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Taxi Drivers Scare Me – The Amazing Race 6, Episode 12

by LauraBelle

Throughout the show today it is apparent how close the racers are to the finish line. Everyone is so tense and focused; it made me glad Jonathon and Victoria were eliminated, as I am not sure Jonathon’s abusive ways could have handled this stress. It was so tense, even the normally clam, cool and collected Kris and Jon were on edge.

Kris and Jon are the first to leave the ninth pit stop of the race in Sri Lanka. They leave just before midnight and need to fly to Shanghai, China where they will find their next clue hidden within the Yu Yuan Gardens. Hayden and Aaron are the next to leave, and they note their excitement at being one of four couples left in the race. Aaron mentions again that Hayden is bullheaded. Really? We hadn’t noticed. Freddy and Kendra leave shortly after and Freddy notes how focused all the other teams are.

As Adam and Rebecca are leaving, they vow to never give up, but everyone watching last week’s show knows it won’t take much for Adam to change that attitude. After finding out they are going to Shanghai, Rebecca says she has wanted to go there since watching Madonna and Sean Penn in Shanghai Surprise.

All four teams end up on the same 7:45 AM flight to Shanghai. After they land, Kris notes it has been a full twenty-four hours since they left Sri Lanka. Each team has communication problems right off the bat. Hayden and Aaron struggle trying to get their currency exchanged, and Hayden mistakenly tries to get Japanese Yen. No one has an easy time catching a taxi in Shanghai. Kris notes they are in someone else’s country. It’s her and Jon’s fault, not the people who live there. Freddy’s communication problem is with Adam and Rebecca. He hates that Rebecca’s only strategy is to follow everyone else around, and Adam isn’t assertive enough to get anything done on his own.

Hayden and Aaron catch their taxi nearly twenty minutes after everyone else. Thinking Aaron agreed to pay too much for their taxi, Hayden says, “You got us ripped off!” to which Aaron replies, “Oh, shut up, Hayden!” Same ole Hayden and Aaron. When they don’t arrive at the Yu Yuan Gardens right away, and are unable to read the street signs, Hayden thinks they must be driving around in circles. Once at the Gardens, they end up getting a hotel for the night, the same as the other three teams, as the Gardens don’t open until the following morning.

The next morning all four teams run quickly through the Yu Yuan Gardens, which is maze-like, as they keep running into dead ends. Freddy and Kendra are the first to get the clue that sends them to Huaneng Union Tower. They are warned that there is a Yield ahead. When Adam and Rebecca can’t find their way through the Gardens easily enough, Rebecca tells Adam to stop getting mad. I’m wondering at this point why she even bothers.

Adam and Rebecca’s struggle in the Gardens has left them in last place. Freddy and Kendra, in a solid lead, have no doubt who they will Yield – it will be Adam and Rebecca who Yielded them in Ethopia, following Jonathon and Victoria’s urging. Adult Kendra finds herself saying, “Yeah, Yield them. Ha! Ha!!” Adult Hayden, seeing that Freddy and Kendra Yielded Adam and Rebecca also says, “Ha! Ha!!”

Directly after the Yield is a Roadblock. One member of each team will need to ascend a forty-story building, climb into a window cleaner’s seat, lower themselves down a few floors, and clean a window to find a hidden phrase. Both Aaron and Kendra do this challenge. Kris and Jon still haven’t arrived yet, as their cabdriver is lost, and Adam and Rebecca are running around looking for the Yield. Hayden is watching Adam and Rebecca, but hides behind a palm tree so that they don’t know how close they are.

Kendra and Aaron complete the Roadblock, reading “Tai Chi” on the window, and receive a clue that sends both teams to the Monument to the People’s Heroes on the Bund. Kris and Jon have finally arrived, and Adam says this is the first time during the whole race he has ever seen them upset. Kris and Jon find their way to the Roadblock which Kris agrees to complete.

Adam and Rebecca, once Yielded, find themselves arguing over whether Freddy and Kendra should have Yielded them or Kris and Jon. Adam, believing himself to be correct, sings, “They’re stupid for being smart people. They’re stupid.” I wonder if Rebecca fulfills her promises to not see Adam again after the race, if Adam will have a hard time finding dates. There has to be someone out there willing to clip his toenails and ride trains with him. Adam says he is not an arguer, he is a loud talker. Rebecca realizes that while they were busy arguing, the Yield timer ran out and they didn’t even notice, and rushes in to do the Roadblock. While she is descending, Adam thinks ahead, grabs a taxi, and loads the bags into the car.

At the Monument to the People’s Heroes, the teams need to search through a large Tai Chi class and find one of the four Masters that are holding clue envelopes. My martial arts training tells me to look for black belts with more dans on their belts, but this Tai Chi class isn’t wearing belts with their white uniforms. The teams have to walk around and ask everyone individually for a clue or if they are a Master. Rebecca tells one master he looks like her yoga teacher.

After receiving their clue from the Tai Chi Masters, the teams are sent to Jiang Pu Road via maps and taxi for a Detour. They will need to choose between Bricks and Ice. For Bricks they need to move three-hundred bricks with a traditional device that balances over their shoulder. Once the bricks are moved they need to be stacked. In Ice, the teams need to move blocks of ice on flatbed tricycles, then the ice needs to be broken into smaller pieces.

Arriving first, Hayden and Aaron choose Bricks, as do Freddy and Kendra. Hayden never stops complaining about how heavy the bricks are, and I can’t help but wonder why, after getting the first load of bricks unloaded, Hayden didn’t stack while Aaron carried the loads, as Hayden moved very slowly, or “a mile a frickin’ hour” as she described it.

Kris and Jon are lost in a cab yet again, and as they complain, the driver just keeps saying, “It’s okay, okay.” Jon loses his cool again, and yells, “No, it’s not okay, okay. We were going in the wrong direction!” They eventually get out of the taxi and start asking for directions. They ignore the taxi driver, who has his hand out waiting for payment, and pay him nothing. Adam and Rebecca arrive in the meantime and are also asking for directions.

Hayden and Aaron finish their bricks first and are headed to the pit stop on the roof the Peace Hotel South. Kris and Jon choose Bricks and ever the followers, Adam and Rebecca do the same. While Freddy and Kendra finish and head to the pit stop, Adam tells Rebecca, “If you call me Honey one more time, you’re dead meat,” to which she replies, “Alright, Ass.” Kris and Jon and Adam and Rebecca finish and race to the pit stop.

In the cab to the hotel roof, Hayden says that Aaron is calm and mellow and she is weird and neurotic. At least she’s aware of it. They arrive first at the pit stop and Phil rewards them with a trip to Hawaii. Freddy and Kendra arrive second and note how beautiful Shanghai is. Kris and Jon come in, and Phil hesitates before saying they are in third. He asks if he scared them, and Jon says, “No, taxi drivers scare me.” Last to arrive is Adam and Rebecca, but they are saved by this being a non-elimination leg. As he gives up his money to Phil, Adam says they should have stopped for a quick dinner on the way.

This promises to be a very exciting finale next week, if the tension is already so great. All the teams have continually said they need to not rush and work together as a team. Next week will be the most important for that. I’m betting Kris and Jon are hoping there won’t be any more taxis.

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