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Repeat … Or All New? You Decide!: The Apprentice 3, Episode 3 Commentary

The Apprentice: Episode 3 Commentary
By: Tony Roach

Seven days of waiting, numerous promotions, and a promise of someone quitting. That was the hype leading up to tonight’s episode of The Apprentice. So who quit? The same person who tried to walk off last week, Verna. What did Carolyn and the producers say to Verna; “ wait until after the boardroom to leave so we can squeeze out another first time ever promo.” Well, I guess it worked and you had to figure that sooner or later Donald Trump would have given her the boot anyway. I think we can agree that we have spent enough time on Verna and “her breakdown”, but what else is there?

In Thursday’s episode of The Apprentice the two teams, Magna Corp. and NetWorth were supposed to promote Nescafe-Tasters Choice by creating a marketing campaign. NetWorth came out on top once again, by staging a “mock” election regarding consumers right to choose. On the other hand, Magna Corp seemed to think that setting up some folding tables and handing out coffee would land them the win. That was not the case. The team trusted Danny as project manager of this marketing mission; you know the same guy who used Bozo buckets as his marketing campaign two weeks ago. For a group of candidates who pride themselves so much on their college education, this sure was a weak performance. But then again, this is the same team who can’t think of anything better to say than “Unbelievable” when they get pumped for missions. It seemed that in this episode of The Apprentice, less time was spent covering the missions and more footage shown of guitar playing and Verna’s “breakdown”. My theory is that producers and editors are starting to realize that maybe the tasks and flow of the show are starting to repeat themselves. Remember Burger King two weeks ago? Wasn’t that the same exact mission?

Overall, I felt that this latest episode of The Apprentice did not have much to offer. The cast is slowly morphing into the bickering entrepreneurs from the past two seasons and the missions seem to be all too familiar. Maybe Martha Stewart is exactly what The Apprentice needs to stay fresh. I know it is only the third episode of the season, and I’m sure there is plenty of life left in this popular reality show. However, all I’m saying is that it felt like watching a rerun of a previous show, instead of an exciting February sweeps episode that we should have seen. The promos are the same, the cast, who at one point seemed relatable, are becoming predictable, and although an exempt candidate was brought into the boardroom in an attempt to spice things up, we all knew Danny was getting fired. Bring back the suspense, the tension, add a twist…we need something. But, I’m sure like most of you viewers I will still take the bait of next weeks’ previews and continue to tune in to see who will succeed, who will fail..who will be the next Apprentice!

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