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School Spirits July 11 Raging Road and Haunted Tracks

School Spirits is back with an all new terrifying episode, terror, fright, horrific stories relived and re-enacted. They are told by the real life people who survived these stories. High school in Michigan seemed like the perfect storybook college but for Victoria Laurie it was not her cup of tea. She said it “felt like a prison and her high school in Michigan was very confining to her spirit. She was a girl on a mission and she was focused on graduation and she just wanted to get out and get as far away as possible.

Victoria is telling her story as she smiles and appears happy, her happiness soon fades when she begins to tell her story. She was dating an older man and she said “her parents would have killed me if they knew.” Victoria was not looking for trouble. She was simply trying to make it home for curfew and she was dressed in her favorite “hot little pink dress.” Victoria had reached her first stop sign on Old Creek Road.

She began driving down Old Creek Road and there is a large section that is twisty and becomes twisty for an inexperienced driver. Victoria was driving along and all of the sudden bright headlights appear behind her. The driver was “barreling down on me.” Victoria was panicking and as she tells the story her fear succumbs to the surface. All of the sudden as Victoria continues driving and the headlights disappear but it gets worse!

Victoria hears loud, crushing metal on metal and she realizes it was not her car that was hit. She also hears a blood curdling scream from another girl. Victoria’s tears up remembering the story as she continues driving in a panic as she hears what she thinks is a car hitting a tree. Victoria was swerving all over the road and the S curves in the road were causing her to go off the road slightly.

Victoria comes to a screeching stop at her next stop sign at the end of the S curves on the windy, dark road. Victoria is scared to death and does not to look up but she does. She could not move and wanted to step on the gas but as she looked up about ten yards behind her, there was a kid in her rear view mirror standing in the road. He was wearing light corduroy pants and a brown bomber jacket.

Victoria is trying to comprehend where the hell this kid came from and then her whole body is shoved forward in the car, “he was so angry and I just hit the gas and flew home.” Victoria arrived home freaking out and speechless. Victoria’s mother kept asking her what had happened and she began describing random parts of her insane event. Her family was skeptical and did not believe her.

Victoria knew she saw a ghost and you don’t just spot headlights in the back of your car if no one else is on the road. It makes you wonder about all the places out there and what goes on. Victoria’s panic is real and her story is vivid as she tells it almost play by play. Victoria had tried to forget about it and let what she went through just heal on its own but she was not having any luck.

Victoria’s sister who was away at college in Massachusetts and her mother took Old Creek Road with Victoria to pick up her sister and Victoria began freaking out. She literally jumped out of her mother’s car. I’ve never seen that before. Victoria could not explain what happened and ten years later she found herself working at a local bar and she began seeing a regular guy who looked familiar to her.

Victoria said “every time I waited on him, I said do I know you?” Victoria discovered it was one of her friends John Sheldon whom she graduated with. John said after a while they realized that they had graduated together but they did not really know each other. Victoria and John began hanging out together.

Despite years going by she could not get over or forget about her experience on Old Creek Road and she decides to tell John. John does believe in ghosts or paranormal activity. John remembers an accident that had taken place on Old Creek Road when Victoria was a junior in high school, it involved four kids from Victoria’s high school and one kid from a Catholic school.

Victoria remembers a popular cheerleader named Beth whom she had nothing in common with was driving the truck and Victoria would have never given her a second thought if it had not been for the accident. Jerry Burden recalls the story of the pick-up truck going south bound on Old Creek Road and when the truck hit the S curve, it could not maintain control. The truck flipped over and spun around approximately one hundred and eighty degrees.

The kids in the back of the pick-up truck were thrown from the truck and they landed in a ditch on the other side of the road, the passenger had gone out the passenger side window, she suffered injuries. Beth had suffered minor injuries and another passenger Michael was not so lucky. Michael was fatally injured.

Victoria knew that this accident had resembled what she saw and heard on Old Creek Road. Victoria begins to describe him to John and John drops his fork and looks at Victoria with big wide eyes. He stares at Victoria in awe and says “you are not going to believe this!” It is amazing when something like this happens because it makes a person feel like they are not crazy when someone else can verify the situation.

The color is drained from John’s face as he tells Victoria that he knew the kid who Victoria saw in her rear view mirror. They used to hang out and play football. Michael was dating one of the girls from their school. As Victoria described his outfit, John remembers that was the same outfit Michael was wearing the day he played football with him and the same day he died.

