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School Spirits, June 27 – A Ghost meets a Runner

On tonight’s episode of School Spirits there is a sense of real fear and true terror. In the eighties everyone seemed to be okay and very cool. We all wished John Cusack was standing outside our bedroom windows holding a boombox playing really rad eighties music. But in 1985, Chris DiCesare (Class of 1986) was a very happy guy who woke up every morning to go running.

Just listening to his story, I feel inspired. His goal was to make it to the Olympics, and he devoted his life to running. His father, Vito DiCesare, says his son was strong and enjoyed a challenge. This story seems very nice and calm, but there is suspicion as I listen to this man speak. Chris explains how his grandmother told him to count to ten to help him focus. It made him feel as if something had control over him.

Here is the part where everything that was nice and rad in the eighties just disappears. Chris’ friend Jeff Ungar always had a camera or a note pad to record what was going on around him. (Sounds like someone I know!) Chris was at a toga party with Jeff and his friend. (Of course it had to be a toga party. Go ahead and chant “TOGA!” I will wait!)

Jeff considered himself to be the eyes and ears of the campus. Beth Kinsman, who was also a friend of Chris and Jeff, and a freshman, says she was happy they accepted her. Chris felt that his groups of friends were more like “family” to him. He was in his room one night working on a paper and had to focus so he could get this paper done.

Chris heard someone call out his name. Now this is the part of the eighties that you may not want to remember. Chris decided to put headphones on to block out the music. He also locked the door, deciding it was a joke his friends were playing on him. He continuee typing. (Me, I check under my bed, just in case!)

Chris still heard the voice calling his name and finally decided to get up and go look around to find out who was pulling the prank. After he did not find anyone around,  Chris decided to go for a run. Good idea! He cam back and took a shower, only to see his roommate standing there. His roommate told him  he heard someone calling his’ name.

Chris was still hoping it was a prank. I think by now, after hearing someone calling his name, and then having the roommate tell him the same story, he would listen. Chris decided to calm down and open the care package his parents had sent him. So now this dude was eating candy and listening to hissing noises.

It ended up being Chris’ tape recorder. He discovered it had turned on. He unplugged it and shoved it in a desk drawer. He headed back to climb up the ladder to his loft and began to get chills. Why don’t people ever turn on lights and call for help? I don’t get it. He decided to count to ten instead, but never made it to ten.

I would not be counting, I would be getting the hell out of that room but to each his or her own. Chris believes now that he should have told his roommate because after hearing someone call Chris’ name, the roommate left and did not want to stay in the room so now Chris was alone counting. Chris got to seven and he saw a shape that looked human. He could see the legs disappear.

The person appeared as a misty pale face. Chris did the only thing he knew, he ran like hell (finally!) Chris ran to Jeff who took his note book out and starting writing everything down. Jeff walked Chris back to his room and he didn’t want to stay there. Jeff was more fascinated with what was happening in the room and he wanted to start recording what was going on.

Jeff decided to use audio and he marked all the items down in Chris’ room and marked where they were at in the room. Chris and Jeff checked windows and locked doors while Chris spoke to whatever presence was in his room. He left the tape recorder on and they played the actual audio of Chris speaking.

Jeff stayed outside the room and one hour later all hell breaks loose. The closet door was unlocked, the window was open and the chair had moved. Okay poltergeist, ghost, and spirits? Who knows? Jeff was eager to listen to the tape (not as up to date as today’s technology but it was effective) and they rewound it and heard all kinds of sounds.

The sound of the chair moving and gurgling noises and Chris and Jeff decide that they need more evidence, Chris tries to figure out how to call a ghost and he says a few words and spies the closet door moving. Chris begins yelling at Jeff so he will take a photo. Jeff is prepared, I have to give him that, and he has the note book, the camera! He is all set!

This series provides an interesting take on the paranormal because it is based on true events and set in colleges so you see a different side of haunted places. Chris hears a pitched, gurgling voice and Chris sees the image in his closet. There is a face and a body. Chris is scared to death and as Jeff takes the picture the ghost heads towards him and goes right through him.

Jeff takes the picture and makes a run for it. He gets the pictures developed because you know there were no digital cameras then. Jeff examines his 4×6 pictures and he gets to the last picture and there is a skeleton. They show the actual photo and it is insane. Jeff shows the photo to Beth who also verifies the ghost looks like it is forming.

Jeff begins to worry now and he is especially worried about Chris’ health and his state of mind. Chris did not want to tell anyone because he was afraid of what people would say. He should have just spoken up! He had seen the ghost almost everywhere now and he was freaked out. He tried to run and his legs would not respond.

He was no longer the happy go lucky runner that was motivated. He had lost the light in his eyes and he was withdrawn. Beth was worried there was something evil happening to Chris. Chris was raised Catholic so he decided to try and “reach out to his faith.” (call an exorcist!)


My name is Janel, I have been writing and published for many years. I wrote two poetry books. I was the Associate Editor of my college newspaper. I hope to write my life story one day and finish it.