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So You Think You Can Dance, July 11 – A Fantastic Ending

Eliana Girard, 21, hates raisins, is addicted to True Blood, and loves the Alfred. Well, that's different. She's dancing with Cyrus “Glitch” Spencer, 22, a Pisces, who has like a thousand pairs of gauges, is addicted to shoes, and loves basketball.

The two are dancing a Tyce Diorio Broadway routine from Hairspray. Cyrus never thought he'd be doing a scene from Hairspray, because he's a robot. Tyce mentions they have a ballet dancer and an animator, and he has to create a Broadway piece. Cyrus has never done choreography, making this the first time Tyce has been super-nervous. He has his fingers crossed. “I'm not lyin'.” They dance to Run and Tell That with a blackboard as a prop. Tyce is brilliant in working in these two styles. Cyrus is allowed to do some of his natural ability, and somehow this routine looks very close to his animator style, certainly closer than Eliana's ballet.

Mary points to the crowd cheering, and says there's no need to be worried. While she talks, Tyce is just going nuts in the audience. She's never seen him so worked up for two contestants before in her life. They brought the house down, and she knows people will just Google him up. They will watch this routine over and over again because of the joy, love, and life he brought to the routine. Great personality, yes, but he was doing everything. Winners are ordinary people with extraordinary hearts, and he has an extraordinary heart that he lays out there on the stage. Eliana is a ballerina who just gets down. “Wooh!”

Kenny can imagine an entire number staged around that routine on a Broadway stage right now. It wasn't just a Broadway number, but he felt like he was in a Broadway house watching it in New York on a wonderful stage. They gave it their all and the personalities were on stage. The choreography was fantastic. It's what Broadway is all about; they gave it their heart, their soul, and kicked it all the way to the back wall.

Nigel asks Cyrus whoever would have thought he would be doing a Broadway routine or wearing a bowtie. He doesn't want Cyrus to take him wrong, as he really is great at what he does, but is not yet a great dancer, yet immerses himself in the entire process of the dance. He gives himself 100% and there is no better ingredient to learn what he will over the next few weeks, if America gives him the opportunity, he hopes he's here to watch that journey. He deserves it, and he is just entertaining to watch. This really didn't show off what a brilliant dancer Eliana is, but she is probably the benchmark for all the other girls to achieve. Big smiles all around on that one. How could they not?

Audrey Case, 18, of Oklahoma, reminds us she can fart with her neck. She also collects elephants and loves Taylor Lautner. She's partnered up with Matthew Kazmierczak, 21, who loves hiking, is definitely a cat person, is completely terrified of sharks even tough he never goes in the water at the beach, has six tattoos, and there is a mannequin in the room that terrifies him, and she comes out to torture him even more after he admits this.

Audrey and the frightened Matt are taking on a Travis Wall routine. The piece is set in the 1900s aboard the Titanic. It's one of the greatest love stories ever told, so he wants to create his own take on it. The dancers really have to let go of fear, diving on and off a couch. Matt says Audrey is so light, that he knows they can do some great partnering work. She slipped or tripped a few times, but he always caught her. It's very mature, and Travis is asking for so much chemistry. They dance to Unchained Melody by The Righteous Brothers, and have that yearning and chemistry from the very start. It's another beautiful Travis Wall routine. Wow.

After a judges' standing O, Kenny remarks this is exquisitely choreographed and gorgeously danced. Bravo to Travis. Bravo and Brava to the dancers. Nigel enjoyed this more than anything this evening. When the crescendos of the music fits the dynamic of the dance routine, it just lifts your spirits and takes you on a journey. The movement on and off the chaise lounge was perfect and beautiful, specifically the lifts, because the music lifts you. It's the maturity of a choreography by a man who is only 24. Getting away from him, he was given two brilliant dancers to choreograph. Everything came together in one very special moment.

Mary figures Travis must have felt like he won he lottery when he drew Audrey and Matt. It was absolutely breathtaking. Matt really showed his emotional vulnerability in the routine and Audrey was just perfection up there. Just beautiful. All this from a girl who farts with her neck.

Lindsay Arnold, 18, really likes food, doesn't like spiders or tomatoes, messed up making mac & cheese once, and gave someone stitches. I think we'll need an explanation on that one at some point. She's paired with Cole Horibe, 26, a walking cliché as an Asian male who is a ninja/martial artist, also liked math when he was young, and is a descendant of the 47 Ronin Samurai.

This last couple are pairing up on a Jason Gilkison paso doble, a fiery dramatic paso doble at that. While it's usually about a matador and his cape, Lindsay explains this one is different, as she's supposed to be some evil poison fighting against Cole. Jason wants her to look like she's about to bite the hell out of his neck. Cole feels like he can really connect with that fighting spirit. They will be doing the paso doble to Unstoppable by E.S. Posthumus. He has so much strength because of his martial arts training in addition to his dance, and that really comes out here. However, he looks like the obvious victor. They can both dance, but he's the only trained fighter, and that shows. But I admit to a bias, because of my own martial arts training.

After another judges' standing O, Kenny calls is mesmerizing, electrifying, and says it was two of the most fantastic performances he's ever seen on this show. Mary tells Jason it was the best paso doble he's ever choreographed for the show. To LIndsay and Cole, she points out the song was called Unstoppable, and if they keep this up, they will be. “Lindsay – fiery, Cole – oh my God, you came in on the martial arts planet, but that was pure paso doble.”

Nigel asks Cole what else he's trained in other than martial arts, and he says jazz, hip hop, and a little bit of ballet, modern, and ballroom. Nigel tells him that was the best paso doble he has ever seen any boy do on this show. A couple weeks ago Mary was comparing Lindsay to Witney, saying Witney had the little bit of magic, but they both have that, and Lindsay could have been overlooked, as Cole was so dynamic, but he couldn't have been that dynamic if she wasn't his partner. Nigel knows Jason choreographed the show Burn the Floor, and he thinks that number could go on that show tomorrow and be a major part of it.

The dancers in the beginning are the ones in the most trouble. These routines got better and better as the night wore on, and I no longer remember anything about the people who danced in the beginning. The last three routines were so fantastic, that's what people will be remembering. With four people leaving next week, there should be some very worried dancers out there.

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