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So You Think You Can Dance, June 27 – Top 20, An Impressive Lot

With the girls' spots on the show set, it's time to do the same for the guys. There are three spots and seven guys left. Cole Horibe says it's killing him. They can't even do one each of the styles they have left. His unique style of martial arts fusion was popular in his audition, and he is starting to realize how much this means. This would be the biggest thing he has ever accomplished and something to be proud of. He faces the judges, and Mary tells him they haven't seen anything quite like him with the speed and power. In a dancer's life, there's hills and valleys, but she doesn't see any valleys. Neither do the others. He's in the top 20.

For both of the tap dancers, Aaron and Zack, neither one of them make it in. It breaks Nigel's heart to not have any tappers make it in, yet he urges them both to come back next year. That means there are two spots and four dancers left.

Steppers Devon McCullough and Brandon MItchell are next up to get the news, knowing only one will get in. They both impressed the judges during Vegas week doing other styles. Devon calls it unreal to be sitting next to Brandon, while Brandon is just glad there are two steppers who have made it this far. Debbie remarks they've never really had a stepper on the show before. Devon will not be joining the top 20. Brandon makes it in. The judges, of course, want Devon to come back again next year.

One spot, and two dancers, hip-hopper Feliciano Turk and animator Dragon House's Cyrus Spencer, are left. Cyrus struggled with the choreography in Vegas, but they couldn't let him go after watching his animator solos. Feliciano did well with each style and impressed the judges throughout. He's nervous and doesn't want it to end. Cyrus feels Feliciano is ridiculously good at others styles and knows the judges are looking for that.

Lil' C tells Feliciano every time he steps on the stage he brings such a quality of entertainment, and it's something true, honest, and undeniable. He tells Cyrus that usually when someone makes it to the level of Master, they don't have the appetite still of a student, but he has that and it's commendable. Nigel hasn't seen anyone, quite frankly, like Cyrus in his entire life. He is in the top 20. Feliciano is not making it this year.

It's Cole, Brandon, and Cyrus taking on a Christopher Scott baseball-themed routine in honor of the upcoming All-Star game on Fox to Resolve by Nathan Lanier. Within the dance, he three are called out by the “announcer” by name and style, and do their best in their baseball outfits and own genres infused with the baseball theme. And taking it on, they all dance together, and they're simply amazing.

Nigel is wearing a baseball hat at the end of the routine, as is Mary. Nigel is hoping if they publicize the All-Star game they get an early pick up for season 10 next year. Back to dancing, he can't believe they have a stepper, animator, and martial artist standing in front of them. It's thrilling to him. What he loves about it is that Christopher found a way to choreograph them and make them all look fantastic. They will be challenge to the choreographers, but he doesn't mind. Now they have to bring it. Watching Cyrus' friends drop out one by one, and with him still there, Nigel commends him.

Mary thinks they hit it out of the ballpark with that one. It may be a challenge for the choreographers, but they are three of her favorite dancers in the top 20. Zoey is speechless, again, and is astounded. These three guys all have different strengths, and she was really blown away. Each dance has been her favorite tonight.

With the top 20 now set, the ten girls got together this week to work on a Travis Wahl routine. He explains the routine has a door which represents the gateway to the afterlife. The dancers are moving towards the light, and he finds it like them making it on the show. He came in with choreography and ended up throwing in so many tricks, because they're that good. They dance to Where the Light Gets In by Sennen. I can't believe the season hasn't even started yet, as this is one great dance, both in choreography and the dancing. This is going to be an amazing season.

Nigel compares it to the frieze on a Greek vase. It looks absolutely beautiful, and what he loves about Travis' choreography is that it flows and it's that whole body that goes with things, and then you go with it. It's inspirational, and to come from one of their ex-dancers, he's amazed at his growth in his work and choreography. It's a wonderful time, and this week they're not being judged. They've been told they're great, and they are, but it will change next week.

Zoey calls it a beautiful routine for beautiful girls and thinks it must be fun to work together. Really that was a pointless critique, wasn't it?

This means the top ten guys also are dancing together, and they're doing a Sonia Tayeh routine. She explains that this piece represents the fight that it will take to maintain these dancers on the show. She tells them if they want to stay there, it will take a tremendous amount of discipline. She loves blood, sweat, and tears, and sees the first two in this rehearsal. Having a pack of men is like releasing the wolves to the masses. They're asked to do a lot of male-male partnering, as she loves body-to-body connections, no matter the sex of the dancers. They dance tonight in samurai type pants and are shirtless. I feel like I'm watching Mulan.

Nigel is delighted even more that they're eventually choosing America's favorite guy and girl, as they have incredible dancers and it's unfair to pit guys against girls. He is a little unsure, though, about the maternity pants. Will is given particular attention as Cat asks if he just shimmied, but he says the pants just move on their own. Nigel thinks Sonia gave birth to an incredible routine to show these guys' talents. It shows how gymnastic, athletic and strong they have to be to be dancers. Every one of them showed that and will be fighting that hard ever single week.

Mary loved the routine and tells George she loved the assisted lift, and he nearly flew off the stage he went so high, but he controlled everything, then went down on the floor … bam. It was very strong. Zoey thought it was so good and thinks it must be difficult to lift each other. Nigel thinks Sonia would love to teach Zoey the routine if she wants to go in. She would, but admits to having no upper body strength.

The entire top 20, all the guys and girls, now dance together on a Mia Michaels routine to Eyes by Kaskade. That was a quick change by the guys, but I guess they just needed to take off the maternity pants and put on these outfits that look like coveralls. Dressed in black, Amelia's white skin tone is even more noticeable. Get that girl to a tanning booth.

Nigel's final words tonight are, “Welcome home, Mama; you've been missed,” as he glances towards Mia. To that, I say, “Welcome home, So You Think You Can Dance. You have been missed.” And I'll feel like that every week with only one show weekly, but in some ways it just makes it that much more special, especially with that great quality of dancers this year.

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