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Real Housewives of Orange County – Ep. 20 “Are You In or Out?”

Confrontation, alienation, and friendship bracelet pt. deux

Oh my God. The cake issues is still topic of fight and upheaval.

“It’s time for the Sara chapter to close.” I couldn’t agree more Heather.

“Over a f***** piece of cake?”  Sara is confused, upset, off her rocker, and in need of coffee and a comfortable bed. Maybe some special happy pills with that as well. “Is this the world that we live in?”

Alexis tries to play “mediator” and understand why she’s brought in to escort Sara out of Heather’s house.

Uh well Alexis did bring the uninvited guest in the first place.


Gretchen gives Tamra a present. Remember the friendship bracelet, Tamra gave Gretch in the season premiere. Well she returns the gesture, giving Tamra the key to her heart.

I thought maybe Slade had that charm on lock.

Vicki has a talk with Ryan, Brianna’s new husband. Vicki blames her now rocky relationship on the abrupt “drive-thru chapel” in vegas.

Ryan sets her straight, saying he isn’t the reason for the tense relationships between Vicki and Brianna. They hug it out and Ryan assures Vicki he’s there for Brianna and isn’t going anywhere.


Jim shows up to Heather’s party. I mean he just walks into the home and out to the lavished backyard where Alexis happens to be.

It’s a pleasant surprise to her and unexpected to everyone else because according to Alexis, Jim was not coming to the party.

Terry and Heather have a feeling he’s there for a confrontation over what was said about Alexis. Methinks they’re right.

Vicki is huddled in a small group eyeing Tamra and Gretchen who are being all friendly across the yard.

She walks over to break up the Tam-Gretch hug for a cruel joke on Tamra, but Gretchen ruins that and it ends in some odd hugging fest amongst the ladies. Awkward.

Terry comes up to Jim to see if he’s cool. “Are we okay?”

Jim replies “We’ll talk next week.”

Alexis chimes in, standing there in her fur coat, “It’s not that important to discuss right now.” Or something along those lines.

Jim turns to her. “Are you wearing the pants?” Right there in front of everybody.

Did that really just happen? I have no further comments on that relationship or marriage right now.

Jim and Terry go to sit and chat about what was said. Heather walks over to make sure her husband doesn’t get wrongfully attacked.

“This is why I wanted to do lunch.” In other words, no women are allowed in this man-to-man conversation.

While Heather explains, Tamra comes over to sit. She’s sort of involved since she twisted and relayed the message to Alexis who in turn told her husband.

Jim feels ambushed and gets up to leave the party, basically ditching Alexis. He didn’t come there for her in the first place. He gets into the car and drives off.

Alexis rushes out of the party and runs down the street in her heels to catch Jim before he completely leaves.

She can’t run all the way home in her posh fur coat and high heels, now can she?


Once the holy couple leaves, Heather calls the other O.C. ladies and their men over to the table to explain what just happened.

Vicki asks where Alexis is and Tamra rolls her eyes. Brooks makes a big deal about it and tells Vicki Tamra gave her the “evil eye.”

Brooks, please shut your mouth. You’re making us Southerners look bad enough.

The head to this boil growing between Vicki and Tamra is about to pop. Tamra stands and puts her fingers in their faces and Brooks and Vicki prepare to leave.

“Relax Vicki and stop letting him tell you what to do.” Tamra says all the magic words to set Vicki off.

She stands and gets in Tamra’s face, screaming a similar tune as she did with Gretchen earlier in the season at Bunco night.

After Vicki storms out with Brooks, Tamra talks with Brianna. Their feelings about Brooks are very similar. They don’t trust or like him.

Tamra gets teary-eyed over this because she cares about Vicki.

Vicki stands outside with Brooks and Ryan, trying to phone Brianna in hopes she hasn’t been poisoned by Tamra.

Ryan brings Brianna outside who wants to hear Vicki’s side of what happened.

“Did you see Tamra give you the evil eye?” she asks. Which is a good question because I don’t believe Vicki did. She was too worried about Alexis’s absence.

Brooks and Ryan look on from a short distance at the two women.

Brianna tells Vicki she’s going to alienate everyone indefinitely by leaving the party.

Apparently Vicki cares about her relationship with her daughter because she and Brooks quickly reconsider and head back inside.

As long as Brooks okayed it, Vicki’s fine with it. She continues to” stand by [her] man.”

So season 7 marks the solidification of Gretchen and Tamra’s friendship, the end of Tamra and Vicki’s, the pretentiousness of Alexis, and Heather as my fave O.C. wife — along with Terry as my fave person all around.


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