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School Spirits July 25 – Blood and Smoke

On tonight’s episode of School Spirits,sometimes insomnia is not such a bad thing. People tend to fall asleep when the “spirit world” is most active. Rebecca Kirschbaum (Class of 2011) describes Eastern Kentucky University as “old and very pretty,” as most creepy haunted places are. She was happy because for the first time she did not “\have a curfew and did not have to answer to anybody.” Her mother Kimberly said “she had a fresh start.”

Rebecca’s sister Tabitha said Rebecca was very popular and hung out with the “cool crowd.” She was a popular college student with a normal life until one day everything changed. Rebecca saw a figure with no eyes. Rebecca was zoned out. and her friends tried to get her attention. She walked away, headed outside, and saw the figure of a boy crawling on the ground. She tried to convince herself that she was seeing things or tharher imagination was in overdrive.

Rebecca called her mother, finally someone who calls for help right away! She had thought she was going crazy and told her mom. Her father and mother picked up Rebecca up from college, and her mom decided to take her to counseling. Rebecca’s mom felt helpless. Rebecca would not leave college because it “wasn’t an option” and she was part of the honors program. She went back to college, took classes, and began to draw while her professor advised to “beware the Ides of March.”

Maybe she should have picked up holy water on the way back. Rebecca turned to drawing and art. Stephanie Bingham (Class of 2011) was in the Honors Rhetoric class with Rebecca where she spotted her drawing ” intensely.” Stephanie asked Rebecca what she was drawing and her “eyes were as wide as saucers” as she answered, saying she wasn’t drawing anything.
Rebecca felt that drawing was therapeutic for her and felt Stephanie had nothing to offer her. 

Rebecca had known that Stephanie was into “ghosts and the occult” and felt she was weird. Stephanie had been experiencing “ghosts and things of that nature” her entire life. In the beginning she considered them to be dangerous.

Stephanie got over her fear quickly and figured the ghosts had not hurt her yet, so she was okay. Stephanie frequently saw a Victorian ghost and believed “EKU” had a lot of paranormal activity. She also believed Rebecca was a “typical wannabe sorority type of girl.” She noticed the Victorian ghost one day while sitting outside on campus and noticed Rebecca stopped and looked in the same direction she was looking.

Stephanie knew then that Rebecca needed her help. Rebecca was raised in a Christian family and anything paranormal or psychic-related was considered evil or demonic. Rebecca tried to “pray it away,” but it didn’t work. One night in Rebecca’s room, she had heard something in the corner by her closet. She was afraid to look because she knew something was there.

Rebecca saw a “shadow figure” that was an outline of a person. It was “wavy or curly” and “everything about it was scary.” Rebecca lay really still and prayed for it to go away. I would say she should have gottem up and ran like hell, but what do I know?!

Rebecca laid still in bed, then leapt out of bed and ran out of her room. Rebecca felt it “was like living in a horror movie.” The next day her roommate came to her and said she saw a man in the room wearing black. She was frightened and scared. Rebecca had thought this was all something she made up, but her roommate insisted she saw it because it was over Rebecca’s bed.

Her roommate was so scared she began sleeping in the lobby, leaving Rebecca completely alone with whatever was in her room. She put a chair in front of the door, but it burst through, moving the chair. Rebecca rolled out of bed in her pajamas and went to search for Stephanie and found her in the library. Stephanieasked Rebecca what she thought of her, and Rebecca replied she thought she was crazy or schizophrenic.

That is really not a nice way to deal with the person who is going to help you. Stephanie decided to go see Rebecca’s ghost, and they headed back to her dorm room. Stephanie went in first and examined the room. She stared into the corner of the room where there was a slender black shadow figure, but  was not scared.

Stephanie turned to Rebecca who was standing petrified in the doorway and said “Let’s go.” They left the room and Stephanie told her that if it is bothering her that much she should just leave. Stephanie told Rebecca that it was not harmful to her and she could try and get rid of it, but in Rebecca’s mind the ghosts were all evil.

Rebecca was now seeing things all the time. She was not sure what to do. For someone who believes spirits, ghosts and paranormal in general are all evil, it can be difficult for them to handle any type of paranormal. Stephanie was not affraid of the ghosts, but Rebecca was petrified, so it was different for both of them. Rebecca was not sleeping and was scared to death. The shadow figure had appeared in her nightmares and tried to strangle her.

Rebecca finally was able to change her room. She left her dorm room and moved into a room in the honors dorm. She was still scared, but hoped whatever was in her previous room did not leave her. She discovered her new roommate was Stephanie. These two seem to like to talk about each other more than the spirits, but it is part of their story. Rebecca admitted “there were a few things about Stephanie that drove me crazy.”

