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Real Housewives of New Jersey – Ep.9 “Public Display of Rejection”

“On Display,” switching sides, family, and rejection.

Jacqueline and Caroline have divorced themselves from Teresa. The fight of the previous night at Jacqueline’s house is affecting everyone, but not nearly as much as it is Jacqueline.

Jacqueline is distraught and has been crying all night from the exhausting quarrel and betrayal. Caroline has just literally washed her hands clean of Teresa and her drama.

What does this mean for the Napa trip?

Teresa is upset over what happened last night. She went to Dina (former New Jersey housewife) to vent.

Now Teresa is telling her husband, Joe, about the friendship divorce. It only fuels Joe’s hostility towards her former friends and their family.

Joe speaks his mind on the matter, “It’s over. You got me. Move on.” Short, man of few words, and fed up with any bull. That’s Joe Guidice for ya. He even tells Teresa to shut up about the drama—again. “I don’t wanna hear it!”

So now that Teresa has no friends on the show, what’s she gonna do. I suppose it does make sense to try and reach out to her biological family.

She begins with Kathy. Teresa wants to meet up and talk.

Once Teresa and Kathy meet up for mid day lunch, Teresa reveals why she basically reached out in the first place. Caroline and Jacqueline do not want to be her friends anymore.

The sweetest-person-in-the-world that Kathy is realizes Teresa’s motives for allies, but she’s family. They take a trip down memory lane and rehash all the good times they once had.

Melissa has a phone date with Ryan Seacrest for the “world premiere” of her re-mixed song “On Display.”

Seacrest calls and even Melissa picks up on the fact he isn’t a fan of the song, but she’s getting some airtime and hitting it big as far as she knows.

So what does it matter that Ryan Seacrest thinks your song is crap? It matters what the world thinks.

I kinda feel bad for Joe Guidice. Now that Teresa has lost her friends, she finds Joe to vent to.

He’s made it clear and continues to make it clear that he doesn’t give a you-know-what about the drama with Joe and Melissa Gorga or the Manzos and Lauritas or magzine stuff.

Teresa sits him down to explain that she’s decided to go to therapy with her brother.

“I feel embarrassed for you. Does your father know you’re going to therapy? He’ll probably bury his hand in sand like an ostridge.”

“Don’t you want us all to be a family?”

“Do I really care about seeing him and his wife? Not really.”

I’m probably the only one who finds this conversation between Teresa and Joe hilarious. Joe says what he means and means what he says. That’s with no filter or consideration for cameras or anyone’s feelings.


Melissa has a launch party for her “big” single, “On Display.” Some people on Twitter make their feelings brutally clear about the song, calling Melissa a “fame-whore.” That’s probably the nicest of the meaner tweets.

All the housewives are present at the launch party along with their families. Even Teresa and Joe come to help celebrate because Tre needs numbers on her side. That’s where family comes in for her.

Jacqueline dries her eyes and leaves the house to support Melissa. She also wants to see Teresa and know where things stand between them.

Teresa’s dissing body language lets Jacqueline know she doesn’t want to be bothered and that things are over between them. They can’t even be cordial.

Teresa comes in and greets Kathy who’s sitting right next to Jacqueline. Jacqueline who? Teresa walks on by to see her brother. It’s all about family now.

Joes is a bit taken aback when Teresa comes to him and says she wants to give therapy a try. She’s too cool and nice about it.

He’s never seen this Teresa before but he’ll take it. It’s better than nothing for constant fighting.

“Right now feels like old times.” Teresa smiles and acts all cheerful about Melissa’s success like she gives two cents.

The tension is bothering Jacqueline and she wants to find Teresa and talk.

It’s so not a good idea. Husband, Chris, and Caroline are against her doing so, but Jacqueline needs some kind of closure. Closure is the word because this is the end of a friendship.

After the argument and Jacqueline’s “F*** you” to Teresa, it’s over. Teresa puts on the family façade and Jacqueline and Caroline are done with her.


On the next episode: Teresa and Joe go to therapy together. More about the Napa trip.


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