and they had no real chemistry. The transitions were so rough, mainly because they're not connected to their center with their arms. The feet were lacking as well. They're the most adorable couple, though, and are sure to have lots of fans.

Christina recognizes it's not Janelle and Dareian's genre, but that they gave their best. Janelle sparkles and is a beautiful girl with such poise. Dareian is a great dancer, but his strange hand things he had going on were distracting to her.

Nigel thinks Christina picked up on that really well. The arm that isn't doing any work is being forgotten about and is just being left there. Dareian needs to watch his feet, because he turns his toes in and picks his feet up which isn't right for this style. Janelle is so sexy when she belly dances, but he didn't find that in this routine, whether it was because she was nervous or another routine. When you see Pasha and Anya do these routines, there's a connectivity that's sensational, and he didn't feel it from Janelle and Dareian.