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Big Brother 14, July 22 – “Please Find Peace, Brother.”

Things went from bad to worse for Willie on Thursday night's live Big Brother show. He was aiming to keep Frank all along, but once his alliance with him fell through, Frank stayed anyway, and he became Head of Household on top of it. This can't be good for Willie or anyone who stuck with him on the vote, mostly Britney's other two players.

Frank is counting his blessings that he stayed, knowing that if it had been one less vote, Willie would have voted him out. Willie knows it's not good for him, but while he's made some mistakes in the game, he's just going to have to deal with them. Janelle explains that her players wanted Frank out, but after Willie had his blowup with Frank, he started thinking it would be better to keep Frank, as he and Willie will go after each other, and that keeps her players safe a little longer.

Ashley voted to evict Kara, because she felt she would have slipped under the radar the rest of the game, and that's the game she wants to play. Dan hugs Danielle and tells her he's not going to let her down the way he let Kara down. Although he's down to just one player, he thinks it's like poker. As long as you have just one chip, you have a shot at winning the whole thing. He's still okay in the game.

Frank and Boogie celebrate after the vote and HoH win, as Boogie explains in the DR that it wasn't so much Kara vs. Frank, but the House vs. Willie. The House decided the best chance they had at getting Willie out was to keep Frank in the game. Kara probably wouldn't have dared go after him, but Frank will, and Boogie plans to be beside him. He then resurrects the old Chill Town DR sessions with everything minus the fake phone. Boogie tells him he's confused as he was pretty much out the door, then had a huge fight and he doesn't remember what came next, but it was crazy. Frank clears up the confusion and says they got all of Janelle's players to keep him, then went outside and won HoH. Then they laugh and celebrate again.

Willie doesn't really want to talk to anybody at this point. The worst person possible won HoH. It changes week to week here. He's going to stay fighting and not give up and hopefully win Power of Veto followed by another HoH. Being his teammate while he was in HoH was a great thing for Shane, and winning PoV helped, but he's considering breaking his alliance with him this week, because he's such a hothead and doesn't treat people with respect.

Janelle tells Britney that Willie really needs to go. She understands and admits he needs to go. Janelle tells the DR she had an alliance with Britney, but Willie's antics made it impossible to keep that together. She tells Britney it was just one thing after another, and he's such a bully. Britney explains to the DR. that Willie went on a terror spree, everybody hates him, and it's embarrassing. She wholeheartedly regrets choosing him and will now pay the ultimate price for his behavior and bad attitude. She doesn't even want to speak to him.

Dan tells his sole player, Danielle, that what she needs to do is get closer to Janelle's team as that is their safest play. He thinks most coaches would be panicking right now, but he's a very positive thinker. There's always a way out of every situation if you can believe you can get out. He still believes Janelle's team has one more week of safety. He tells Danielle they will start to go to war and will need her. Danielle knows that's true, and just hopes to be able to survive and float.

JoJo corners Frank in the storage room and tells him she's a very loyal person and it was nothing personal against him. Her team just wanted that little alliance going. She tells the DR she wants to stay loyal to Willie, but she has to look out for number one, which is herself. She tells Frank she knows Willie is a lot of things, and she's sorry for that. He just played too hard too fast. Frank could care less. Back in the DR, she says she tried to work her magic with him, and she thinks she can convince him to stay away from her … in a good way.

Frank invites everyone up to his HoH room. This is the last thing Willie wants to do, and he's not a fake person, so it's really hard for him. Frank gets Velveeta and a t-shirt that says “Julie Chen is my homegirl.” There's a picture of him as a young boy with a mullet, and Wil thinks he pulls it off fairly well, as he has the right bone structure for it. Frank calls this all surreal. He's happy because he was on the block for awhile, but pulled it off.

Boogie gets to move into the Coach's area of the HoH suite, and for him there is a picture of his son Brady waiting for him. Danielle oohs and aahs over him. For Boogie it helps him get his mind off the game for a little bit. He promises his baby he'll be seeing him soon, but not too soon.

Watching Willie walk around the HoH room, Ian remarks that he's feasting on a plate of crow served cold. You could cut the awkwardness with a knife. Willie's not here to be comfortable, though; he's here to win a half million dollars. So as long as he's in the game, he's happy no matter where he's at.

Willie goes in to talk to Britney and she asks what's up. Obviously pissed, she tells him nothing good and asks why he's so egotistical. She just wants him to see what he's done. She made herself look bad going around saying he's a nice guy and really trustworthy, and that he just let it all get to him. She rhetorically asks who looks like the fool now. He interrupts her, and she asks him to be quiet. As much as she tried to control him, he's the raging lunatic in the house. No one wants to be attached to a sinking ship, and unfortunately, that's Willie in this game right now.

Willie only thinks about himself. He's hurting Shane and JoJo. Willie tells her he came here to pay by himself, not to play with a coach. If he stays he's not going to listen to her anymore. He doesn't know why she's treating him like a piece of crap and can't forgive him. She reminds him it's only been a day, and that he just can't keep his mouth shut. He tells her if she thinks the problem is him, then she needs to just get rid of him.

Sitting around outside later, Shane asks if anyone knows what a wenis is, then explains it's a certain part of the elbow. Believe it or not, I learned that during a destination wedding this spring, compliments of my mom. Danielle soaks it up and flirts back with him as they tickle each other. Jenn thinks it's adorable and thinks with all the craziness in the house, it's nice to see a little love blossoming. Danielle tells the DR Shane is very attractive, and his body and personality are definitely her type. He's the one chasing her, but she doesn't mind being chased. He likes the Southern belle charm, sweetness, long brown hair and accent. She's a sweetheart and it gets him every time. She thinks it things keep on going this way, it's possible.

Britney sits down to chat with Dan and Boogie and they approach the trade idea. She admits she doesn't think anyone would be willing to trade except her. Whoever wins the coaches comp can either keep a player safe, or make a trade for a player from another team. Boogie asks who she'd want in a trade. She's non-committal. Boogie wonders if she'd be willing to cut her losses with Willie and not consider a trade, noting that with him out, Shane then becomes the target. She tells him it's ridiculous to suggest that she should just sit back and know one of her players is going home and not do anything about it. She promises she's not an idiot.

Dan works on Janelle a bit and tells her he bets she's a good mom, and he knows she has to miss her husband. She admits the last time she was in the house, she just had a boyfriend, and they weren't that serious. Does that mean Dr. Will or someone pre-show? She tells him it's different when you're 25 and single. She tells the DR it's hard to be trying to think about the game, then start having thoughts of her baby girl. Dan says he's not an emotional guy, but he just wants to be a better husband to his wife. He tells the DR thinking about her is a Catch-22, as she wants him to play well. But when he thinks about her is when it's hard.