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Big Brother Live Feeds Update, July 13 – Nominations and Power of Veto Comp

There's always that lag time between the first episode of a Big Brother season and when the live feeds officially start. The houseguests actually entered the house a week before we saw it, so by the time the feeds started late Thursday night/early Friday morning, there's already been a lot said and done. It's always a matter of playing catchup to find out who the alliances are and who the people are who are already messing up their game just one week in. Jodi never had a chance, being eliminated at the end of the Thursday's episode.

When the feeds start, Willie has already made his nominations. He has put Kara and Frank on the block. For those who are trying to keep score, that means one of Dan's team, and one of Boogie's. If Kara goes home, that means Dan only has one person left. For a competitive standpoint, that's a good move.

They have also had a Have Not competition, and Ashley and Daniele are on the losing side of that one. Ashley is more than just a Have Not. She's in severe pain after the comp and is on pain meds. She also complains to Willie that the other girls don't want to have anything to do with her, and she feels like she's in middle school again. Later, she needs to be carried down the stairs by Willie and Danielle. The suggestion is that she took too many pain meds. Friday morning she gets to see a doctor and comes back into the game, yet is clearly still in pain.

There was also a competition between the mentors, and Boogie won. Janelle admits to feeling badly about beating Dan.

Boogie is already trying to make deals with HoH Willie. Britney sees him for who he is and is worried that Willie is becoming too tight with him. She thinks Boogie has already brainwashed Frank and thinks he needs to be voted out, but Willie wants to keep him, thinking Frank doesn't have anyone else and needs him. Britney admits at this point that she and Janelle are working together, and eliminating someone from Boogie's team would give them an advantage. Later, Willie tells Frank he can work with him, but he knows he can't work with Kara. They also figure Dan and Boogie are working together, and Janelle refers to them as Chill Town 2.0.

Along with Willie, Kara, and Frank, the other players in the Power of Veto competition are Wil, Danielle, and Shane. JoJo was picked to host. The comp has something do with coins. Shane wins the comp, and being that he's on Britney's team, it doesn't seem like he will be using the veto. Daniele, on Dan's team, was trying to help Frank win, so Britney and Janelle's people think she's dumb.

Within just twenty-four hours, it's clear where the division is. It's between the female mentors and their teams and the male mentors and their teams. This also means it's against two females who made it very far their seasons and didn't win and their teams, and two males who both won the game in their seasons and their teams. Willie seems to be playing by the rules that Britney has set up for him, but it will be interesting to see if everyone always follows their mentors, or if they eventually will start going their own way.

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