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Big Brother 14, July 26 – The Game Is “Shaping Up”

Unless the other coaches get their act toether, Boogie will steamroll over them. If Kermit the Frog and Ryan Seacrest had a baby, Will believes it would be dan. He's always coaching no matter what he does. Will also believes Dan picked a lot of hot ass to be on his team with his eyes getting fixed to the gravitational force of boobies. Britney just needs to put her coach hat on. if her players are getting evicted for fighting. Of course this brings us to Janelle. He says Janelle was a phenomenal competitor, and if she wins, she redeems her two previous losses, but if she loses, she's a three-time loser. If he had to guess, he would think Ian would win. He thinks Boogie is just a 40-year-old geek like Ian. Will does a fake phone call and says season 2 called and wants its clothes back.

Julie talks to Frank wearing his Homegirl shirt in the HoH. She asks if he's her home skillet. She notes he and Boogie have gotten close and asks about the importance of Boogie's advice. Frank respects him as a player and for the entertainment he brings to the game. He spoke to Shane about working together, and while both a possibility, he's also playing him. You never know who will win HoH, and Frank wants to stay in the game as long as possible. He united with Janelle and her players, and he hopes that will last.

Before the vote, the nominees get to plead their case. JoJo goes first and says she came into the house thinking she'd play dirty and lie, manipulate, backstab, and be fake. But she realized that's not who she is. She thinks she's proven she is loyal, yet she landed here, so she thinks they might be making a mistake. She believes people are afraid to stand up for what they beleive in. She hopes they vote for what they believe in.

Danielle nearly falls over in her heels, then says she's had an amazing time so far and has gottten to know everyone personally. She's enjoyed playing the game and hopes they all know who she is and that she'd be an asset in the game.

It's time for the vote. Wil is up first and votes to evict Little Miss Hypocrite JoJo. Joe sadly evicts JoJo Dancer. Ashley sadly votes to evict her homegirl JoJo. Shane votes to evict Danielle. Ian votes to evict JoJo, and Jenn does as well.

Julie reveals the vote, and by a count of 5-1, JoJo is evicted. She hugs Danielle and the others on her way out the door, and gives the biggest hug to Shane. She walks out to cheers and high-fives. The others gather to watch her picture go black and white.

Julie points out to JoJo that the last person she said goodbye to was Shane. JoJo relates that he told her I love you and that he was sorry. She told him good luck and said she believes in him. She believes she deserves to be in the house more than Danielle, and she thinks this because she proved herself. She's 5-foot-nothing and beat out some of the guys in the competitions, and fought her heart out every sngle time. She stayed loyal to Willie, and says she told him the things he did weren't cool, but you need to learn from your mistakes. She's loyal as much as she can be. As a coch, Britney has a lot of heart, although she's the underoodg. JoJo wants to see her come out on top.

In JoJo's goodbye messages, Jenn tells her it aboslutely sucks, but maybe the house can only handle one new Yorker. Shane tells her she's his Staten Island girl and he enjoyed their conversations about making out. She left him with some goood dreams. Danielle is sorry and didn't like being on the block against her, but she's glad it's JoJo gone and not her. Britney tells her she needed to sit back more than she did. JoJo ansswers she has to be herself.

The houseguests competiting for HoH are in a hockey rink. One at a time they will step up and take a shot, attempting to get their ball into the slot with the highest number. Any ball that doesn't make it in a slot will result in a zero. The highest score becomes HoH.

Ashley is first and gets a 4. Joe is up next, in his chef's shirt, and he gets a 3. Jenn is up and misses completely. Ian jumps up for his turn and gets a 9, taking the lead. Wil gets a 2. Shane is up and gets s 20! Danielle tries to beat him, but misses. Shane wins HoH to the chagrin of Boogie's team. I'm guessing Janelle will try to jump back over to their side again.

Shane calls it insane to be HoH ater thinking he was going home this week. It's just like Frank last week. Britney lost another player, but her remaining player won HoH. It's the flip of the house. “BB14 is shaping up.”

Julie announces an America's Vote. It's what everyone guessed and feared and anticipated was coming. Right now the coaches are competitng for $100,000, but we get to vote whether we want them to join the game or not.

That would change the whole game, but it might be a necessity with Dan and Britney's teams with only one left apiece. It would definitely make things more interesting.

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