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Udders and More – American Idol 4 – 2/2/05

By Annie

More American Idol auditions. This time in San Francisco with the ever lovely Brandi as the guest judge. And – *wow* – what an interesting array of auditions there were!

Albert Minero was first up and most notable to be unnoticed. He touted himself as a quadruple threat, singer, dancer, actor and good looking. Well, you can forget singer!

Next up was a dainty Mathew Miller. Is it woman or man? Simon asked if it was Mathew or Martha. Brandi was confused. Paula suggested another song (right, Paula!). Whichever – it was a no.

James Koehler (what a smile!) crooned a gorgeous version of “I Left My Heart in San Francisco” (It was bound to happen). He sounded great and the judges agreed. Come on down to Hollywood, James.

Another crooner sang “Mood for Love” with shades of Sinatra. The judges were in agreement, giving him thumbs up, except for Simon (and I agree with Simon on this one) but he makes it through to the next round. It’ll be interesting to see how versatile these crooners are. Their voices were heavenly!

When it comes to a beautiful woman, Simon is as transparent as plastic wrap. And so it was when Elizabeth Pha entered the room looking very much like a stripper. The judges gave her a lot of grief about her clothes. She then sings “I Have Nothing”. I wasn’t impressed. Neither was Randy or Brandi. Paula gives her a yes. Simon puts her through and she’s on her way to Hollywood. And that’s what trashy clothes will get you.

Justin Clark sings next with “My Cherie Amore”. Although his voice is rather ordinary, he makes it through to the next round.

Michael attempts to sing two different songs. Brandi covers her face. Randy suggests he drop singing. The world will be better for it.

Christopher Noll is a nanny. One doesn’t usually picture a white boy as a nanny – nor a rapper. It was a really tough decision for all the judges but the kids will be keeping their nanny.

Nadia Turner is up next with the craziest hair ever! She sings “Until You Come Back To Me” and sounds like a voice from heaven. Here is one of the top 12!

Victor Ricardo sings “Build Me Up, Buttercup”. Victor gets a resounding “NO” in chorus from the judges.

Next is cutie Jessica Murphy who sings “I Have Nothing”. The judges agree that she’s good but needs training. Jessica exits to the waiting area and announces to everyone how much the judges adored her singing. Someone get the girl a Q-Tip.

Chris went to a school for opera and has sung on cruise ships. He sings “Chain of Fools”. Everyone abandon ship!! It’s a no.

Ivan Ganchev is a Freddy Mercury sing-alike. The judges (minus Simon) really like him. Even my best buddy, David likes him! Ugh. I predict he’ll be leaving Hollywood first!

Everyone gets a giggle out of the lady singing in the cow costume – complete with udders. Although no one said she was udderly awful – she truly was. What was so comical was that she took herself so seriously and seemed offended at the cow puns. Let’s mooooove on to the next contestant. (*sorry*)

Last up is J.P. Molfetta who sings “Never Keeping Secrets”. We saw him earlier in New Orleans performing with his brother. His second and solo attempt is better but not good enough.

And this brings us to – guess what???!! The end of the auditions. Can I hear a collective sigh of relief?

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