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Hypocritical Notion – The Real World Philadelphia, Episode 21

by DrivenAmbition

You know, it’s that time again. As the roommates arrive back to Philly, Shavonda finally admits hooking up with Landon, and as usual, Karamo expresses his disapproval of their relationship to Mel.

Shavonda then calls Shaun. When he asks her if she did anything in Fiji, she tells him that she slept with Landon, but says, “but I still love you” because that makes everything alright. Shaun tells Shanvonda, “you can’t have it all, and you just lost me”. Go Shaun, I always knew that Shavonda was no good.

Landon finally pays attention to Karamo’s attitude, and questions if it is a race issue, or if Karamo is jealous of the relationship that Landon and Shavonda have. Hey Karamo…you’re gay, remember?

Meanwhile, Karamo, is dating someone named Eddie, and guess what readers, he’s not black. But I thought Karamo had a problem with interracial relationships. But then I guess his rules only apply to other black people. That probably makes him a hypocrite. Eddie is Puerto Rican, and is Karamo’s first non-African-American boyfriend.

When Karamo introduces Eddie to the other roommates, they all can’t believe Karamo is dating outside of his race.

Later, Shavonda, Sarah, and Willie go for a walk, where Sarah tells Shavonda that Karamo said that he hates her. That Karamo is sounding more and more like a twisted version of fatal attraction.

That same night, Shavonda calls Shaun again. Don’t ask me why he picked up the phone; I would have blocked her number. Maybe he’s a glutton for punishment, because she calls him to say, “ I needed to be on my own and if you can’t understand that, then I’m sorry.”. That Shavonda is definitely the most sensitive of the roommates, but hey, I have a question, what happens when Landon starts to drink again, and she ends up not being his one and only? I hope Shaun forgives her.

Shavonda, being in such a big mood to talk, tells Landon that sex changes emotions, and now that they’ve slept together, she should be the only one.

The morning after, Karamo tells the cameras that he doesn’t even care anymore about Landon and Shavonda. How big of him. I guess now that he’s got his interracial lover, Shavonda can have hers.


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