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Q&A with Heidi Klum of Project Runway

Glitz, glamour, runways and fabulous designer who are all hoping to make it in the world of fashion. Project Runway returns with a new season with judges Nina Garcia and Michael Kors, can you just smell the absolute fabulousness? Mentor and fashion expert Tim Gunn returns along with the woman who is wearing three hats or in the world of fashion, many different Manolo Blahniks, the fabulous Heidi Klum serving as Host, Judge and Executive Producer.

The show is not in its tenth season and it is filmed on location in New York City, the fashion haven. There will be sixteen new designers are who are vying for the victorious prize of one hundred thousand dollars and the opportunity to sell their own line at the exclusive Lord  & Taylor. The designers must give their all and show their skills, they must wow the best of the best. Heidi took part in a conference call to discuss the show and all the fashion fabulous.

She adores her fellow cast mates; she also believes “ten season is a milestone.” Her enthusiasm and work ethic is contagious so let’s hope the designers pay attention. Heidi enjoys the atmosphere with everyone, “we have become a family, and they’re all so much fun.

She is passionate and loves the designers and is excited for everyone to see their stories. “They’re all so passionate.” She worries that sometimes the designers are here for the wrong reason and the business is difficult to get in so she wants to make sure that they are really “hungry for it all.”

Heidi considers Project Runway to be “one of my babies and we’ve got a lot of great fans. It’s become a cult with an iconic following.” Heidi will not compare the past designers to the present designers but each person brings their own style and comes up with something different and noteworthy. Each season they have found that one person who has talent and they always use a “different technique.”

One of the unique things Heidi loves is that everyone has a different personality. She believes in the show “longevity because fashion is the main focus of our show.” Heidi said that if she needed a red carpet ready dress right now she would call on previous winner, Christian Siriano “because we’ve become friendly and he does not give up.”

The show is seen in many places and Heidi said, “Even if you have never traveled the world, your either interested in fashion and you want to be a part of it. It doesn’t matter where you come whether it’s New York City or a smaller town and there is television, books and the internet.” So fashion is universal and Heidi is excited to continue bringing the latest styles to the world.

Many people have asked Heidi for advice and she has been in the fashion industry for many years now. She shared some of her knowledge and says, “If you’re a designer and you want to design for the masses, a fashion house or a big name, you just have to be the fellow designers are. You have to show your books.” She does not discourage going to school.

She emphasizes that hard work and determination are incredibly important in this industry. She does not want see people come in who just want to seek fame. She likes to see “ambition” and people who want to use every various outlook to design and create something new.

Heidi talked about some of the styles that are making a comeback, don’t fret, it is not shoulder pads. Heidi enjoyed the stonewash jeans, ripped seventies jeans that may be high or low-waist but she could never deal with those infamous shoulder pads.

Heidi was incredibly excited to have the show in New York and she said “I have been nagging for many years to do an episode in Times Square. Heidi is close lipped on the contestants and she could not divulge any fashion secrets. She was able to take the designers to the Ralph Lauren’s daughter’s store and the Dylan Candy Store so the designers can make clothes out of candy!

There will be a parade of fabulous guest judges including Sex and the City designer Patricia Field who created Carrie Bradshaw’s (Sarah Jessica Parker) eclectic wardrobe that set trends for years to come. Heidi wears several hats on the show, she has been a judge and the host, she said “I have been doing it for ten seasons and I still love coming to work.”

Heidi spoke briefly about her scissor happy ad to promote Project Runway that premiered with her lying on a pile of sheer scissors. In reality she said “I did my photo shoot and I was laying on a piece of fabric with scissors surrounding me.” She was lying in the middle of the scissors and a cherry-picker crane shot her from above, “it was fun!”

Overall Heidi wants the designers to challenge themselves they try and keep each challenge fresh for Project Runway so viewers will always have variety. “It is important to our fans to be able to buy the clothes and it’s important for our designers to be seen out in the world. We think outside the box for every challenge.”

Make sure to tune in and watch the season ten premiere of Project Runway, Thursday, July 19 at 9/8c on the Lifetime channel.


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