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Big Brother 14, July 19 – When Froot Loops Decide the Game

Usually people aren't playing the game so early on Big Brother. The first person to leave is usually the most annoying. But with Willie taking Coach Britney's advice, he put up two players who aren't the most annoying in the house. No matter who leaves tonight, it will be someone who had the wherewithal to go far, although if Frank leaves, it will be someone who was also somewhat annoying. But if Kara leaves, it will just be because she she was attractive, smart, and likable, so a very big threat to Britney's game.

Julie Chen opens the show by explaining the coaches may think they're controlling the game, but they should know more than anyone that “its' the players who control this game.” After Shane decided not to use the veto, he explains he doesn't want any blood on his hands. He hopes this shows Willie that they can go far in this game together. Kara says it sucks, but she's all cried out. She needs at least five votes to stay, and if it's a tie at four and four, Willie will be breaking the tie.

Frank feels as though Willie is the key for him getting the votes to stay this week. Smart one, isn't he? He goes up to the HoH to talk to Willie and tells him he doesn't trust anyone else in the house as much as Willie. Willie promises him he'll get him the votes to stay, and tells him the only way it won't work is if he goes around and starts talking to people. If he turns on Willie, he'll vomit. Vomit? I can't possibly be hearing that right. If he does get the votes for Frank, it will prove to him that Willie wants to work with him. He promises he can trust him.

Willie wants Frank to stay in the house, because later on down the road he might help him. He has an alliance, so just has to convince them they need to keep Frank. He thinks he can work them any direction he wants. This group includes Britney's and Janelle's teams. He holds a meeting with them to talk about sticking together and who to keep. Wil sees Kara as the better choice for a team game, while Kara is the better choice for a single game. Britney wants to eliminate all of Dan's players, because then he'll go home too. She thinks Dan has magic power, and that when he talks you hear an angel's chorus. Willie thinks Kara would definitely put some of them up next week, as Dan would make her. Joe's on board with getting rid of Kara, and everyone else agrees to it as well.

Janelle talks to Dan, because she's worried he'll be mad at her if Kara goes. She tells him she's not sure why, but the others really want to keep Frank. Dan tells her it's stupid, as they'll never get Frank out. Janelle explains these people are stupid, and it sucks, as keeping Kara would allow them run of the house. Britney notices the conversation going on and thinks Janelle is thinking the grass is greener over on the other side with the other coach.

Britney realizes looking at the memory wall that her picture has a hole for a key next to it, as do the other coaches. She wonders if they'll be entering the game as players in a big twist. She discusses it with Willie and tells him not to discus it with anybody. With the numbers, there aren't enough people in the game right now. It leaves two missing weeks. She thinks Janelle knows this and this is why she wants to work with Dan. Willie knows this means the coaches won't be looking out for their best interests, He doesn't want them controlling the way he thinks, explaining he's nobody's pawn.

When several houseguests are sitting around later, Britney asks Joe how he's doing. He says he's happy the game's on. Britney doesn't want the game to be on and just wants everyone to live harmoniously. Willie takes the opportunity to call a house meeting, and Britney starts to freak out about what he's going to talk about, seeing her entire game going down in flames. Janelle tries to go in for the meeting and is told Willie just wants the players and not the coaches.

Dan tells Britney if that was one of his players, he would have nixed that. Britney tries to act cool, saying she just just wants to let them have their meeting. Willie tells the others he thinks they're being pitted against each other by their coaches, and he thinks it's the dumbest thing in the world when they're in the there to win the money for themselves. They could change the game and play like they don't have coaches. He encourages the others to not let the coaches make their decisions for them. They could play like they don't have coaches.

Danielle is tired of feeling awkward because people are supposedly going to the coaches and the coaches are going to people. She's tired of people not talking to her. Janelle, Dan, and Britney begin to wonder where Boogie is, and Dan says he could be leading the meeting for all they know. Nope. He's inside sleeping.

Willie also tells everyone there's a good possibility the coaches might be coming back into the game. He points out the key slots by their names. Ian, the Big Brother trivia expert, explains the game is meant for fourteen now and hasn't been played with twelve in the past ten years. Kara thinks the coaches will band together, while Joe thinks Willie is playing too fast by guessing at what will happen. Wil just wants to take a 24-hour break from game talk.

Frank felt better about his chances before Willie called the meeting. He needs to go talk to Willie privately to see where his head's at. They start talking about staying legit with each other, and Britney walks in to interrupt the pow wow. Willie does a pretty good impression of Wil, repeating the line about the 24-hour break. Frank remarks that Willie made everyone paranoid with his town meeting, and now he believes he's mocking Wil. It just rubs him the wrong way. It really didn't appear like he was mocking him though, just a really good impression.

Frank goes down to talk to Jenn and Joe and tells theme he's worried the meeting might have hurt him more than helped him. We hear from Joe at this point, because of course we never hear from Jenn. He adds that Willie already told them he wants them to split the votes. This makes Frank a little hot, because Willie has told him he will fight hard to get him the votes that he needs to stay. He doesn't think he can trust him anymore. Duh.

Frank tells Joe about Willie repeating Wil's comment about the 24-hour break, and says he was mocking him. Joe is not happy at all and says that's not part of the game. Joe then corners Wil in the Storage Room and tells him what Frank said. Wil tells the DR he doesn't tolerate one ounce of anyone mocking anyone. He guarantees this will come back to bite Willie in the ass. He notes he's making gay slurs, and whether it's sectionist, racist, or homophobic, it's not right.

Wil goes and talks to Frank and Britney about it, but she still thinks Willie is a good person and a loyal guy. However, Britney goes to talk to Willie who is up in HoH with Ashley. She says this is because she loves him, but he's screwed. She explains the whole story about mocking Wil, and he says “I never done that!” Britney tells him Frank is turning the whole house against him. Willlie says it's crazy news, because he had Frank's back. He doesn't know what his agenda is, but it's pissing him off.

Willie goes outside to find Frank and tells him he's been tring to save him all week. Frank asks fires back at him, seemingly as if he was outside lying in wait for him. Willie mentions that now Frank is slinging his name in the dirt trying to make him look like an idiot. Frank points out he was promised he wouldn't be put up on the block, and now he's up on the block. This goes back and forth until Willie shouts that he hopes Frank goes home this week, because he's a shady [bleep].

Willie says he's a grown ass man, and when he wants to eat, he's going to go in and eat some Froot Loops, because that's what he wants to do. Frank isn't worried about him eating his Froot Loops. Willie tells everyone listening to vote for Kara to stay, because he hopes Frank goes home. Boogie jumps into it and asks why Willie is the boss of everyone and gets to tell them what to do. He then wanders off mocking Willie for eating Froot Loops. He asks everyone if they're willing to get bullied by willie, and Willie turns around and tells them not to follow Boogie until the end so he can cut their neck off. “Unreal, dude.”