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Big Brother 14, July 12 – The Return of the Hantz

Now in reverse order, Dan picks Danielle, and Janelle picks Ashley. Willie is realizing he's getting passed up by every single person, making him uncomfortable. Boogie picks Ian, who inflates Boogie's ego by calling him a legend. Britney picks Willie to the other coaches' surprise.

In reverse order again, Britney picks JoJo, who is glad to not be last, Boogie takes Jenn, Janelle picks Joe, and this makes Jodi last to go with Dan's team. Okay, I was one of those last picked people too many times in gym class, and it's just not fun, so I empathize with her. Interestingly, Dan has a team of all girls.

Since Big Brother is a summer-long slumber party, this first Head of Household competition has them all wearing PJs. Coaches will not be competiting. Even though this is an indvidiaul game, tonight it's a team game. The coach of the winning team will decide which of his team will be HoH. The coach of the last-placed team has the task of sending one of his players home tonight.

One at a time, the members of each team will make their way across the beds to a bin of teddy bears and bring back a bear. If they fall, they need to retun to the end that they left. When three of the bears are across, a team member will cross over to the other side again and turn off the nightlight to win the game. At the twenty minute mark, each coach may make a substitution.

Wil is shaking in his boots, saying if there's a god, “please don't let me go home tonight.” Willie thinks they all know his brother is Russell, and figures if he doesn't win, he could be going home tonight. Shane, Ian, Wil, and Danielle make their way across. Ian falls off, followed by Frank. Danielle gets motion sickness and falls as well. Shane falls off after he gets a teddy bear. Wil brings the first bear back followed by Frank Danielle falls off and has to start again. This puts Dan's team in last place.

Jodi thinks she can reach across with her long legs and arms, but fails miserably each time. Dan recognizees she's busting her ass. Wil compares this to World War III, and thinks people are flying and flopping like flapjacks. Is that a southern term? Ashley calls it a real life version of Frogger. Willie gets the second bear back for Britney's team. JoJo is out to get a bear. Kara gets the first bear for Dan's team. Ian gets bear number two for Boogie's team.

JoJo struggles to get a bear back as the bed keeps tilting and throwing her off. Britney coaches her, telling her they can win this. She's competing with Jenn and Ashley for first place. Jenn doesn't want to let herself or Brooklyn down. Boogie shouts at Jenn that there's a flight to JFK, and she's going to be on it. JoJo alsmot makes it back and falls. Danielle is fighting to get bear number two for her team.

JoJo fights her way and makes it back with the bear. This leaves Shane to run and turn on the nightlight for the win. Britney calls it so great to have one of her players win HoH. Now it's a race to see who gets second, third, and fourth. Jenn has barely moved. Twenty minutes have passed, so Mike subs Frank for Jenn with a chant of “We ain't going home.” Janelle's team is ssecond, Boogie's is third, and this leaves Dan's team to finish in last place.

Britney needs to choose one of her team to be HoH, and she chooses good ole Willie Hantz. He doesn't know what it feels like to win a National Championship or the Super Bowl, but it can't feel better than this. The target is off his back. Britney picked him because she knows he needs this week to make some deals and solidify his place in the house. It seems like a questionable move at first, but when she explains it, it makes a lot of sense. It's the only way he'll stay beyond the first few weeks, save for winning every competition and beating Janelle's old record.

Dan needs to pick someone now to go home from his team. He doesn't take the choice lightly. At this point, Kara is safe, as she has a cool head and competed well, so he needs to pick between Jodi and Danielle. This decision goes well beyond what happened in this competition, as not everything from hereon out will be physical. He talks to Jodi asking what she'd do if she was him. She'd cut Danielle, natch. She thinks she deserves to be there, as she worked her butt off in the competition and smacked her face in the process. He talks to Danielle, and she's in favor of getting rid of Jodi, because she thinks she'd cause drama.

Julie asks everyone to gather in the living room. Dan has to send one of his three home. He stands to face his players and make his decision. He tells them he knows they all busted their asses and did their best in the competition. Unfortunately, he is choosing to send Jodi home. She tells the others to kick some butt. Danielle feels bad for her, but is glad it wasn't her. Jodi hugs everyone on the way out.

Ian has watched the show for a long time and has never seen anything close to this cruel. Willie calls it his game now. He's not worried about the game of anyone else. It's all about him. Yep. Russell's brother.

Obviously, Willie won't pick anyone from Britney's team, so he'll be targeting the others. This is going to be interesting, to see who realizes he's Russell's brother and how soon it is before it's out in the open. At this point, he might be better off just admitting it while he has the safety of HoH and trying to set up those deals and alliances that Britney was mentioning.

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