Victoria would not have known what Michael was wearing because she never met him and she did not know him. In many ways she is still looking for answers but she at least had a few small clues and Victoria has been haunted by Michael’s rage for twenty years. She writes ghost stories today due to her crippling fear and that one incident has affected and changed the rest of her life. Maybe she will find her answers one day.

Now School Spirits continues with another intense story. Next we have Drew Jenkins and Scott Payonk from Lebanon Valley College (Class of 2005). They had taken a prank too far and it would cost them. Scott had never seen Drew scared before. In Annville, Pennsylvania in 2002, Drew and Scott moved in early and they lived in a co-ed dorm and they looked for the girls who needed help because “you never know, it may turn into a date” or a nightmare?

Either way, these two were determined and met Jen Marcinkevich (Class of 2005). The dorm they moved into was called Mary Green and behind Mary Green was a train and functioning rail road. Scott and Drew were known for their infamous pranks.

Jen had thought they were crazy and she remained cautious around them. Scott and Drew heard a story about a little girl who haunted Mary Green. People had heard a ball bouncing or a child laughing and Scott and Drew came up with the idea of creating a prank.

The two pranksters waited for quiet hour and the started their prank mission playing the tape recorded sound of the little girl and bouncing a ball down the hallway. Jen peered out of her dorm room and was greet by Drew and Scott who scared the ever living crap out of her.

Scott and Drew are into technology and they had their radio and television on and the television comes on full blast and Drew said “it was so loud, my ears were about to bleed.” The television had continued to come on and they continued to turn it off. The faster they turned it off the faster it turned itself on.

Ghost don’t take pranks lightly, remember that folks when you decide to challenge a poltergeist. Drew and Scott are trying to control their loud television that continues to come on. I guess the ghost is playing a prank of its own. They got in trouble by their dorm members and Drew and Scott began to take the equipment apart because they wanted answers.

In the fall of Jen’s freshman year she went to bed and she started dreaming about a girl and the rail road tracks. She woke up around 2:00 a.m. and she had to use the bathroom and she saw a childlike figure standing about fifteen feet away from her. Jen stood there watching the child skip down the hallway and Jen felt the overwhelming feeling to chase after her.

The child ran through the open doorway to the stair well and Jen discovered she was gone. Jen would never do something like that and now she was incredibly scared and overwhelmed. Why do people do this? Why do you chase things you can’t see and no one ever turns the lights on! Come on people, turn on the lights!

Drew and Scott were studying for finals and they were done for the night. They shut their door and locked the door. Drew and Scott panicked as they were standing in their room for minutes and the door burst open and Drew heads out in the hallway and hears the laughter of the little girl. My guess is someone is not playing a prank on them.

Drew and Scott hear the little girl giggling and it was not one of their college girls. Drew started following the sound and he kept hearing it get closer and closer. He was freaked out and lost all his color and he was terrified. Scott was not worried that their pranks now had repercussions and the prank was coming back to them.

Drew was alone in the room and he got a weird sensation and the little girl was standing at the door looking at him and then he she disappeared. Drew had seen the girl and Scott wanted to know what they should do. Drew wanted to do research and he spoke to Professor Kevin Pry about the story of the phenomenon of the little girl in which over two hundred people have reported to see.

Kevin begins to tell the story of the little girl because he does not dismiss “ghost stories.” Many years ago on opening day a family moved their daughter into Mary Green Hall and her sister is who was about six or seven. The little girl decides to go outside and play with her ball.

The ball gets away from her and it was built around one hundred feet or so from the Reading Railroad tracks. The little girl’s ball goes onto the railroad tracks and she follows the ball onto the active tracks. The little girl is unaware of the train coming and she continues playing ball.

Her mother hears the sound of the train and notices her daughter is missing. Imagine seeing this happen and the terror this poor child must have felt. The little girl was standing on the tracks as the speeding train headed right for her and her mother watched in horror as her little girl is hit by the train and killed.

Drew and Scott realize they may have brought this on themselves and Scott feels they should apologize to her. They wanted to make it stop and they did not want to cause her any more harm. After they had apologized they were free but they realized that Jen had the same experiences and Scott realizes now that he is a dad that kids will do stuff for attention but this was no joke.

The little girl was maybe searching for her family or someone to play with. Wherever she may be now, may she find peace and remember playing pranks on spirits is unkind. Scott and Drew felt their apology helped. Happy Hauntings and make sure to watch School Spirits, Wednesdays at 10/9c on the Syfy channel and may your nightmares inspire you.


My name is Janel, I have been writing and published for many years. I wrote two poetry books. I was the Associate Editor of my college newspaper. I hope to write my life story one day and finish it.