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Big Brother 14, July 26 – The Game Is “Shaping Up”

Right now Chill Town 2 is sitting pretty up in the HoH. But if they don't win HoH this time, they could be targeted in a big way. It's likely to be a physical competition this week, and if that's the case, it paints favorably for Shane or Wil to win. Chill Town 2 might want to hold down their laughing from the DR.

After Frank nominates Danielle to replace Shane on the block, she remarks that Dan's abandoning her. She doesn't think she'll even get Shane's vote. Things haven't been going well for her, but even with everyone's backs turned towards her, she thinks she'll still stay. Frank notes he and Boogie are working with Janelle's team, so Danielle was the only choice. The group is too tight to start making waves this early. JoJo thinks it's a good thing she's up against Danielle, because if she goes, Dan goes too. She wants to make sure the house knows that, along with all the other reasons she should stay over Danielle.

Dan finds Danielle and tells her he abandoned her for a reason. She hopes it's a very good reason. He explains in the DR that he told her she'd be alone to motivate her and and light a fire under her to get her going. His intention wasn't to make her upset, and he realizes now he might have gone too far. It's his job as coach to reel her back in and get her to focus. He tries to explain that to her and apologizes, then promises to help her get out of this mess. She tells the DR his plan hurt her feelings, but she knows he had good intentions.

In the Have Not room, Shane tells JoJo to remember there's always a way back into the game and he vows to keep her in it. Ian enters and they abandon their discussion. He turns the light off and Shane announces that it's roasting in there and that he's down to his thong. JoJo says she's about to take her pants off as well. Shane tells her to come over there with him, but she doesn't want him to tempt her like that. Ian is “skeeved out by it.”

JoJo asks to make out, and Shane tells her he doesn't kiss smokers, but she promises that she brushed her teeth. Ian jokes that he's stuck in the room while Shane is trying to board the Staten Island Ferry. Shane and JoJo start talking about kissing abilities, and Ian adds that he's been told he's heavy on the tongue. Umm, TMI.

Danielle tells Ian the next day that she heard all of them talking the night before, and he tells her JoJo and Shane were joking about climbing on top of each other. Danielle looks shocked, because of all the flirting Shane has been doing with her. She gets upset and says “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”

Danielle enters a room with Janelle and Ashley and asks if they want to lay out. They're thinking about it, but Janelle says she's a lazy bitch. Danielle suggest they go back to when Janelle was single. And if that's the case, Janelle says the guys have to be tall. Ashley says Shane is too little, and she's afraid she'd crush him in bed. She thinks he's becoming “emancipated,” explaining it's when you're so skinny you start to get introverted and your insides get stuck in your shoulders. Sigh. They all agree if they weighed what Britney does they wouldn't care about small guys. Janelle says her breast implants alone weigh about 8-1/2 pounds.

Danielle tells the other two girls what Ian had told her about Shane and JoJo. Danielle admits it hurts that she lost to Staten Island. Janelle knows how dangerous a showmance can be, because she's been in them before. They'll take each other to the end and vote together. This is making her want to get JoJo out. Pretty smart Danielle, she gets revenge against this girl moving in on her guy in more than a couple ways.

JoJo enters the HoH room and finds Britney. She tells JoJo she's not sure if she's staying. She definitely doesn't want to lose two players in one week, though, after Wille's removal from the game. Britney tells her to stay quiet and not to tallk crap about anyone. It has to be all pink roses and rainbows coming out of her mouth. It's also bad news for JoJo that Danielle and Janelle are now buddy-buddy. Britney goes down to the DR and does her impression of JoJo, “Yeah. No. I know. I know. No. No. Yeah. Yeah. I know,” then utters the obvious, “Obviously you don't freaking know.”

Britney talks to Boogie while eating beef jerky, and tells him not to send JoJo home after Danielle. She wants him to know Danielle is smarter than he thinks she is. Boogie just smiles. She can't have JoJo running around in circles and laughing and saying I know to everyone. She wants to force her to let her do all the talking. He knows the only reason to keep Danielle is if the coaches do come into the game.

Boogie knows it sounds weird to want to keep Dan, but he thinks everyone else's automatic instinct will be to target the coaches. She asks if he could convince Ian to work with him, and he's pretty sure he could. He believes she just rested her case. She points out he has the numbers in the house, and he's fully aware he has all the power. They don't have anything against Dan, but they wouldn't mind seeing him pack a bag and leave on Thursday.

After another look at the moments right before Willie left the house, Julie Chen talks to the houseguests live. She asks Joe what was going through his mind when things with Willie were escalating. He wanted to protect himself, and to also tell Willie if he can't handle the heat to stay out of the kitchen Julie figures he means the bathroom. Ian was in the bathroom in his towel and tells Julie he was extremely worried for his safely, but from working as an R.A. at Tulane, he wanted to step in and break it up.

The houseguests get treated to the video of the BB Cantina competition for the first time. Britney explains she thought it was incredible and she was so happy and proud of Shane winning. It was well worth her jumping into a giant bowl of guacamole.

Britney mentions to Boogie that some people thought Wil would be back, and Boogie adds an “I wish,” because he's fun, smart, and saracastic. Dr. Will speaks from his Dr. Tattoof office. As soon as he and Boogie met, he knew they'd be good friends. Some alliances stab you in the back, but Chill Town stabs you in the front. This is Boogie's first time in the house without him, and he thinks he's doing a good job with his team. He's coaching Frank to be his new Frankenstein. He thinks he's trying to build a bigger Chill Town member. Boogie's ego got to him though in the Coaches Comp.