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Q&A with Tracey Gold, Bug Hall and director Griff Furst

So the Syfy channel is known for its rather interesting film titles and Arachnoquake feels a bit like a nightmare for those who suffer from arachnophobia and seismophobia which is fear of earthquakes so combining the two seems natural for Syfy. Arachnoquake involves giant fire breathing spiders that are unearthed after a massive earthquake in New Orleans, sounds like a blast.

The film starred Edward Furlong (Terminator 2: Judgment Day), Tracey Gold (Growing Pains), Bug Hall (The Big Green), Ethan Phillips (Glory), Olivia Hardt (Epic Movie) and Megan Adelle (Straw Dogs 2011).

The stars of Aracnoquake, Tracey Gold and Bug Hall along with director Griff Furst took part in a q&a to talk giant spiders and earthquakes. You would think working on a film like this would be rather scary for the cast but Tracey said “it was easy and fun because we had a great group of people to work with” and that includes “albino spiders.”

The cast and crew was a great perk for Hall who agreed that the cast was great and so was the talented director, “he was right there with me, the whole time.” They really got into this movie, it was another great Saturday Original Syfy movie and the cast knocked it out of the park and had a lot of fun shooting the film.

There was a lot of action and Tracey said, “We got to jump off of a big boat and into the water then we all had to scramble but there were some hysterical moments and the film brought out the kid in all of us.” Hall liked the fact he got to fire guns, tuck and roll and run around like a kid in a candy store.

The cast also understood that their director wanted a certain amount of comedy in the film. “In the end, we were just elated and we nailed it. We were really happy with the film and the comedy was a big appeal.” Hall said. Syfy’s Saturday Original Movies are not always known for their dramatic Taxi Driver appeal.

Griff has always been a “fan of creature, horror and science fiction films.” He enjoys the films mainly because “no one takes it to serious and as long as you have the right actors who are up for anything and down with experimenting and humor” he is ready to go.

Tracey who was known as the girl next door on Growing Pains was not really into the science fiction genre. Bug Hall on the other hand considers himself a “sci-fi geek and I love anything related to monsters and time travel or space.”

The cast also joked that the huge spiders didn’t take themselves too serious either. The spiders resemble the infamous camel spiders that were splashed across the web but much bigger and they arrived after an earthquake! See this is pure Syfy! “The spiders have a great personality.” Griff added.

The Syfy viewers are the best because the root for the creature and that is what makes the cast and talented director Griff happy so make sure to keep watching Syfy’s Saturday Original Movies. Arachnoquake aired on Syfy’s Saturday Original Movies and make sure to keep watching Syfy’s original movies.


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