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Q&A with Brandy Norwood of Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva

Brandy Norwood is known a multi-talented singer and actor even before she made her presence known on Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva as Elisa Shayne. She returns to season four and has discovered quite a bit about her character. The singer turned actor has done a little bit of everything. Her films include, I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, Cinderella, Double Platinum, and the television show The Parkers. She 

Brandy is embracing her character on Drop Dead Diva as she joins the comedy/drama with an incredibly talented cast and some fantastic guest stars, including Brooke Elliott (Jane Bingum), Margaret Cho (Teri Lee), Jackson Hurst (Grayson Kent), April Bowlby (Stacey Barrett), Josh Stamberg (Jay Parker) and Ben Feldmen (Fred). The guest star list is just as noteworthy – Patty Duke,  Kim Kardashian, Serena Williams, John Ratzenberger, Megyn Price, Emily Rutherford, Valerie Harper.

Brandy, who took part in a recent conference call, appeared in three episodes in season three with her character developing quite the scandalous storyline. It was revealed that Elisa Shayne is the former girlfriend of Jay Parker,  and she has a child with him, can you stand it? The twist is, Elisa never told Jay Parker that they have a child together. So

 Brandy makes the juiciness of the character very interesting as she progresses forward with her this season. She discussed how she got involved with the series, “I had a meeting with Craig Zedan and he has been a longtime friend of mine. I worked with him on Cinderella, and I expressed to him how I wanted to get back into acting.”

“I started to get the acting buzz again, and Craig told me about Drop Dead Diva. … he gave me the series to watch, and I fell in love with the show. They wrote the character Elisa for me, and I was happy to be a part of such a great cast and a great show.” Brandy’s excitement is contagious 

Brandy was able to work with Serena Williams this season. The storyline is very different and exciting for Brandy, “I can’t wait for the fans to see what she has gone through.” It was difficult for her to talk about it, but without giving too much away, Brandy hinted that “Parker falls in love with our son, but I think there are deeper feelings she has for Parker because of what he has put her through.”

Brandy likes how the character is fully evolving. The series does not stay in the same place with storylines so for her to evolve, it keeps it interesting for Brandy. “She is a nurse, and she loves her son. I am a bit inspired by my character; I would do anything for my daughter.” She has so much passion and is in a really good place.

Brandy is happy she took on the role because she does not want to have any regrets. She explained her appearance on Dancing with the Stars, by saying, “Fear is just an illusion. I try to face it as much as possible, and I go ahead with my faith. I do not allow anything to hold me back.” She also does not allow the pressure of Hollywood and the constant scrutiny get to her. “Yes, there may be some pressure, but I try to stay true to myself and not allow this business to dictate what I do for myself.”

The singer/actress fell in love with Elisa and has felt connected to many of her other characters, including Moesha and Chardonnay. “I love being able to be as versatile as possible, and it feels like freedom to play so many different characters.” Brandy connected to Elisa because of her “sweet spirit and what she stands for.”

Brandy believes she will continue acting, and it has become a passion for her. She wants the roles to keep coming and hopes to do a great job with each role she takes on. “I have such a passion for acting, so hopefully I can keep doing it.”  She also thanks her family and team for supporting her with everything she has on her plate right now, and feels the love and support from her fans.

Brandy wants viewers and fans to relate to Drop Dead Diva. She feels that with the way the show is and the element of the storyline that people can relate to all the characters. “I think it deals with subject matter that everyone can relate to.” There are so many good elements involved with this show.

Brandy believes her character “stands up for what she believes in,” and she wants viewers and fans to know that she has a lot of fun playing Elisa. She has so many things she wants to do and believes she has a lot to do in life and “fulfill.” She loves doing things that make her happy, and acting and singing are what she loves. “It is a service that I give to the people of the world.”

Fans have wondered with Brandy’s musical talent if she will be singing on the show. “I have not been asked to sing, and I don’t think Elisa can sing.” However, Brandy’s single, Put It Down from her new album “211”  is expected to be released in July, which she is excited about. Fans will get the best of both of Brandy’s worlds, her acting and singing career!

Brandy keeps her characters separate from her music, and they have no influence in her music, as most of her music comes from experiences in her own life. She can relate to the women she portrays, but that is as far as it goes. She does, however, feel a little more “free” with her music. “I am able to be transparent in my music and just be me as with a character. I have to add pieces of myself to bring the character to life.”

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