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Surreal Life 4, Episode 4 We are here to PARTAY!

The cast wakes up at the camp site. Adrienne seems really happy to be snuggling with Chris.

Joanie says they seem like one big happy family (for now). They clean up the campsite, well everyone except Verne as usual. Brat says he is spoiled and set in his ways and he is never going to change.

Everyone wonders what today’s adventure is going to be. They go home to find a spa set up in the house. Brat thinks that meditation is a bunch of BS and just wants to get the massage part. She leaves while they finish the meditation. Chris gets really into his meditation. Yeah REALLY. He… FARTS.. Oops!

The cast begins to receive their massages and enjoys it. They get every kind of massage possible, including one woman who does this singing therapy which brings Verne to tears.

Adrienne continues to talk of her fascination with Chris. Oh yeah, she wants her a Brady!

The cast decides to go to a strip club. Chris asks Verne if he wants to go and he doesn’t want to (of course). I mean Verne would go to a strip club on his own, but since it involves his housemates whom he usually tries to avoid, of course the answer is no. Chris says for every step forward Verne has made, he has taken just as many backward.

Adrienne talks more about liking Chris. Brat runs to Chris and starts grilling him on his interests in women, but not telling him why. Meanwhile Joanie starts eyeing Marcus.

At the Strip club, Chris gets surrounded by three strippers. He really seems to like it. Adrienne looks as if she wishes she was one of the strippers, so she starts doing whatever she can to get his attention. She even gets a lap dance from another woman.

Joanie, who is the party animal (and quite drunk) is all over Marcus and Jane. She tries to make out with Jane. She says she is here to PARTAY!

Chris says Adrienne might have a future in stripping (please don’t encourage her). The cast has a great time.

Adrienne says that she thinks fate has it for her to be with Chris. Joanie and Adrienne get back to the house and go skinny dipping in the hot tub. They begin to drink (A LOT). Joanie tells Adrienne to go “get her man”. Joanie says that she sees Adrienne being a nice supermodel mom, taking care of Chris.

The girls get really drunk and Adrienne writes on the memo board on the refrigerator that she wants to see Chris naked.

So, maybe a little less “eventful” day for the cast, but they can start enough craziness on their own. Stay Tuned!! :five:


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