Stephanie had thought everything was fine other than the fact that they were complete opposites. It took Rebecca a while to come to terms with the fact that she wasn’t crazy and neither was Stephanie. Rebecca decided to go outside and catch a smoke and heard someone call her name. She heard “Becca” over and over and took off running. She ran to the dorm and shut the door. The figure reached for her, and she took off running again.

Rebecca should have joined the track team! There’s a thought! She saw it again in the hallway and headed back to her room. Stephanie believed Rebecca was facing an “internal crisis” and what Rebecca was dealing with was scary and violent. They were complete opposites, and the spirits had different effects on them. Stephanie had looked through Rebecca’s tablets and saw the drawings of the ghosts that they both saw.

Rebecca walked in and saw Stephanie looking through her drawings. She explained to Rebecca that she could help her. Stephanie decided to take Rebecca to see a ghost that she had seen several times before. Stephanie believed her and told her she was not crazy. Rebecca saw the woman sitting under the tree. Rebecca described her to Stephanie and they saw the same things.

Nick Wade (Class of 2011) met Rebecca and Stephanie. The girls had formed a bond, and Rebecca wanted to make friends again, but the terror was not over yet. Stephanie headed downstairs one night to do laundry, and as she carried her wash, she felt something push her down the stairs. She saw a little girl with sharp teeth who smiled at her to who off the teeth.

Stephanie explained “she looked like a demon and her eyes were glittering with glee.” Stephanie was petrified and did not want to be alone, so she headed back to the room to tell Rebecca what she saw. Stephanie was scared and believed she saw a demon. Rebecca decided they needed to get off campus, so she took Stephanie home to her parents’ house. She advised Stephanie to be nice.

Stephanie is not normally the type of person Rebecca hangs out with, so her parents thought she was not nice. They all ate dinner, then went to bed when Rebecca’s dad heard noises. It sounded like a little toddler running across the house. He heard laughter from a little girl. Rebecca’s mother was skeptical and questioned him. They checked to see if Rebecca and Stephanie were asleep, and they were of course.

Rebecca’s mother looked down the stairs and went flying down the steps. Rebecca and Stephanie woke up, and Rebecca’s mom told them she felt like she was “pushed” down the steps. Stephanie mentioned she was pushed down the stairs back on campus. and they begin comparing stories. Rebecca believed she was the common factor.

Rebecca thought she was attracting violent, emotional and demonic ghosts. She didn’t want anyone she loved or cared about to get hurt, so she and Stephanie headed back to campus where everything appeared more sinister than normal. Rebecca headed outside one night to the smoke box so she could collect her thoughts, and a woman appeared behind her and behind the glass of the smoke box calling her name.

The stories are based on actual events so imagine this happening. It is kind of crazy, but if you believe in the paranormal it is fascinating. Rebecca heard the voice before. There was a bloody woman wearing strange clothes and no shoes. The woman appeared to want to tell Rebecca something, but she just wanted the woman to go away. She headed back into the dorm room and told Stephanie what she saw.

Rebecca flet that something was not resolved as she tried to go to sleep. She talks to Nick for a while who notices her distance. Nick decides to head outside one night to the smoke box and saw the woman walking towards him. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing and started to feel a wave of emotion including terror and angst. The woman stopped in front of him and said, “There’s been a murder,” then moved on.

Nick had never experienced an encounter with the supernatural before. He headed to Rebecca and Stephanie’s room and began to describe the woman to the two of them. Rebecca was afraid that someone would get hurt because of her. Nick had known from their response that something else was going on.

There was some sense of urgency. The next night Stephanie and Rebecca were walking home from a restaurant through a wooded area. Good idea, right! The two were in the woods and Rebecca began to sense something. It came out from behind a tree and they take off running like the wind. They should have stuck to lit roads or carried flashlights.

Stephanie and Rebecca turned and saw a man with a bandana over his face, and he followed them to campus where they ran inside. Rebecca called the police, and they believed that the woman was there to warn them. Rebecca and Stephanie had found out that a woman had been murdered.

Reporter Jacqueline Sprague said “in the winter of 2011, a woman was brutally murdered right near the campus of Eastern Kentucky.” Jacqueline has only covered one murder. and it was the woman who was stabbed to death. She meant them no harm and may have just saved their life.

Stephanie and Rebecca became best friends. Rebecca knows now that not all ghosts are bad. After the man nearly got the two of them in the woods, she believes the spirit of the murdered woman saved them.

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