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Real Housewives of New Jersey; Ep. 12: “The Jersey Side Step”

Beatstock, BLK business, and drinks.

Everyone is putting on a show in New Jersey! Melissa does more rehearsing with her dancers in preparation for the big Beatstock show.

Choreographer, Cris Judd, has more patience than anyone else I know.

Gia tears up the dance floor in her rehearsal.

Kathy wants to start a line of pastries and baked goods at her old neighborhood ice cream shop.

Rich tries to take over, but Kathy doesn’t him to lose his head on her potential business venture.


Albie and Christopher move forward with their BLK business venture.

The guys hit the road to attend a Fancy Food Festival in Washington, D.C.

The big BLK Water van goes onto the world for a mini tour in promotions and among the serious business, on Uncle Chris’s end, that is.

Albie, Christopher, Gregg, and the other guys embark on a food challenge and stop for drinks.

Gregg meets Patti LaBelle at the beverage convention event and nearly loses his crap. He just about faints

“She’s probably gonna lip sync.” Gia’s obviously aware of Melissa’s past “performances.”

“Melissa stinks!” Milania doesn’t bite her tongue at all.


Melissa and Gia prepare for their separate performances as the minutes trickle away.

Beatstock is packed with mostly the younger crowd.

Gia dances her butt off onstage, popping and locking to the slow hip-hop.

Gia performs first and intimidates Melissa a bit.

But once Melissa steps onstage and performs her single, “Rockstars,” the nerves disappear.

The show ends up being great.

Melissa feels she has the right go a little Diva on people since her performance went well.

She and Teresa discuss plans for next Sunday’s big dinner; the first in a long time since the family drama brought everything to an instant halt.


On the next episode: Sunday dinner for the Guidices and Gorgas. Let’s hope no meatball go flying from the table.


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