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Big Brother 14, July 25 – “It’s Happy Hour, Baby!”

Well Sunday's Big Brother was sure a surprise, wasn't it? We knew Willie was probably on the volatile side, but it seemed like that was planned, like he got thrown out on purpose, either because he thought it would save face for him, or because he wanted to save his team. It was hard to tell which was the real reason, and we'll probably never know.

After it was announced that Willie was removed from the game, Ian does the classy thing and makes sure Britney is okay and gives her a hug. When it all went down, he'd been standing there in just a towel while two large men got in each other's faces. He wanted to break it up, but he was extremely scared. As she nervously chews on her own face, Britney knows that by the end of the week, she's down to two players by no fault of hers or the other players. Their backs are against the wall, and everyone else hates them because of Willie.

As soon as Shane heard Willie left the house, he was frustrated and petrified, because he was loyal to him and did what he wanted. and now he's the biggest target there. Dan explains Willie was the biggest target, and now that he's gone, Frank needs to target the people who voted against him last week, JoJo, Shane, and Danielle. Dan hopes he doesn't pick Danielle, because if she's evicted, he goes home too.

While those people are worried about their fate in the game, Boogie, Janelle, and Frank go celebrate up in the HoH. Boogie thinks of this week as a two-for-one deal for his team. “It's happy hour, Baby!” Jenn joins the group. Boogie mentions a backdoor idea of his to nominate Danielle and one of his and Janelle's people. When one of their people win PoV, they can put up Shane.

Even though Janelle is working with Boogie right now, she still doesn't fully trust him and doesn't want any of her players up, not even as a plan. Jenn isn't interested in this plan, because in Big Brother, the pawns always go home, and she isn't interested in going home. Janelle tells Boogie she'd rather see JoJo and Shane up, as one of them will go home for sure, and Frank would rather make sure Shane goes home.

JoJo tells the DR that she knows she and Shane are the obvious targets because they were with Willie and voted to evict Frank. Shane tells her that at least with Willie in the game, he knew he had votes, but now he screwed him. JoJo wants Frank to give her a chance to talk to him. She goes in and apologizes for interrupting the HoH meeting and steals him away.

JoJo swears on her grandmother's life that she was going to have Frank's back, and she's loyal to the people she aligns herself with. He reminds her that he told her the night after the blowup to vote for him, and he'd know he could trust her. But she still stuck with Willie. She points out Danielle did too, but he counters, telling her that was so that she could keep someone on her own team, but no one else on JoJo's team was on the block. She blames it on Willie putting it in her head that Frank couldn't be trusted. Frank knows the only reason she's trusting him now is because he's HoH. He gave her a chance, but she stuck with a cancer in the house. She was just being loyal though, the same as all the other players and coaches. He tells her a lot of it is Willie's fault, but some of it is her fault too.

In the end, Frank decides to make the nominations that will help him. Ashley is already safe because Janelle kept her safe after the coach's comp. The keys pulled as being safe are, in order, Jenn, Ian, Joe, Wil, and Danielle. JoJo and Shane are nominated because they were aligned with Willie, but he is giving them a chance to win the Power of Veto this week.

Frank tells the DR they didn't heed his advice last week, and now Shane is his number one target. Shane explains as soon as Willie left the house, he knew he was going up on the block, and that really sucks. All he was trying to do was be loyal. Danielle feels great to not be nominated, but believes she'll be the replacement nominee if JoJo or Shane comes off. JoJo knows Frank did what he said he was going to do, and now she just needs to win the PoV to take herself off the block.

Shane and Britney group in the Have Not Room, and he asks for her advice. She tells him it's going to be a long week, and he just needs to try and reintegrate himself as their whole team is on the outs. They're all having to go down because of Willie. They made the decisions they did out of sincerity and followed Willie to be loyal. As a coach, she feels bad and doesn't know what to do with them. She feels like she is taking on all the guilt. She didn't plan on having to deal with this. JoJo joins them and complains that a lot of the others didn't give her a hug after the nominations, and she says they're lucky she has self-control. If she goes out, it won't be like Willie; she'll go out with class. Shane just plans to fight for PoV.

Boogie tells Frank that what happened is amazing. Danielle got a free ride this week. She didn't get Have Not and didn't get nominated. Boogie explains in the DR that JoJo and Shane were the obvious choices as Willie's alliance. If one of them wins PoV, they have to take one off and probably put up Danielle. No matter what, one of them is staying, so planning ahead is never a bad thing. He tells Frank to nurture his relationships with Shane and JoJo, as the one who stays will be alone. They want to get that person to go after Janelle's or Dan's players.

Frank gathers everyone together to pick players for the power of veto competition. Danielle is hoping to play, knowing if Shane or JoJo win, she's going up. Frank goes first and picks Ian. Shane doesn't really care who is picked, knowing he just has to win it for himself, otherwise he's going home. He picks Ashley. Dan really wants Danielle to play to at least defend herself, but JoJo picks Wil. As host, Frank chooses Joe. Danielle is frustrated to see her fate determined by everyone else that is getting to play.

Ashley talks about wanting to get “wifed up.” She wants to be Suzy Homemaker, and have her babies, and have her little hubby. Her ideal man is roughly five years older than her and has his own business, but looks aren't huge for her. She's dated her share of frogs, but she knows she wants a guy who loves gong out to eat, loves snacks, love gong to the movies, a super family guy who loves playing games like Monopoly all night, etc. She goes on and on with this. Dan cracks “I think what you're describing is very realistic.”