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Big Brother 14, July 12 – The Return of the Hantz

Julie Chen warns us that the returning houseguests are on their way, and before the houseguests even unpack their bags, someone will be leaving.

The first person returning is Dan Gheesling, one of the much-rumored returnees. He was a winner in season 10. Since the show, he met the love of his life, Chelsea. He's still coaching football, and this past season he won a state championship. The game and landscape is always changing as a football coach, and he thinks the game of Big Brother is no different. He's excited he will now get to combine his two passions, coaching and Big Brother.

Our next returnee is another much-rumored person, Janelle Pierzina. She holds the record for most competition wins in a season. Since the show, she's gotten married and had a baby. She's the real housewife of Minnesota. She thinks she'll be the type of coach to push people to win, as that's what she does best.

Returnee number three is Britney who explains “I lost my dignity on a slippery weiner” on Big Brother 12. She failed to see the big picture before, and she knows that was her downfall. She let something so obvious pass right in front of her, and she jokes she needs a lobotomy. She, too, got married in the two years since she was on the show, and she feels it will be hard this time, but she won't be as naive as before. She has everything to prove.

And our last returnee is one half of Chill Town, Mike “Boogie” Malin. He won the All-Stars season. He talks about his alliance with Dr. Will as being the greatest alliance in all of reality TV. Life is different for him. He's now the proud papa of a little boy who he says also loves the camera. He thinks part of the problem with newbies is they're amped up to win competitions, and underestimate the value of a social game. He sees himself as the best to play the game. Same old Boogie.

Julie addresses the houseguests and talks about expecting the unexpected. She mentions the invites, tellling them they joined the ranks of some of the greatest to ever play the game and that four of the best to ever play the game will be returning. They won't be competing against them, though, as they'll be coaching them. This leads to much celebration. Each coach will pick three houseguests to guide all summer long, and if one of their own wins, then the coach will win money as well. Frank knows this means there are two games going on. Danielle hopes Dan and Hayden are coming back. Jodi hopes Janelle will be back. Ian is predicting Boogie.

The doorbell rings, and Dan walks in. Ian and Jenn are big fans and know who he is. He tells the houseguests they're here to win, and he wants to give one of them the big money. He's going to coach them to be the toughest and most competitive players. The doorbell rings again, and Britney enters. She felt like a piece of meat. Frank thinks she has a good social game, but is apprehensive of her being his coach, as he thinks she's a bit of a diva.

Boogie rings the bell and enters announcing, “Daddy's home.” Ian is now freaking out, saying it's like being in Yankee stadium and playing ball with Alex Rodriguez. He tells Boogie he was 10 when he watched him the first time. Well, that's damned depressing. The doorbell rings again, and it's Janelle! Britney admits she's her favorite ever, and she's trying not to freak out as much as the newbies. Boogie was the one to evict Janelle, so worries what will happen here. Janelle calls this absolute bonkers to be here the third time. Kara feels it just got real.

Dan walks up to Willie and asks him if anyone has ever told him he looks like Russell on Survivor. Willie doesn't want anyone to know, as they know Russell as being a villain and a jerk. If chaos starts happening, he knows they'll be pointing at him. Dan asks if they're related, and Willie says he thinks Russell is from up north. Dan knows who Russell is, one of the most ruthless ever; he says they look exactly alike. Willie is worried he knows. Willie jokes to Dan that Russell must be a good-looking dude.

Boogie and Janelle are talking about Willie and also figuring he must be Russell's brother. Boogie says she won't be picking him for his team. Janelle tells him not to tell Dan, hoping he'll pick him.

Julie explains why the houseguests were given invitations and not house keys. That's because there are only eleven keys to hand out, but there are twelve invitees. Tonight, they'll have to earn their key, and one person will be leaving tonight. Boogie loves it, saying, “Not playing around this season.” Julie warns the coaches that this means one of them will be a man down from the very start.

The four coaches and the twelve newbies head outside to pick the teams. A random draw determined the order of the picks. Britney goes first and wants this first pick to be the guy in the house she thinks can take it to the end, someone athletic and sociable. She picks Shane. Boogie is next and takes Frank because he's very athletic, and with hair like that and a personality, he figures he can get along with both the guys and the girls.

Janelle picks third and takes Wil with one L because she wants competitive, likable people who look like they're good schemers on her team. Dan wants someone ruthless enough to stab you in the back, but nice enough to make you like them while the knife is going in, so he picks Kara.