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Big Brother 14, July 19 – When Froot Loops Decide the Game

Julie goes live to the houseguests in the living room tonight. She asks JoJo what the mood is in the house right now. JoJo is honest and says it's a little weird with lots of tension, and didn't think it would be like this week one. Julie admits that's what they were saying behind the scenes. She turns her attention to Ian, and asks as a super-fan, if the time in the game has lived up to his expectations. It has. He's having a super-time and tells her to bring on the slop and have-not room, as he can do it all 75 days.

Wil is next, as Julie asks him for one word to describe the past thirteen days. He gives a face, then goes with, “Oh goodness,” two technically. Ashley goes with another two, “Loosey goosey.” Willie's is “Crazy,” but instead, Julie wants a word to describe his reign as HoH. He didn't want it to begin with, but goes with “Extreme” and “Pressure.”

Julie turns to Boogie who asks what they're doing here again. She turns it back and asks if it's harder to play as a player or coach. For him, hands down, it's coaching, because you have to take care of three players along with ourself, and you can't be in all competitions. “You can lead a horse to water, but can't make him drink.”

Frank is the first to plead his case and says it's been an aboslute pleasure to get to know everyone. He's enjoyed every minute and hopes and prays it's not over yet. As far as their voting, he wants everyone to know how hard he worked to get in the house. He will work just as hard to protect the others, and nobody should let a bully dictate how the play, because it's not okay outside or inside. If the coaches are saying get rid of him, don't listen to them, but if they're saying keep him, please listen to their coaches. He was very sly in that speech.

Kara stands and says says played an honest game, and they aren't playing as teams, they're playing individually. She wants them to vote for who they think will get them further. She also wants them to remember that someone on their team has made a final three deal with the person they're trying to save. She was also very sly, but less obvoius.

It's time for the voting. Danielle votes first and votes to evict Frank. Shane is in next and votes the same. Joe is next in and votes to evict Kara. Ian also votes for the “lovely Kara.” JoJo votes to evict Frank. Jenn gives a vote for Kara. Wil votes to evict Kara. Ashley is the deciding vote. She votes to evict Kara.

The houseguests are told the final vote, Kara is voted out in a 5-3 vote. She gives her goodbye hugs, and I have to say, Wil gives her one of the best, seconded only by Danielle. I always think you can tell a lot about a person by their hugs.

Kara tells Julie outside she thinks she left because people are threatened by Dan and maybe because of alliances. She thinks he was a great coach and a great player. Julie questions if being quiet cost her the game, and she feels she should have gone to Willie sooner, but Dan had told her to lay low.

In Kara's goodbye messages, Danielle explains she's so sorry she's gone, and she's an amazing person inside and out. She loves her. Joe tells her she has the looks, but not the game, and she wasn't willing to get in the trenches, go deep, play in the mud, roll in the sand. He tells her she looks good and to go back to modeling. Well, that was was completely sexist.

Shane is going to miss Kara's long legs and tells her she makes everyone feel welcome. He saved that from also being sexist. Dan knows he needs to take some responsibility as her coach, and he's sorry to see her go. Julie notes that among her supporters is Hugh Hefner who tweeted “Go Kara.”

The houseguests were woken up last night by a news alert, and what they saw will be the key to tonight's Head of Household competition. It wasn't just one news break, but several. A cat burglar broke in and took items from the storage room, used someone's razor, stole the chess pieces, and drank the milk straight out of the jug.

The players who are able to play are standing and waiting for a Q&A session. They have to decide whether the burglar was guilty or not guilty for each question. If they are right, they stay in, and if they are wrong, they leave. The last one standing wins the game.

Question 1. The burglar is accused of stealing a carpet tile. Everyone is correct he is guilty. 2. He is accused of taking two bites of food in the storage room. Shane is the only one to guess wrong with Guilty. I do believe he just threw that one. 3. The burglar is accused of shaving his right leg. The only two to get it right that he was Guilty are Wil and Frank. Everyone else is out. Ian has a fabulous memory and can even recite all the players from season 1 to current, and name them in boot order as well. This should have been a walk in the park for him. Did he just throw it?

Question 4. While attempting to stal a sneaker, the burglar is accused of stealing a hat. They both guess Not Guilty and both guess wrong. 5. While drinking the milk, he is accused of not putting the cap back on. They both guess Not Guilty and are both correct. 6. While doing the robot dance, the burglar is accused of not wearing gloves. Wil guesses Not Guilty, and Frank Guilty. Frank gets it right and is the new HoH. Bad news for Willie who has to pass off the key to this guy.

Frank tells Julie it feels great to go from the hot seat to the guy who's going to be upstairs. Boogie is super-elated, as Frank was out the door forty-eight hours ago, so he thanks the people who voted for him, because he's “moving up to the penthouse too, Baby.” Janelle is here for her third time and is asked about how it compares to her other times. She says there is so much game going on, it made it nuts.

Julie shares some new with the coaches, but not the news Willie was predicting. This week they are raising the stakes. The coach who wins the coaches competition can either keep a player safe or choose to trade a player for another coach's player, and everyone is eligible for the trade, including the HoH.

If Britney wins the coaches comp, she needs to get rid of Willie, just to save her team, as well as Willie. She should trade with Dan, so that Dan's only player will be Willie, and he will have to do what he needs to save him. If Dan wins, he's probably better off staying with Danielle for now, even if she isn't the best comp player. Right now the only reason she's a target is to get Dan out of the game. If he went with a stronger player, it would make him more of a target. Trading for Frank would help him this week, but Frank isn't long for the game anyway, so it would be a short-term stay of execution.

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