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Big Brother 14, July 22 – “Please Find Peace, Brother.”

Boogie meets up with Ian and tells him all eyes are on him. The way he acts right now is huge and will prepare him for the future. He wants him to be the fun, chill Ian. Fun chill wants to have a slop date with Ashley, something fun. Boogie doesn't think he has a real shot at her at all. But when he started giving it more thought, he realized it could make him feel more relaxed. Dan acts as the resident freshman, and tells Ashley someone outside wants to talk to her. Outside, Fun Chill asks her on a slop date. She accepts. It's out of left field, but she has a soft spot for the cute little nerdy guy, so she gives him a shot.

Fun Chill arrives for their date clad in bowtie. He picks her up in the bathroom. He says she's definitely the hottest girl he's ever tried to date. They have a date in the green room, and she tells him he looks great. He then produces a flower for her out of his pocket. She's nervous, so her eye is watering. In the small talk, he explains his favorite subject at school is Inorganic Chemistry. He attempts to explain it to her, and that's where they disconnect … intellectually. He hopes a showmance with her can go the distance … in the game.

Britney has a team meeting sans Willie. Shane thinks they need to separate from Willie. JoJo remarks that all of them are targets because of him. Shane likes him as a person but knows he definitely is a hothead. It's tough, but he now has to work alone. Britney tells them she's just working to keep the two of them in the game. Shane doesn't want Willie dictating his decisions.

Frank, dressed like a hip hop white guy, announces the start of the coach's competition. Going outside for the start of the comp and looking around, Ian note the '90s hip hop references are a little lost on him, because he was about 5 at the time. Sigh.

Our players are Diggity Dawg Dan, Jumping Jamming Janelle, Beat Boy Boogie, and Beat Master Britney. She doesn't understand the 90s hip hop references either, saying with the Aladdin pants, she's not sure if she's supposed to be a genie or a waiter. They have to transfer their cash via a balance beam, one brick at a time, from one pedestal to another. If the cash or them touches the ground, they're out of the game. Dan needs to throw this, because he and Danielle have built a weak persona, and he needs to keep that up.

It's hard for the coaches to move in these hammer pants. Boogie realizes staying low to the ground is the key. It's easier for Britney, since she's about eight inches shorter. Everyone has a metaphor for Britney in this game, from an Arkansas hog running from a farm, to a fricking fly and a squirrel. to being like a jack rabbit. She then drops her cash and is out of the game. Her team consoles her. Ian explains the scientific method behind winning this. Janelle and Boogie are then head to head, and Boogie falls off inches before hitting the button. This gives Janelle the win, who says once again Boogie's ego got in the way.

Janelle decides not to trade her players and to keep Ashley safe this week. She explains in the DR she wants to bring her in a little closer. As for Have Nots for the week, she chooses all of Britney's team plus Ian. JoJo isn't surprised that she did that to her and Willie, but is surprised she put Shane on Have Not again and calls her a mean bitch. Jenn knows Willie is not happy.

The Have Nots get pork rinds and pudding. Mmmm. JoJo says they do have pork rinds in New York at the deli where you get your cigarettes and coffee, but no one eats them because they're gross. Ian thinks pudding has to be one of the best Have Not foods in the history of Big Brother. He eats it, his grandma eats it, and his long lost cousins probably eat it.

Willie looks to bond with his team, and Britney wants him to stay away from her other players. JoJo knows thats probably a good idea. Britney tells him he's putting other people in jeopardy and asks him to stop. He and Britney begin to have it out. They watch this battle up in the HoH room. He goes up there to talk to the elite team and tells them to leave the rest of the team alone. His goal is to get evicted this week before he leaves out the front door.

JoJo complains to Danielle about it as Willie begins stalking the house. He comes into the Have Not room where they are, and JoJo apologizes, but says she can't hang around him right now. She told him Frank would win HoH if he stayed there. She leaves, but feels bad for him, not wanting someone to just drop her, but she doesn't want him taking her down with him.

Willie starts eating pork rinds and definitely looks like he has a lot on his mind. He starts complaining, and Britney can't leave it alone herself, as she tells him to just leave it alone. He says he's not going out like that, and she asks like what, with class?

Joe comes down looking for Janelle, and Willie comments, “A lot of [bleep] in this bitch.” We don't hear what Joe says, but Willie goes chasing him down into the bathroom. Chill Fun is left trying to keep the peace, as it looks like these two are about to come to fisticuffs. Willie begs him to hit him. The HoH crew hear this and come running down. Poor Chill Fun is stuck wearing a lovely floor-length chartreuse towel. Willie shoulders Joe hard and head butts him. Britney and JoJo console each other, and Wil, Jenn, and Danielle do the same. Dan goes to Britney, seemingly to protect her.

The voice of Big Brother goes throughout the house, as he demands Willie go to the DR. In the DR, he is asked to come with someone, assumably a producer or security. Jenn consoles Britney who is in tears. JoJo tells Shane they're going to go down for him. Boogie can't wipe the smile off his face and asks Britney what she's going to do. I'm sorry; that guy is an ass. There are people who are fearful and sad, and he can only worry about his place in the game. Worry about that in a couple hours. Right now worry about these people you spend every waking moment with who are crying their eyes out.

The group is called to the DR. They are told as they all know violence is not tolerated. Willie was removed from the game. Britney was immediately relieved, as he's been a liability, but this sucks for her in the game. Ian knows Willie did it to himself. He deserved it and will go down for the rest of his life as the least dignified exit in Big Brother history. Shane knows this is the worst thing to happen to him and JoHo and thinks a real man would have stuck it out.

Boogie feels sorry for Willie … a little too late. He notes he had a one in nine shot at winning a half million dollars and changing not only his life, but his family and friends lives and chose to throw it away for a bad temper. Joe has mixed emotions, but tells Willie if he's out there, he prays he finds peace. He had a lot of things getting him down at once, but “Please find peace, Brother.”

One-hundred percent, There is no room for violence here. I think Willie did it purposely to get removed from the game. He knew he was in over his head. But CBS knew what they were getting when the put a Hantz in the house. They got it.

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