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Wickedly Perfect Episode #5 – Running a Bed and Breakfast

by Heather

In this episode, the Wickedly Perfect gang packs up and hits to road for New Canaan, Connecticut. The teams arrive at the historic Roger Sherman Inn and are greeted by the host, Joan Lunden. She tells them their next group challenge is to run the bed and breakfast. They will be judged on overall experience, including the quality of the food and tidiness of the guests’ rooms.

Joan says someone must be at the front desk at all times and that the teams will rotate desk duty every 30 minutes. For their individual projects, they are to create a wreath made out of fruit. Both teams look pretty confidant about this challenge, but will soon learn that working as innkeepers is tougher than they bargained for. That’s especially true considering the inn’s guests will be the judges ready with a laundry list of fussy demands.

Team Artisan’s Darlene says she’s ‘charged’ about the assignment and that she feels like her team really ‘jelled’ during last week’s challenge. Darlene is about to be in for a big surprise when Joan announces that, in order to even out the number of members on each team, the Crafty Beavers will get to choose someone from Team Artisan to be part of their team. The Crafty Beavers choose Darlene, partially as a strategic move to try and derail Team Artisan. Theyrealize Margo and Kimberly can’t stand each other and know that Darlene served as glue that helped hold the team together. They hope Team Artisan will crumble without Darlene’s guidance.

The teams head into the inn and realize that the guest rooms are filthy. I mean REALLY filthy. One bathtub is clogged and full of brown-colored water, there are clumps of hair all over the place, the toilets look like someone spent hours on the john after eating bad Mexican food, and one of the bed sheets is wet. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to know what was going on there. While the others work on getting the rooms straightened up, Darlene heads into the kitchen to start preparing snacks for the guests when they arrive.

Margo realizes that none of her teammates are thinking about cooking, so she takes on the task herself. Darlene is literally running around the kitchen preparing gourmet appetizers at warp speed while Margo clumsily struggles to make soup for the guests.

Candace Bushnell is the first judge to arrive along with her husband Charles and their dog Betsy. They are greeted by the Crafty Beavers and taken up to their room. Candace tells Heather that she prefers to sleep on her own sheets and asks the team to replace the bedding with the sheets she brought. Candace, Charles, and Betsy then sit outsideon the patio and eat Darlene’s large array of snacks. Candace asks Mitch to make something for her dog to eat. Mitch is perturbed by the requests and thinks Candace specifically asked him to do the lowly task because she doesn’t like him. Heather approaches Candace and Charles to inform them that the sheets they had brought from home didn’t fit the bed in their room. Heather then says she has moved them to another room with a bed where their sheets will fit. Candace is annoyed and says she wants to sleep in the first room, even if that means sleeping on the inn’s sheets instead of her own.

Judge David Evangelista arrives next with a friend named Angie. Team Artisan greets the two and Margo offers them some of her chicken and mushroom soup. David takes a taste and asks Margo if she can heat the soup up a bit. She returns with hotter soup but David and Angie both agree that it’s void of flavor.

The final judge to arrive is Bobby Flay. He gets to the inn in the middle of the night and the Crafty Beavers scramble to prepare him some food and a drink of bourbon and ginger ale. While the team is working to make Bobby comfortable, the front desk is left unmanned. Candace calls down to the desk and the phone rings for 14 minutes.

In the morning, the judges inspect the guest rooms to make sure they are up to snuff. They wear white gloves to test for dust and find Team Artisan’s room very clean, however, Candace spots dust in the Crafty Beavers’ room. Next the judges head down stairs for brunch. The Crafty Beavers serve them mimosas and the judges are impressed that Darlene made them with fresh-squeezed orange juice. Mitch’s cinnamon rolls (his grandmother’s recipe) are also a big hit, but Heather’s chicken pot pie falls short. Candace even says it’s uneatable.

Next, Team Artisan serves their brunch to the judges. They have also made mimosas, but not with fresh-squeezed orange juice and the judges are disappointed. Denise’s caramel apple French toast is too dry and the judges want more syrup. Bobby gets frustrated at the lack of service and gets up from the table and goes into the kitchen to ask for more syrup. On the way out of the kitchen he grabs another of Mitch’s cinnamon rolls. Margo tries to poach an egg but is unsuccessful. Kimberly suggests adding vinegar to the water to make it easier to poach but Margo ignores the advice. After having to throw away three eggs that she was unable to poach properly, Margo starts to cry. Denise tries to help by cooking the egg in the microwave, but it comes out as tough as a hockey puck.

Candace is disgusted with the egg and asks what went wrong. A misty-eyed Margo says she had trouble poaching the egg so Bobby goes into the kitchen to teach Team Artisan how to do it right. He says the secret is to add vinegar to the water to keep the egg from falling apart. Kimberly takes great delight in the fact that she was right about the vinegar.

In the end the judges determine that the Crafty Beavers did a better job running the inn, so that means a member of Team Artisan will get the boot. The judges say Margo’s and Denise’s fruit wreaths are the weakest individual projects so one of them will be voted off by the other teammates. Kimberly couldn’t be more delighted about her archenemy, Margo, being on the chopping block out at the Rock Garden.

As expected Kimberly and her buddy Dawn vote Margo off the show.

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