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Q&A with Andrew Zimmern of Bizarre Foods America

The Travel Channel’s very own strange culinary connoisseur of odd delicacies has returned with the sixth season of Bizarre Foods America and Andrew celebrated by premiering the 100th episode of the Bizarre Food series. You may be asking yourself a valid question? How can one man eat such off the wall foods when we have supermarkets full of perfectly normal food? The first episode was to commemorate all of Andrew’s worldwide food adventures.

Andrew is a worldwide personality with taste buds that would make Dr. Hannibal Lector blush a little bit, he is a talented chef, food writer and a teacher. He is an award winning personality with a big personality to match. Andrew’s show may not be for the faint of heart but if you searching for that odd delicacy to serve your family members at the next family BBQ function you will have to watch Andrew on his quest to eat the strangest food imaginable including lambs tongue, barbeque armadillo (sounds delightful) and pigeon pie.

Andrew took part in a conference call q&a to discuss his strange food obsession. He also does quite a bit of traveling, he pops up everywhere from Las Vegas, Miami, Mississippi, Austin, Los Angeles and San Diego. He traveling has become a big part of Andrew’s journey to find the perfect cuisine, “it’s a privilege to be a part of the most celebratory cities in the world which is Las Vegas and I am excited about the upcoming behind the scenes look at Mohammed Ali’s 70th birthday party which was a blast. The Bizarre Foods Celebrates 100 retrospective is fantastic.”

“The rest of the season we celebrate as two of my favorite episodes are in San Diego and Austin Texas and I got to hand out with the guys from Animal in Los Angeles.” His excitement is genuine and he really enjoys food but why the strange, unique cuisine that would make most people tosses their cookies.  “I take a tremendous amount of enjoyment eating a variety of foods that may tastes like rotten inions and smell like feet but I enjoy it.”

Is there anything at all that Andrew will not eat, “walnuts, yuck, they taste like soap” he says with utter disgust. Andrew is incredibly busy and has been all over the world, “we made ninety-two shows in countries all over the world and before we turned our attention to America we wanted to represent all cultures and learn what everyone around the world eats.”

American is the land of hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza, French fries, all American food and Andrew wanted to discover something outside of cotton candy in which many people still consider a strange staple.

Andrew discovered all kinds of hidden secrets around the world including “they do not eat peanut butter in Argentina (WHAT) it is considered repulsive and the kids will not eat peanut butter either. In Uganda, Andrew had several tribal members sample cheddar cheese and “they don’t understand why American’s are so crazy about cheese!”

Andrew manages to add some new things to the show including creating a “pop-up restaurant.” He gets to cook with some of the most talented chefs and create amazing specialties that may or may not turn you into a vegetarian but no matter what, Andrew’s talent is obvious and his culinary skills are top notch.

Andrew is unique and brings the worlds unique cuisines to America so make sure to check out the season six premiere of Bizarre Foods America, Monday, July 9 at 9P.M., ET/PT and the one hour retrospective special Bizarre Foods Celebrates 100 which premieres, Monday, July 9 at 8:00 P.M., ET/PT to honor the milestone and find out what kind of bizarre foods Andrew will eat next.


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