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Big Brother 14, July 25 – “It’s Happy Hour, Baby!”

Joe starts the comp wearing a sombrero. Those not playing walk outside and find a fiesta, as Jenn says Aribe! Margaritas, guacamole, etc. Boogie says nothing is better than an ice cold margarita when you're watching people fight for their lives in the Big Brother game. The players come out dressed as chips. Ashley is excited because “this chip is going to be dipping in some good stuff.

It's the BB Cantina. Joe explains hidden in the bowls of salsa, cheese, guacamole, and beans are menu items. They need to build a menu that exactly matches the one on the other side of the yard. When they think they have it in the right order, they need to close their menu and ring the bell. The person to get the most right in the quickest time wins PoV. Shane and JoJo both know they need to win, and Frank wants to win to keep the nominations the same.

Ian says this is a memory game, but difficult because you can't see the master menu from your menu and have to search for the items in the giant bowls of dip. JoJo would rather go swimming on a beach on Staten Island; that's how nasty it is. Shane has a bad short term memory, so he goes to the dips first, gets a menu item, then goes to the main menu to see where they go. Ian has a great advantage because he practically has a photographic memory. Ashley's really great strategy is to go to the board then remember the first three or four letters of each word. She thought fajitas was spelled weird though. Sigh.

Wil thinks it's like they had ten shots of tequila the way they're slipping and sliding after swimming in the dips. Frank doesn't want to fall, as “big tree fall hard.” JoJo is halfway done and knows she has two of one item so has to fix it. Ian has just one left. Shane knows there's no way he can let Ian check in before him. So he just grabs a piece and throws it on his board and rings the bell. Boogie tells Ian to verify before he rings the bell, but Ian knows he's right. JoJo finishes, followed by Frank, Wil, and … Ashley is just putzing around, but doesn't want to give up, as maybe all the others could be wrong. Joe doesn't believe she would move fast if there were a fire under her tail, as she's slower than pond water.

Ashley reveals her answers first and has 13 out of 16 correct and is currently in the lead. Janelle has high hopes for her. Will has all of them right and is now in the lead. Frank has them all right and takes over the lead. JoJo also gets them right and now takes over the lead. Ian has them all right and now has the lead, leaving it up to Shane who blindly threw a piece on his board. He gets them all right and takes the win for the PoV. He celebrates by diving into the guacamole. .Britney joins him.

Britney is happy Shane won't have to pay the ultimate price for Willie's mistakes. Frank is in a tight spot now, as Shane could be going after him next week. He thinks they need to use Boogie's idea. Danielle knows this is her worst case scenario. Inside, she's crying. JoJo, Shane, and Britney celebrate in the bathroom. He has the power this week and now needs to utilize it the best he can. He needs to make deals and alliances the best he can. He heads to the HoH to talk it over with Frank and Boogie. He's hoping he's proved to them that he's a competitor. He doesn't want to go home saying his coach failed at the game for him, he wants to say it was him. If he stays in the game, he's a big target.

Boogie is treating him like that wounded animal you pick up in the woods who has his leg caught in a bear trap. You pick up the animal and nurse it back to health, and then have a very loyal pet. Shane show undeniable loyalty to Willie, so imagine what he could do for Boogie. He doesn't want him to tell Britney if they start working together, or Dani, or JoJo. Frank and Bogie believe they can trust him to keep his mouth shut.

Shane goes back into the bathroom where Britney and JoJo still are. She asks what went on, and he says they asked him to go up and talk to them, and that they were just saying congratulations, then ran scenarios. She asks if he was offered any deals, and he says no. He tells the DR he just has to keep it under the radar

Dan goes in to talk to Danielle and tells her if he tries to help her it's going to seal her fate. He doesn't want to be the reason she gets booted from the house. She's a little shocked, and tells him he can't do this. He helped Kara the entire way, and she points out what happened to her. She says he can't do that, but he is. He knows it may look like he's being very harsh on her, but it's a coaching technique trying to get her to start playing the game. He starts making football metaphors.

Shane walks in and apologizes, and Dan leaves. When you manipulate people's emotions and motivations, you have to be careful, as it's an only result. Danielle asks Shane who he'd vote for, and he's noncommittal at best. Danielle goes into the Arcade room and has a good cry by herself, because she trusted Shane with everything, and now both he and Dan have abandoned her. She feels rejected and unwanted, and it really, really hurts.

Shane tells JoJo Danielle is freaking out. He wants to suggest to Frank putting up another player other than Danielle. He plans to talk to him before the veto meeting. He's going to suggest backdooring Wil. JoJo is “so down for that.” He suggests working a deal that if either of them or Danielle wins HoH, Frank is safe, and they'll be going after the rest of Janelle's team. I think he's overestimating his position. Shane hits up Frank the next morning, and they do some small talk about sleeping habits in the house. Shane tells him that he has an idea that will be a complete gamechanger. He tells him it's obvious that he and Janelle are working together and that Danielle is the obvious one to put up. He points out the most obvious physical threat in the house other than himself is Wil. He suggests the backdoor and that they'd have the votes to get him out. While it's a risk, he guarantees the girls would have his back if he saved them. He hopes Frank realizes how much this could change the game.

While we don't know who the Have Nots will be next week, we get to choose what they'll be eating. 1) Cereal and Salmon 2) Garbanzo Beans an Giblets or 3) Lima Beans and Lemons

Shane is hoping Frank will take advantage of the deal and nominate Wil. Frank knows all this means that Shane is using the power of veto on himself, but he's not sure if putting Wil up will be the best for himself. Danielle feels sick to her stomach, doesn't want to look at anybody, feels all alone, and has a gut feeling she's replacing Shane on the block. That word you're looking for would be “Duh.”

Shane calls everyone in for the veto meeting. He's using the veto on himself, obviously. Frank stands to make another renomination, and says it's not fun, but unfortunately he has decided to nominate Danielle. It's all pretty much silent here.

Eventually Frank knows he'll have to go against Janelle's players, but for him going against Wil is a little too early. Danielle knew she was going on the block and feels so mad, frustrated and alone. She feels abandoned. She has to fight to stay here this early in the game and it sucks. JoJo is a fighter and is not going down without a fight. She knows she deserves it more than Danielle and definitely wants it more. Coach Dan has a Hail Mary he's been saving for a time like this, and it might mean throwing Britney and JoJo under the bus. Britney is already down one player this week and she isn't gong to lose another one. Danielle is a sweet girl, she likes her, “blah blah blah, but she's gotta go.”

This one is a tough one to call. While Boogie and Janelle could knock Dan out of the game, they could also knock Britney down to just one player. In the end, I think it's better to leave Britney down to just one player and one hope for next week's HoH. But it's a really tough call.

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