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Real Housewives of New Jersey – Ep. 13: “Sit Down and Man Up”

Wine tasting, photo-op, and rearrangements for Napa Valley.

Melissa’s Soul Diggaz producer comes to the Gorgas with a proposition of taking the music to another level. she

could potentially become an independent artist and move on to record labels and a contract.

Lauren takes Aunt Jacqueline along to her meeting for opening up a make-up store; her dream.

It’ll be like a Sephora with in-store services.

Teresa wants to have her own wine; a Bellini—correction—Fabellini. She and Joe go to the winery to create different tastes and blends.

Joe is right at home, even though he doesn’t drink throughout the week until Thursday. Or so he claims.


Time for another Real Housewife Photo-Op! In preparation to get her image out there, Melissa has professional photographs taken.

The diva has arrived. Though the divas I know usually have the talent to back it.

While Teresa does her large book signings—they’re such a red-carpet affair now that her fan base has grown—Joe takes back glasses of wine.

Kathy and Rich come to buy a book and show support.

Kathy mentions her dessert line and Teresa politely shuts down the idea of a desserts cookbook now that she’s an established NYT best-selling author.

I’m sure drama had nothing to do with that.

Kathy later holds a public desserts tasting party outside of the gelato shop in her old neighborhood.

Teresa shows up with a crony and has another awkward encounter with Jacqueline.


As Jacqueline tends to the laundry, Joe Gorga, Rich Wakile, and Chris have lunch guys’ style.

I love how all the guys can get together and have a glass of wine with some homemade grub and just casually talk things out; discuss all the drama going on between their wives.

When evening falls, Joe Guidice arrives. Bring out the wine for Joe.

As it turns out, this is a meeting with all the guys to clear up—or clarify rather—the issues with everyone because the Napa trip is quickly approaching.

The RV arrangements will have to change.

Instead of Joe and Teresa riding with Chris and Jacqueline, The Guidices will have to be paired with the Gorgas.


On the next episode: The Napa Valley road trip. Kathy and Teresa have a disagreement about the cookbook recipes. Melissa tries to talk to Teresa about her personality.


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