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“It’s a Rap!”
by Mrs. Agnello

It is amazing the kind of influence the Gotti name can have. We are all aware of the Gotti influence on rap but this week the Gotti household welcomed a new Gotti. A rapper from Chi-town who gave himself the name ‘Gotti’.

At the beginning of the episode Victoria says that her boys’ friends use their house as a hotel, and I agree; Larry and John practically live there! Do these kids have parents? But she told us that so she could tell us that this week they were getting a new house guest: Gotti. Jeff was sent on a mission to pick-up Mr. “Gotti”. Knowing Jeff however he was late. Forty-five minutes late! Jeff stood outside the airport with a sign that said “Gotti”, he looked like an idiot!

Meanwhile Victoria explains to her friend/assistant Robert who Gotti is. She says they met him at the MTV music awards when she noticed a rapper with the name “Gotti” tattooed on his neck! She introduced herself to him and he was flattered to meet her. The boys have kept in touch with him since then and he is coming over for a visit.

Back to Jeff and Gotti, on their way to the Gotti home. “Gotti” gives Jeff a little “playa” speech and wants to hook Jeff up with Victoria. Jeff is obviously scared of this idea but comments that she is a “pretty lady”; which she is. At first Jeff disagrees, but Gotti convinces him that he will get him with Victoria. Yeah right, we’ll see how that works.

They finally arrive at the house and they go inside to greet Victoria and Robert (the boys aren’t home from school yet). Victoria still is not sure really what he is all about and why he is so interested in her family but she will find out later. Shortly after sitting down, Gotti pushes Jeff to tell Victoria about their little plan in the car. Jeff hesitates and tells Victoria that Gotti thought they should go out on a date. Victoria cringes slightly and says “right!”. Like that’s gonna happen!

The boys soon come home and Gotti jumps up to greet them. John and Frankie (who are still in their school uniform! But they looked cute) are obviously happy to see him. And Carmine comes in slightly after them in a hot track suit. Yummy! Gotti comments on Carmine’s bling and Carmine, who is obviously proud, smiles. Now I begin to question what is he really trying to get?

Now to the dinner scene. While everyone is using their forks to eat their pasta, (is that what they eat all the time?), Gotti is eating with his hands. Robert asks him if he always eats with his hands and Gotti says yes. Wow! He’s already not fitting in with Victoria’s tight etiquette, but she overlooks that minor detail. Victoria asks him when he took on the Gotti name as a stage name and he says since he was 14! And he’s 26 now. After that Gotti asks the boys if they knew at that young age when he was still alive what it meant to be John Gotti’s grandsons. John answers yes. He tells him of an instance when Frankie was born and he came to visit them at the hospital. Aaaw!

Gotti comments on how John is a comedian when he mentions something about them knowing how to use forks.

After that Gotti decides he wants to take the boys into the recording studio to record them “rapping” on his next song entitled “Gotti for President”. John laughs and asks him what they should talk about and Gotti tells them they can talk about anything, then he says: “Talk like you John Gotti Grandson.” (I love this guys’ grammar by the way!)

I can understand Gotti’s view, and his influence from John Gotti. I am a person who is attracted to powerful people. And one of the reasons I admire and respect John Gotti (may he rest in peace) is because he is a man who came from humble beginnings and became very powerful. That is the kind of person I look up to.

The next day, the boys go outside to play basketball. To make a long story short: Gotti basically whooped their butts, but all of a sudden John, the referee, decided that there were several fouls and they in fact won. Gotti doesn’t take this well and goes inside the house. Come on John!

Gotti tries to rush John but Robert explains that it takes the boys forever to get ready and Gotti once again, does not look happy. As Robert is explaining the boys’ getting-ready rituals John comes out and asks Robert why he’s talking “sh*t?”

As the boys are getting ready Robert asks Victoria if she is “cool with the boys doing this rap thing?” She comments that Gotti knows that if there is something bad on the tape he will have report to “mama bear”. That is so cute.

Meanwhile, upstairs Gotti is planning out with Carmine and some other kid (I don’t know his name) what they are going to say in the recording studio. The kid, as he will be referred to from now on, has a great line he wants to say. I could not repeat it because it said the f-word probably ten times in it. (You could barely hear it since it was bleeped so much).

They move down stairs and Gotti informs Victoria that the kid has a great line he will say at the beginning. Victoria wants to hear it and the kid hesitates but does it. Victoria is not pleased. She says she doesn’t want any “potty mouth” rap coming out of her son’s mouths. Surely she won’t have to worry right?

They finally get to the recording studio and Carmine goes first. His speech goes a little something like this: “Hey, I’m Carmine Gotti vote for my cousin Gotti, (blah blah)” And each boys’ part goes similar. Frankie adds “or else” on his part and I begin to wonder if Victoria would approve of that.

John is a little timid and is kind of laughing at the concept. Gotti wrote a really dumb line for him to say that was similar to Carmine and Frankie’s. John makes fun of it and asks: “You want me to say ‘I’ll kill your [explicit] mother! (blah blah)” John then reminds Gotti that Victoria probably wouldn’t be happy with them saying stuff like that when she is trying to clear up their image.

I have to say, I was so proud of my baby John; he was very responsible and stood up and basically said I’m not going to say this stuff, although he did have a small part in it. I wonder if he had Victoria’s voice in the back of his head the whole time telling him to do that?

The one thing I was baffled by was how the boys used Gotti at the end of the their names, even though their last name is Agnello, not Gotti. I wonder what Victoria would have said about that?

After they come home Robert plays the song that the boys recorded that day. First of all, it has a really cheesy base and music. Victoria listens to it, and even though they cut out a lot of stuff the guys said (she should have heard what they were saying in the recording studio! Yikes!) she says she is not impressed and not happy. Now how would I have guessed that?

Overall, this episode was about everyone finding their inner “Gotti” because I’m sure everyone’s got one. Is the boys’ song going to be a hit? Maybe when Paris Hilton learns some morals. In other words, never.

Disclaimer: The name Mrs.Agnello, is just a writing name. I am not in any way related to any Agnello.


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