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Real Housewives of New Jersey – Ep. 11 “The Sniff Test”

 Forgetting the past, Sunday dinner, and birthdays.

Joe and Teresa might now agree on a lot of things, but one thing they are on the same page with is that therapy isn’t for them.

Another thing they took from the [apparently] one-time therapy session is the need for more Sunday dinners to bring the family together.

Little Antonia has a birthday party and the rest of the family attends; even Teresa attends with the girls.

She and Melissa briefly discuss what happened with therapy and Melissa offers to have a Sunday dinner at her home.

They all want to forget the past and move forward.

Teresa mentions Jacqueline to her brother (can you believe they’re having a peaceful conversation without bickering?) and guess who walks up the path behind her.

Melissa brings Jacqueline over to greet them and it’s rather awkward.


Melissa gets the opportunity to perform at a big summer show, Beatstock. This means dance lessons, pronto.

Gia auditions for a dancing spot for that same big summer show.

While Gia tears the floor up with her fierce dancing and lands the performance spot I the show, Melissa gets one-on-one dancing tutelage from choreographer Chris Judd.

Melissa might need to take some lessons from Gia.


Gregg, Albie and Christopher’s roommate/friend, also has a birthday party. A surprise at a gay bar.

It makes the perfect awkward setting for Albie to introduce the girl he’s been seeing to Caroline and Lauren.

Kathy invites the girl she and Rosie met at the Cubby Hole (gay bar from previous episode) to dinner to meet the family.

They can’t seem to remember the young woman’s name for the life of them, but they all like her; especially Rosie.


On the next episode: Melissa and Gia perform at Beatstock.


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