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Big Brother 14, July 12 – The Return of the Hantz

If you've been following spoilers, you know what the big twist is tonight. Like last year, some prior houseguests will be returning. Unlike last year, they won't be competing in the same way as the other houseguests. They'll be leading “teams.” Who are the returning houseguests? Let's find out!

I missed the first few minutes of the show due to me forgetting I had to reprogram my DVR, since it won't pick it up from last year because it's officially named “Big Brother 14” and not just “Big Brother.” This means I missed the first few introductions. Something tells me by the end of the hour, it won't matter.

Interestingly, the houseguests aren't receiving the keys as they usually do, but “invites.” What does that mean? Danielle, of Tuscaloosa, AL, is a nurse and a real southern girl. She loves to go shopping, loves makeup, and being active. She believes she will definitely kick ass in her cowboy boots. Shane, of Bennington, VT, flips houses for a living. They have five properties right now, and none of them have sold, so the prize money here will help.

Jodi, of Calipatria, CA, is a newlywed, going from a single woman to a married woman with five stepchildren. She's extremely active, working out on her spinning bike, lifting weights, and running marathons. She's ready to go in and win the money. Ian, of New Orleans, is a chemical engineering student at Tulane. He thinks his high IQ and being able to think on his feet will help him win the game. Wil of Louisville thinks his biggest strength will be his social game, as he knows how to work a cocktail party. While on the outside he's a southern gay, underneath that he's tough and talented, and he'll kick your booty.

JoJo of Staten Island's theory is if you're not having fun at what you do, then you should not be doing it. When you're from New York, she thinks you can handle anything. She's street smart, born and raised in New York with Sicilian blood. Willie, of Dayton, TX, is the brother of Russell Hantz from Survivor fame. He told him he has to know when to make big moves, and Willie figures that means he won't be playing like Russell. Kara, of L.A., is a model and 100% single. She's dated rock stars and bad boys, but is hoping to meet a nice guy inside the BB house.

Joe, of Schererville, IN, has been a professional chef for fifteen years. He thinks the other houseguests are in for a surprise, as he can even make slop taste like filet mignon. Jenn, of Brooklyn, was in an all-female platinum-selling band by the name of Kitty. People might see her as being heavily-tattooed and a minority (she's Puerto Rican) and a proud gay woman, but you either love her for it, or despise her for it (her words, not mine). Ashley, of Pittsburgh, is a spray tan technician. People always thinks she's ditzy, but she actually graduated from a Big 10 school. Her strategy is to fill the school with love and great energy.

Jodi is just hoping she doesn't have to spend her summer with people who cause problems, drama, and chaos. Perhaps she's going on a different show. Willie promises to cause chaos the entire time he's there. Girls are packing Daisy Dukes, and guys are packing Bo Dukes. Ashley wants to meet up with a nerdy guy wearing glasses, and Ian is making sure he doesn't forget his glasses.

Julie Chen returns live and introduces all the Houseguests in front of the house. The first four to entire are Wil, Ashley, Jodi, and Frank. Wil believes it will be the year of the hair, and that he and Frank “got this.” He has the long and sleek, and Frank has the updo perm. Frank grabs the full-size bed hoping that a girl will enter and need to share a bed and will choose him.

The next group to enter are Ian, Shane, Jenn, and Danielle. Ian, as “a huge extreme Big Brother fan,” cannot believe he's actually in the house. Danielle talks about Jenn being a real rocker chick and says she's never seen anyone like her in person. This leaves the final four to enter being Willie, Joe, Kara, and JoJo. She enters and sees someone else with a bag on a bed, but gets him to move it, saying, “C'mon, like I'm not going to get a bed?” Ashley thinks Kara and Jojo are super cute. She wants to turn JoJo into a My Little Pony, and Kara into a Barbie doll, then put them in her pocket. Alrighty.

As the champagne starts flowing, Ashley asks Ian if he's old enough to drink. He lets her know he is 21. Starting the introductions, Wil announces you spell his name with one L and he's from Louisville. He's a creative marketing consultant doing flash mobs and viral videos. Joe says Wil could be one of the prettiest chicks in the house, and from behind he might have walked up to him in a bar. Willie explains he's a tankerman and wants to get out of it, so needs to win the money. He doesn't say who his brother is, but Ian, a big Survivor fan as well, thinks he could be related to Russell. He's 99.9% sure.

Joe explains he' a a personal chef, too, and Frank begs Joe to teach him. Danielle tells everyone she's a Kindergarten teacher instead of a nurse, because she wants them to think she's a naive southern country girl who plays with kids. She doesn't want them to know she's working on three degrees. Jodi explains she's a newlywed with five stepkids. Ashley explains she's a mobile spray tanner, and that's all she says.

Ian admits to being a chemical engineering student, and says if the hot tub breaks, he's going in to fix it. Ashley thinks he's her type being nerdy with the glasses. Frank explains he just moved to Naples, FL, and that he's currently looking for work. Right away, Jodi thinks he's hiding something. JoJo says she's a bartender, so along with Joe, they have food and drink covered.

Jenn announces she's a musician and deejay. Kara explains she's a model, and Ian thinks she could be the cutest girl ever on the planet earth. It's Shane's turn, and he says he's a carpenter and that he renovates houses. Danielle thinks he could be her type, and figures this means he's good with his hands. Jenn proposes a toast, and Willie knows if he has his way, the smiling faces won't last very long.