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Big Brother Live Feeds, July 21 – I Fault CBS

Warning: Spoiler ahead.

Not everyone is suited to putting up with the psychological and mental demands of Big Brother. Many people have proved it over the years. We know that CBS has the contestants go through a psychological evaluation before they allow them to be on the show, but I think sometimes they overlook some of it, knowing it will make for a good show.vAnd just because your last name is Hantz, doesn't mean you're suited for reality TV.

Russell Hantz is legendary to Survivor fans. He really should have won his first season. His other seasons not so much, as he didn't change up his game and just played the same one. People had him figured out by then. Survivor couldn't give up on the Hantz name. His nephew Brandon entered the game next, and probably made his uncle somewhat proud, but still landed in the jury.

Now that Survivor seems to have totally exhausted the Hantz name, Big Brother thought they needed to pick it up for some reason. There are four returning houseguests who are legendary enough to know their way around the CBS reality arena. They obviously know who Russell Hantz is, whether or not they're regular viewers of Survivor. There is also a super-fan of Big Brother on the show this year, and he, too, would probably know who Russell is.

Yet, Big Brother thought putting Russell's lookalike brother, Willie, on the show was a good idea. He thought he could get away with not telling anyone who he is. They all had it figured out in minutes, despite his denials. Britney, returning houseguest and his coach, tried to help him out by gving him HoH in his first week, because she figured he needed to make some deals and alliances the first week to build his game.

It was a good try, but it was too much pressure on this guy who has just an 8th grade education. He was easy pickins' for anybody. He tried to wheel and deal but just didn't know how to go about doing it. He promised Frank he wouldn't put him on the block, then put him on the block and expected him to stay loyal to their alliance. Frank, very manipulative, caught what he thought was a homophobic slur and went and spread it to the gossip monger in the house, Joe.

And really, what Willie said about Wil wasn't mocking him. It was a fairly good imitation. I've seen the mocking of gays, and this didn't have that attached to it. It was questionable mocking at best, yet Frank ran with it at first just because it irritated him, but later seemingly because he knew it would help him, and indeed it did. It saved his place in the house this week. Willie tried to argue it with him, but just ended up looking like a bigger fool making comments about eating Froot Loops. And who was egging this on? None other than Mike “Boogie” Malin, who is well-known as being ruthless.

The vote didn't go Willie's way this week, and even worse, Frank not only stayed, he became HoH. And along with that, a twist that coaches could make a trade if they won the Coaches Competition this week. There were so many ways for this to go, and some of it could have benefited Willie. But on top of all this, he went from the guy everyone wanted to talk to last week as HoH, to the most ostracized guy this week. He had no power, so no one cared to talk to him.

Janelle won the Coaches Competition and decided to not make any trades for her team. She was allowed to put some people as Have Nots and on slop and chose all three members of Britney's team, Willie, JoJo, and Shane, as well as Ian, who actually asked to be a Have Not, probably just for the experience.

Willie began saying he would be evicted from the Big Brother house before he left out the door this week. Assumably this meant he either planned to quit or figured they would kick him out. He tried to do the right thing and acknowledged that he screwed up last week and asked that the others on his team not be punished. He didn't want JoJo and Shane on slop and on the block because of his actions.

No one knows whether this was planned or a true breakdown, but the guy got really angry and went downstairs and started banging doors in the Have Not room. The feeds went to trivia for several hours, and when they came back, Willie's picture had been grayed out, and JoJo and Shane were on the block.

Boogie walked around trying to take the credit for it, saying it was the first time in Big Brother history that one player took out two people in one week, meaning Willie right now, and either JoJo or Shane at the end of the week. I wouldn't be counting my chickens yet in the Big Brother game. Anything could happen in the remainder of the week.

But is all this really Willie's or Boogie's fault? No. I look more towards CBS who put this guy in the house just based on his looks and his name. He was bound to be figured out, so they were probably looking for some drama, which they found. But an uneducated guy does not belong in this game, especially not with the lineup of BB veterans they have.

I just hope CBS gets Willie Hantz some help in dealing with what he went through these past few weeks. They put him in a situation he didn't belong in. True, he's an adult and can make his own decisions, but he has an 8th grade education! He didn't belong there.

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