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School Spirits, June 27 – A Ghost meets a Runner

Chris was scared to go to his father for help. He could not even call him so how could he describe any of this craziness. When you tell people something like this they often look at you like you should book a room at the funny farm!

Chris finally received some help from a priest who came to his room at college and the priest placed candles in four corners of the room. The priest began to pray with Chris. Chris recognized two of the prayers and the third prayer was a new one. It sounded like a cleansing prayer or possibly an exorcist type prayer? After the prayer everything got quiet and after the blessing Chris asked if everything would be okay?

The priest said as long as Chris does not invite the ghost back into his room. The next morning Chris felt like the evil had been lifted and he had a new lease on life and even went for a run. He had a sense of peace. He decides to take a shower and he is completely alone as always people are when something crazy happens.

He turns the water off after he spots a creepy shadow above him. It feels like he may have wanted to get rid of the ghost but maybe he didn’t fully let go of the ghost. SUNY Geneseo student Chris had thought he found peace. He turned the water off and he felt as though someone had stabbed him with a knife.

Chris looks in the mirror after running out of the shower feeling as if he is ready to charge and fight. He spots three long scratches on his back (did Freddy Krueger attack him?) and he is shouting for someone to come out and no one is showing up. Jeff comes in and finds Chris on the floor.

Okay now is the time they should have really gone for help, if you are alone in a shower and bleeding you should get help! Beth and Jeff have now seen the scratches and now Chris is being severely attacked physically. Chris wonders if he is going to live, he wanted to kill himself so he decided to finally call his father.

It is about time he calls someone. He tells his father what is going on. He is living in pure fear and his father is a smart man of science and he is logical. His father comes to the college and he looks at his son who has lost about fifteen to twenty pounds and his face is gaunt and sunken in. His father offers to stay the night and help him get through this.

Chris’ father sat in a chair all night and watched his son sleep and his father held a baseball bat and handgun because shooting the ghost is always the best thing to do, no judgment! His father hears an overwhelming sound coming and senses an overwhelming presence coming from the closet.

Chris’ father knew if there was a presence it had to go through him to get to his son. Chris’ father stands up to better investigate! Turn on the lights people! Seriously! Lights, turn them on! The eighties for Chris are not looking so good right now. His pistol packing father is looking into the nightmare of a closet and the next morning Chris woke up and his father was packing. Vito did not know what he could do to help his son.

He decided not to tell him what he saw in the closet. He simply told him to move out of the room. He never told his son until now. So now when he watches the show he will see what his father saw in his room. Beth was in her room trying to study and she heard “Chris” as she continued to try and study. She continued to hear someone say “Chris.”

Beth hadn’t shown up to Chris’ room so he goes to look for her. Chris heads to her room and sees Beth lying on the floor. Beth had been passed out on the floor and she woke up to see Chris and Jeff. Beth freaks out and begins throwing things to try and make the ghost go away. The ghost was not only attacking Chris, it was attacking his friends.

This was a whole different level of negativity and Chris needs to face his fears or be haunted. He heads back to the room and he invites the ghost back while lighting candles trying to do what the priest had done before. Chris now offers to help the ghost with hopes of luring it out. This is just insane.

Chris was by himself and trying to create a safe environment. Chris got chills and felt a familiar shadow; he was trying to find the courage to help the ghost and the ghost appeared in front of him. The ghost looked human and he looked into his eyes and felt so much sadness. Chris felt compassion for him now.

The image of a man hanging himself appears and Chris feels all this overwhelming emotion. He tries to help the ghost and he closes his eyes and begins to count to ten. He opens his eyes and the ghost is gone! Just like that! (Insert Keyser Soze hand movement here) It is a brand new day for Chris now, he is free.

His friends are safe and he is feeling better, walking with head held high. He is running and happy! Whoever or whatever was haunting him was gone or at rest now. Chris made some believers and his father is still a skeptic but Chris feels that is the year he grew up and he will never forget his experience.

The lesson may have been not to take life for granted or maybe that life is too short and maybe Chris saw the ghost because of something he was going through. Whatever the lesson is, don’t take life for granted.

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