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Ain't No Woman Like the One We've Got – The Bachelorette 3, Episode 4

by Rachel

The fourth episode of The Bachelorette starts with Chris Harrison telling the remaining six men that there will be two one-on-one dates up for grabs, and one group date. The men will compete for the individual dates by writing Jen anonymous letters telling her why they would make the perfect couple. Jen will choose two and won’t know who’s she’s chosen until they show up for the dates.

Ryan’s letter is the first to impress Jen. For their date, they go to the NYC Fire Department and ride on the truck through the city. Jen says that for a while she forgot that she was dating five other guys and was very happy to be with Ryan. After that trip, the duo get take out and go back to Jen’s apartment. When they’re done with dinner, Jen doesn’t want Ryan to leave, so she invites him out to the hot tub where they chat and make out.

Jen chose Jerry’s letter for the second date. They have a roof top dinner at Lincoln center. After dinner they are treated to a private concert by Peter Cincotti. Jerry and Jen dance together and kiss and seem to have a great time. Jerry says that he hopes it’s his last first date ever.

The group date is left for Wendell, John Paul, Ben, and Fabrice. This date takes place in Little Italy. Jen makes pizzas with Ben and John Paul. Ben feels that he is at a disadvantage because he hasn’t had any quality alone time with Jen. Jen talks to Fabrice alone for a few moments, and he expresses his frustration with the odd process they are going through. Jen asks him to hang in there.

Chris shows up with a surprise twist for this group date. A limo will be taking Jen to the Empire State Building. The four men have to race to get to her. The first man there gets to spend the remainder of the evening alone with Jen. There is one twist: all four must surrender their wallets and money.

Ben, John Paul, and Wendell run out the door and hail taxis. Wendell promises his cab driver $300, and tells the driver to call a number and tell the person Wendell said to send money. Fabrice is not in the mood for games, so he just walks home. Pretty humorous.

Wendell wins the race. Ben shows up next, and you can see the disappointment on his face when he sees Jen and Wendell together. John Paul shows up last, and Fabrice, of course, does not show up at all.

It’s time for the rose ceremony. Ben has a few moments alone with Jen, and he tells her that he wishes he had more time to get to know her, and he hopes that he doesn’t have to leave with regrets. Jen talks to Jerry alone and asks him if they were in a “normal” dating situation, if he would be bringing her home to his mom. Jerry seems a bit taken back by that. He says that he hasn’t really brought many women home. He later says that he’s afraid he blew it with his answer.

At this ceremony, two men will be sent home. Before Jen can give out the first rose, Fabrice steps forward with something to say. He tells Jen, and everyone else there, that he doesn’t feel a connection with Jen, he doesn’t want to marry her, and he’s stepping down. Way to save face when you know you’re getting dumped. After Fabrice leaves, Jen picks Ryan, Jerry, Wendell, and John Paul, and sends Ben home.

Next week are the hometown dates. It looks like Jen gets grilled about Andrew Firestone yet again.

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